This Moment Is Also Extraordinary, Tissot Sincerely Wishes, And Wishes Liu Yifei A Happy Birthday

She is a breeze in the entertainment industry; she is the elegant and handsome Tianxian attack on the fashion cover; she is the charming and charming Princess Sissi in the mouth of fans. She is the representative of Tissot’s global brand image-Liu Yifei. She walked all the way, gaining the beautiful transformation due to her inner firmness. On the birthday of August 25th, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot watches wishes sincerely: I wish independence, confidence, humility, and beautiful Yifei, happy birthday!

Tissot presents Liu Yifei’s sincere birthday wishes
Tissot gifts are also extraordinary
   Today, Tissot celebrates the birthday of Liu Yifei, a global spokesperson. For the interpretation and interpretation of the heart, Tissot watches with more than 600 days and nights with Yifei are not only partners, but also friends who have survived the time. On this birthday, Tissot selected the Pohuan series of white belt watches that complemented Liu Yifei’s temperament, customizing the world’s unique “Yi Table Extraordinary” lettering as one of the birthday gifts, and witnessed every moment of her excitement with constant power. For the first time, the firm ‘core’ uses a luxurious and precise silicon spring, which resists the influence of external factors such as magnetic fields.

Tissot presents Liu Yifei’s birthday gift-a precious white ring with a precious ring engraved with ‘Also Extraordinary’
   In addition, Tissot has ingeniously produced an album, which records the most memorable moments in the time accompanied by Tissot and Liu Yifei, reviewing all the moments worth remembering. Along with the memories album, Liu Yifei also presented Tissot’s carefully prepared birthday cake, rich red and sweet, and blessed Yifei with happy details.

Tissot watches carefully prepared birthday gifts for Liu Yifei

Atlas of memories of the wonderful moments of Liu Yifei and Tissot
Traveling in style, accompanied by Jane
   When I first saw it, in the classic film and television drama of the Republic of China, she was shocked at a glance. At that time, she was still green. Later, she engraved the charming and graceful figure into the martial arts dream of martial arts fans, and framed it into unforgettable silhouettes. Over time, her acting skills have been recognized by the public, and she has become more dazzling and blooming in areas she loves. In 2015, she became a global spokesperson for the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot with an image that perfectly matched the temperament of the Tissot brand.
   Like the Tissot watch that advocates ‘innovation and roots in tradition’, Liu Yifei has always tried new and challenging roles on the road of performing arts, subverting the inherent impressions again and again, and demonstrating a hundred lives with increasingly sophisticated acting skills. Outside of the screen, she was indifferent to the world. I read a cat and a cat, and the beautiful swan’s neck curved a soft curve, and felt the subtle beauty of the world. Confident, independent, humble, and beautiful, the characteristics she exhibits are the essence that modern glamour women expect and pursue, and also perfectly fit the female image that Tissot watches pay attention to and praise.

Liu Yifei under the red light in Tissot’s new video ad
   What is recorded is beautiful, and what is expected to happen is infinite possibilities. Also extraordinary, this story is to be continued.