Wu Qilong Helped Tissot Haozhi Series Festival Pair Table

This trip to Chengdu is the finale of the 160th anniversary of Tissot. The celebrations spanning multiple provinces and cities across the country, full of glory and vision, also ended successfully today. Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, and Mr. Wu Qilong, the best friend of Tissot brand, attended the event site together with the guests, media and consumers, who witnessed one after another of Tissot’s 160 years of innovation epic.

 Wu Qilong assists Tissot’s series

Brilliant affection

 On December 7, 2013, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot landed in Chengdu, the country of Tianfu, which is the beauty of the southwest. In order to celebrate the holiday, the Tissot Haozhi series of holiday models are specially designed for watches. Demonstrate legends of watches and clocks for more than a century. Mr. Wu Qilong, a good friend of Tissot brand, appeared in Wangfujing Department Store, Chunxi Road, Chengdu, and Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, unveiled the coveted Swiss quality, and also filled Tissot across many provinces and cities with glory and vision. The 160th anniversary celebration draws a perfect ending.

 Wu Qilong thanked Ms. Wang Ying for her gift of chocolates for Tissot’s 160th birthday

 At the event site, a ‘dance of time’ that traced the historical track kicked off the event. Using body language that explores time and power, the dancer goes back in time, telling the extraordinary legend of Tissot’s 160-year history of continuous breakthrough and innovation in the field of traditional timepieces. Following the lingering sounds of dance music, Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, took the stage to deliver a sincere blessing and greetings to consumers at the festival, and shared the legendary story of Tissot’s 160 years of innovation and The brand celebrates the infinite joy of its 160th birthday. Subsequently, Mr. Wu Qilong, a good friend of the Tissot brand, made an elegant appearance, adding a touch of color to Rongcheng, who had resigned from the old and welcomed the new. Wu Qilong offered holiday blessings to consumers in Chengdu and praised the spirit of Tissot. ‘Tissot is a 160-year-old Swiss traditional watchmaking brand. Constant innovation and self-breakthrough are the ones that can always win the respect and love of consumers. The magic weapon to win is also what impresses me. In many cooperations with Tissot, I deeply appreciate the determination and spirit of the brand’s commitment to bring the most perfect timepiece works to consumers, which also infects Let me continue to break through myself and move forward, hoping that our cooperation can pass this positive energy to more people. ‘

 Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, with Wu Qilong, representatives of shopping malls and retailers

 Subsequently, Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, together with Wu Qilong, representatives of shopping malls and retailers, unveiled the veil of Tissot’s luxurious series of holiday watches in front of Tissot’s custom-made holiday gift tree. , And also the perfect ending for Tissot’s birthday celebration full of glory and vision. Tissot luxury series holiday watch, this latest masterpiece from Tissot’s exploration and breakthrough of power, through the improvement of the structure of traditional mechanical watches, the power reserve capacity of the watch movement has been improved, with an amazing 80-hour power reserve It is a perfect interpretation of Tissot’s innovative spirit; the classics of black and white are timeless, and the profound meaning of Junlang and purity is the best gift of Tissot’s fist festival. As Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China said, ‘Since 160 years, Tissot has continuously innovated and made breakthroughs to provide the most perfect timepieces. From material innovation to technological innovation, from early wood, plastic, and rock Applied to the development of the first touchscreen watch at the end of the last century, Tissot has always been ahead of time. Today, at an important moment of the 160th anniversary of the brand, Tissot has once again mastered the breakthrough of the Swiss watch industry with a brand-new timepiece. Demonstrating the determination to continuously innovate. At this time of resigning from the old and welcoming the new, Tissot has captured subtle thoughts and brought blessings and sweetness to consumers with a pair of black and white timeless watches. ‘

 Affectionate-Ingenious Swiss Design

 The holiday season at the end of the year and the beginning of the year is always full of surprises and longings. Tissot Haozhi series special festival invitations invite you to join the celebration of the festival, and hope for the blessings and wishes of the spirit. The simple but not simple design of the watch gives this model a deep affection for the model; the large-diameter circular dial means the reunion of the new year, and I hope that the true love will be beautiful and lasting forever; the deep black tones and tough essence Steel, exactly like his broad shoulders; holy silver and dreamy diamonds, like her gentle hands. Whether you wear it as a watch or buy it individually, it is the right fit. Regardless of the men’s or women’s models, tie the Tissot Hao Zhi series holiday special models to the wrist, so that time stays in a long and warm joy.

 Tissot Hao Zhi Series Men’s Suggested Retail Price: RMB 7,550

Jun Lang’s ‘He’-Tissot Haozhi Series Men

 The Haozhi series pays tribute to minimalism in a low-key style. The deep color choices explain the innate classic charm of the series. The dial, case, hands, scales and lugs ingeniously combine polishing and matt processing , Free and easy, free and easy. The sides of the case are decorated with three-dimensional squares, and the beautiful and elegant grid design highlights Tissot’s intentions and taste in the details, making it impossible to refuse. He has Ling Yunzhi in his heart, a light thrush in his hands, and a deep black color, which gives him the gentleness and elegance.

 Tissot Luxury Series Women’s Suggested Retail Price: RMB 8,550

Pure ‘her’-Tissot Hao Zhi series women

 The Tissot luxury series women’s models praise each beautiful angel who has landed on the earth with a unique holy temperament. The body of the watch body is round and smooth, exuding uneven female charm. The scales on the mother-of-pearl dial are embellished with top Wesselton diamonds, creating a freehand style of ‘big beads, small beads and jade plates’. The white leather strap is flexible and capable, which complements the dial. In this romantic holiday season, let the dreamy diamond leave her flourishing attachment and whisper, holy white, to her elegant and beautiful.

 Mechanical power 80 automatic winding movement

A steady stream of innovative Swiss craftsmanship

 The courage to innovate is an integral part of Tissot’s DNA, and it is also the core idea of ​​Tissot. In 2013, the 160th anniversary of the brand’s birth, adhering to the concept of ‘more than innovation’, Tissot and ETA jointly developed a mechanical power 80 movement (Powermatic 80) with a power reserve of 80 hours, and used it on the newly launched Haozhi series. . This is a revolutionary breakthrough in the watch industry! It improves the energy reserve of the movement by improving the traditional clockwork structure. The energy storage of a traditional self-winding mechanical watch is generally 36-42 hours, but a watch equipped with a mechanical power movement 80 can store 80 hours of energy after full winding. In addition, this festival watch has been independently certified by the Swiss official astronomical table test agency (Controle Official Suisse des Chronometers, referred to as C.O.S.C.), which guarantees accuracy. In these colorful special festivals, the long-lasting Tissot Haojie 2014 Festival Special Edition will allow you to experience pure and long-established Swiss watchmaking skills.