Roland Garros In The City’ Red Clay Experience Ignites The Passion Of Web Law

‘Roland Garros in the City’ stands in the orange hall of Taikoo Li Sanlitun in Beijing to open the clay tennis experience, aiming to provide more opportunities for participants to participate in tennis. As the official partner of Roland Garros French Open, Swiss watchmaker Longines (Longines) invited media friends to experience the sport and fun of tennis on June 3, 2015.

Clay tennis court

Longines appears at the top of the screen.

Orange hall entrance

  Entering the entrance area, you can see the carefully arranged venue and the clay court experience center in the center, which will provide visitors with a unique Roland Garros clay court experience opportunity, which makes people truly feel the happiness and passion that the French Open can create. Friends who are not good can also try one or two under the guidance of professionals.

Delicious pastries and drinks

  At the scene, delicious pastries and drinks were prepared for everyone. Friends who watched the screen and enjoyed the game can also entertain and relax here.

Roland Garros in the city
Velocity site

Training Course
Participants started the game

Participants are interested in practicing

  Fun tennis challenge games such as ‘Challenge 40 Seconds’, ‘Ball Break’, ‘Battering into the Hole’ are carefully prepared for the participants here. As long as the task is completed within the prescribed time, it is possible to get ‘Roland Garros’ Gifts for events in the city. These activities allow tennis enthusiasts to experience the charm of tennis by training, swinging and hitting on the clay court.
Longines official timing

  During this event, we were also very lucky to admire Longines watches. Through the glass, you can observe the details and elegant beauty of the watch up close.

Longines classic watches in the cabinet

Longines Dayau Wiener

Longines Round Dance Watch

  Among them are new products from 2015 Baselworld, such as the feminine round dance series watch, unique and beautiful oval case, exquisite and elegant bracelet, various exquisite dials. The combination of the three is like a perfect chord.

Longines Jialan Elegant Women’s Watch

  Longines and sports have always been inextricably bound. Tennis and watches are pursuing exquisiteness, excellence and precision. In continuous innovation and improvement, Longines is constantly showing new masterpieces, bringing more surprises to the world.

Longines Masterpieces

Longines Compaq Moon Phase Watch

Draw from ten shortlisted participants

Lucky winner

  This time, my friends challenged the speed of the ball. Under the guidance of the staff, everyone was very interested and came to play. Finally, among the top five boys and the top five girls, a lucky participant was selected. A beautiful watch from Longines.

Summary: The French Open has always attracted the attention of sports enthusiasts. The charm of sports always brings extraordinary experience and gains. From the opening day of June 2 to the final night of June 7, 10 am to 10 pm every day. At the same time, the French Tennis Association will join hands with the event partners Longines, Crocodile, and Paris Water through a series of themed activities to allow participants to appreciate the charm of the French Open. It also allows more Chinese tennis fans to understand and love this clay court. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)