The Life Of Light And Shadow The Legend Of Cartier Attends The Film Festival With The Stars

Recently, two major film festivals-San Marino Film Festival and Taiwan Golden Horse Awards Ceremony have ended. The carnival of film art lights up the night of light and shadow, and also witnesses the shining stars of Chinese filmmakers. Accompanied by Cartier jewelry, watches, Andy Lau, Cheung Man Yuk, Lin Qingxia, Zhao Tao and other movie stars gloriously appeared on two red carpets.
The just-concluded 50th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards Ceremony is of great significance. The award-winning filmmakers and filmmakers gathered together to celebrate the ceremony. Time is so kind to those peerless beauties, each round of spring and autumn is just to extend the years for their beauty. At the ceremony, the famous movie star Zhang Manyu wore a long dress with embroidery gown. On the red carpet, the pure diamonds on the wrists of his neck seemed to reflect the clever smiling look; the fiery red skirt stopped With countless fans’ eyes, the legendary actress Lin Qingxia showed the refinement and gift of time with grace and grace; the queen of the movie world, Carina Lau, showed the noble beauty of women in elegant dress and jewelry. Beyond all the shadows, the pure and elegant Guilun Magnesium unveiled a unique style of young actresses in a pure white dress. Against the backdrop of Cartier’s fine jewellery, simplicity and cold beauty blend perfectly into the unique temperament of this film noble. The chairman of the last Golden Horse Awards jury and legendary movie star Andy Lau also attended the event. The Tank MC watch on his wrist told his never-ending professional pursuit and creed of life. In the company of Cartier, Dillon, who won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actor, also attended the red carpet ceremony with his wife Tao Minming that night.
Not long ago, the San Marino Film Festival ended successfully in Italy. Chinese actress Zhao Tao was awarded the highest artistic achievement award of the film festival, the Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award, and gained a milestone in the life of performing arts in the attention of the audience. From the debut film ‘Platform’ to the Italian film ‘I’m Li’, Zhao Tao has successfully performed many shocking and attractive female images, and she has analyzed and grasped the rich inner heart of women and the unremitting pursuit of film art. Has created the success of his acting career. That night, Zhao Tao attended the awards ceremony with a royal blue lace dress with Cartier Paris new wave series rings and earrings. Pure jewellery perfectly combined the femininity and skill of women with geometric shapes, just like countless screen women created by Zhao Tao Image.