The New Breitling Aviation Chronograph Astronaut Watch Is Listed Globally

On May 24, 1962, a Breitling Aviation Chronograph Navitimer with improved functions became the world’s first chronograph to travel in space. It accompanied and witnessed the conquest of space by the Aurora 7 capsule journey of. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the glorious achievements in aviation history, Breitling specially launched the Navitimer Cosmonaute equipped with a new self-made movement. The limited edition of 1962 pieces was issued worldwide to pay tribute to the legend.
Space Legend Flight
 In the early 1960s, the space race gradually reached its climax. The United States and the Soviet Union fought fiercely for control of space. The former Soviet Union came first, and first put the artificial satellite Sputnik into space. In order to change the competitive disadvantage at that time and realize the dream of manned space flight, the United States began to implement the Mercury Program. To complete this massive aerospace program, NASA needs to research and develop a series of new technologies, including a chronograph with outstanding performance, accuracy and reliability without fear of any extreme environment.
 NASA tested various timing products on the market, and finally set its sights on Breitling. As a trusted partner in the aviation industry, Breitling has witnessed every glorious moment in the journey of mankind to conquer the sky. ‘Designated Suppliers’, whose outstanding professional aviation timepieces are naturally favored by NASA. The Navitimer, an aviation chronograph that meets this challenge, was born in 1952. It is equipped with Breitling’s famous circular flight slider, which can perform all the calculations required for flight navigation. It is also an official watch of the World Pilots Association (AOPA). Praised by the pilot. In the end, Navitimer lived up to expectations, successfully passed various professional tests, and determined to accompany Major Carpenter to challenge space. In order to meet the special needs of aerospace, Navitimer has made further functional improvements. At this point, Breitling has been ready for everything from ‘aerospace’ to ‘aerospace.’
 On May 24, 1962, Navitimer, with some improvements, accompanied US astronaut Major Scott Carpenter to fly the Aurora 7 space capsule three times around the earth, becoming the first A chronograph in space. This precision timepiece is equipped with a unique 24-hour scale, allowing astronauts to easily recognize day and night, even in the complex and changing space environment. The subsequent completion of the ‘Mercury Project’ not only laid a solid foundation for the success of human landing on the moon and the United States won the space race, but also gave the Breitling brand a glorious history of century-long flight. This ‘pioneer’ to conquer space was then launched as a standard model, the Cosmonaute astronaut watch. On May 24, 2012, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the Breitling Aviation Chronograph, the launch of the new self-made Breitling 02 chronograph astronaut watch (Navitimer Cosmonaute) was launched in the world at the same time.
Excellent ‘engine’ makes aviation legend
 The aviation chronograph astronaut watch is equipped with the new Breitling homemade 02 movement, following the two major characteristics of the legendary wristwatch worn by US astronaut Major Carpenter in the space trip in 1962-24-hour display and manual winding, performance Excellence is extraordinary. The Breitling 02 movement is developed by Breitling engineers and watchmakers on the basis of the high-performance 01 movement. It is 100% developed and produced at the Breitling Swiss factory, which is accurate and reliable. This world’s best chronograph movement has a unique column-wheel chronograph device, which perfectly integrates various technical characteristics, shows extremely excellent performance, is extremely stable and reliable, and has passed the official Swiss Observatory certification (COSC), which symbolizes ultimate accuracy. ).
 Designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this legendary, this new aerospace chronograph astronaut watch, limited to 1962 pieces, is both elegant and tough. The black dial is paired with a small silver dial, and the dial pattern is created on the sterling silver chassis using the extremely fine ‘par épargne’ process. It shines, showing unrivalled brightness and legibility. The bottom of the case is exquisitely engraved with the ‘Aurora No. 7’ mission medal, and it is especially engraved with the Celsius / Fahrenheit conversion scale to pay tribute to the classic design of the Breitling Aviation Chronograph.
 Carrying the spirit of inexhaustible exploration and adventurousness of the world for half a century, the extraordinary precision performance and classic and timeless appearance-Breitling aviation chronograph astronaut watch: engraving glory, continuing the legend.
Breitling aviation chronograph astronaut watch (Navitimer Cosmonaute) tushang
Breitling navitimer cosmonaute
Breitling navitimer cosmonaute
Breitling navitimer cosmonaute
Breitling navitimer cosmonaute
Breitling navitimer cosmonaute
 Breitling navitimer cosmonaute

【Technical data】
 Movement: Breitling’s self-made movement 02, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), manually wound, 28,800 high swing frequencies per hour, 39 gemstone bearings, power reserve of more than 70 hours; timing accuracy of 1/4 second, matching 30-minute and 12-hour cumulative timer; calendar display;
 Case: stainless steel, limited to 1962 pieces; water resistance to 30 meters (100 feet / 3 atmospheres); bi-directional rotating bezel (circular flight slider); curved sapphire crystal, anti-glare treatment on both sides; diameter: 43 mm
Dial: black, silver small dial;
Band / Bracelet: Barenia leather strap, crocodile leather strap, Air Racer stainless steel bracelet (with holes), Navitimer aviation bracelet.