What Are The Official Watches Of More Than 3000 Marriott Cars?

Fans will probably know that at the recent Pebble Beach Auto Show, Bugatti officially released the new sports car Divo, which is limited to only 40 units worldwide and the price will not be less than 5 million euros. Then the rabbit was curious, and quietly climbed up Weibo, and found that on August 25, a person named ‘unknown car zun’ wrote: ‘I was lucky to order the last Divo. After I ordered it, I said that there would be an ss version. Sure enough, it is the style of the former Rambo CEO. ‘And only owners who have bought Chiron are eligible to buy Divo. The two cars together cost more than 7.5 million euros. Adding taxes in China is estimated to be close to 100 million. Playing a car is indeed more fierce than playing a watch, and this ‘buy XX first and then XX’ routine is also more skilled. After all, in the watch industry, there are brands that have similar requirements for the purchase of watches. Many times, they do n’t have the money to buy top products. I still remember that a few days ago, Rabbit Fan told me privately that he wanted to start Rolex Rainbow Di, and the other party directly requested to buy a 2 million watch. The rabbit could only look up at the sky and shed tears of the poor. I remember during the World Cup, Ronaldo fired a small video of his Bugatti Chiron. Rabbits who do n’t understand the car ca n’t say anything about performance. Remember all gossip. For example, with Ronaldo’s income, you can mention a Bugatti in 2 weeks. For example, the maximum speed of more than 400 kilometers per hour exceeds Shanghai Maglev The King of Straight Road, turning a bit hard, but to this extent the car is more like a toy and a collection). Pictures on the ins are more interesting than Weibo. Because it’s not just cars, we also see the matching of watches and cars. Everyone is very familiar with Bugatti’s car, but the watch may know less. The watch in the picture is the Parmigiani Bugatti series, which is absolutely official, and it is also a synonym for scarce and expensive. Last year, a new version of the Bugatti Chiron was launched, which became a product screaming by fans. In October of the same year, as an official watch partner, Parmigiani released a new version of the Bugatti Type 390 watch at the Bugatti headquarters in Molsheim, France. This watch was inspired by the engine, interior and body structure of the Bugatti Chiron. Equipped with a specially developed PF390 cylinder-type mechanical movement inside. The movement is unique in its patented triangular barrel connection system and also includes the world’s smallest ball bearing. It is said that the sample of this watch has now arrived in China, and those who are interested should have the opportunity to see the real thing. The new watch is available in two versions, rose gold and platinum, each with a limited edition of 10 pieces. The price of RMB is 2258,000 yuan. It’s not enough for car owners to share. It is said that the order was completed shortly after the sale and is being delivered one after another (there are 2108,000 yuan in titanium cases, also 10). There are still many stories about Parmigiani and Bugatti. Parmigiani is a very young watch brand. It was founded in Switzerland in 1996 by restoration master Michel Parmigiani. At present, the brand belongs to the powerful Sandoz family. The cooperation between Parmigiani and Bugatti was officially started in 2004, but all originated from a conference in 2001. It is said that at that time, as a world-renowned super running brand, Bugatti wanted to find a watch company to cooperate with, but they had high requirements on the company’s manufacturing capabilities. I hope this company has a passion for craftsmanship and an artistic appreciation. Design and appearance elegance. Moreover, there is a rigid rule that it must have its own independent watch factory, so that it can not be controlled by others in production, and has freedom of creation. As it happens, these conditions are met by Parmigiani. I remembered that when I visited the major factories of Parmigiani before the rabbit, I saw the case of Bugatti in the case factory Les Artisans Boîtiers. So the cooperation hit it off. In 2004, the first Bugatti watch appeared, Bugatti Type 370, in tribute to Bugatti Veyron 16.4. This watch uses a huge three-dimensional movement, which is an alternating arrangement of arms, connecting five movements splint and tire wheel frame shaped gears. The tubular structure is the first in the world. It is worn on the hand and feels an engine body. The time display is on the side. It is said that because of an agreement with Bugatti, Parmigiani could not disclose too many design details, but the design concept of the entire watch can still be roughly understood. At that time, Michelle Parmigiani came to the Bugatti factory for the first time, and the other party showed the Bugatti Veyron supercar. It should be said that the first Bugatti watch was inspired by this model. Bugatti Veyron’s engine is powerful and the only thing you can see under the transparent hood. According to Michel Parmigiani, ‘This is an engine first, and then a car; even without wheels, it is a jet engine, which is what makes it unique.’ So, Parma Johnny believes that the first watch named after Bugatti must first be an engine block, and secondly a watch. The time display is of course the functional attribute of the watch, but the huge size of the mechanical structure is the first element. The design principles of the Bugatti Type 370 were thus established. In 2010, the Bugatti Super Sport watch continued to use the engine block design concept and launched a platinum model. The spiral shape was inspired by Parmigiani’s iconic lug design, and it was equipped with a stepped mechanical movement and a bevel gear transmission. Double pinion system, developed 90 ° time display system (dial and time display are vertical). In addition, the Parmigiani Manufactory (Les Artisans Boîtiers case and the Elwin bar turning plant) have designed the most complex elastic crown to date, consisting of 12 parts. When you tap on the chain, it will pop up, and it is usually hidden, not obtrusive. There is also the role of disconnecting the gear-safely disconnecting the movement when fully wound. There are already many models of Bugatti Super Sport watches, such as the addition of rose gold in 2012. Another example is the interesting Sapphire Bugatti Super Sport Sapphire watch. The movement is made of pure gold, and all 337 parts can be seen through the sapphire glass. The biggest challenge of this watch is the transparency of sapphire, so that flaws have nowhere to hide, without enough confidence, I really dare not play like this. In 2014, Parmigiani launched three Bugatti Type 370 watches to celebrate the tenth anniversary of both parties. The three watches are Bugatti Mythe, and their design inspiration is partly from the Type 57 car grille. This grille appeared on the first Bugatti car and was composed of multiple lines instead of a grid. Bugatti Victoire, personally feel that this piece is more retro. As well as Bugatti Révélation, the rabbit likes the third piece, and the open design is really cool. Later in 2014 and 2017, the Bugatti collection was added with Bugatti Aérolithe and Bugatti Aérolithe Performance chronographs. These two pieces are circular in design, and the logo type doesn’t seem to be so strong. Bugatti Aérolithe and Bugatti Aérolithe Performance chronographs have been probed by rabbits. Some people in China have bought Bugatti 370 and Supersport watches, but the watch owners are relatively low-key, unlike the RM publicity. The price of Parmigiani Bugatti is naturally not low, generally between 1.7 million and 2.5 million. In fact, there are many crossovers between cars and watches, such as Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Roger Dubuis, Breitling and Bentley, IWC and Mercedes-Benz (especially want to buckle the IWC dashboard on Mercedes-Benz), etc., but the real It is not easy to achieve the same positioning of both sides and the same group. First of all, the rabbit feels that once it reaches the level of super running, the demand for watches must be ‘dazzling’. Anyway, the car is not used to travel, and the watch is naturally not about time. So after SIHH this year, Parmigiani announced that the Bugatti Type 390 can be customized. I very much agree with it. In addition to the choice of the movement, the material of the case, buckle, leather strap and edges can be determined by the customer. Even the dial structure, hour markers, hands and side decorations can be selected. Finally, the owner can also determine the sapphire crystal Table mirror color. The more high-end positioning, the more it needs to reflect personality, this point, cars go far ahead of watches. It is said that a customer has customized a piece of 390 in a certain market recently. The entire watch is all white. For the protection of customers, we cannot disclose more. Thinking of Bugatti’s founder Ettore Bugatti once said that ‘beauty is endless and the price is unlimited’, and then touched his own wallet, and he was very comforted: ‘No money, no driver’s license, how good!’ The pit has been dug, let you jump. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!