Art Master ‘métiers D’ Art’ In Vacheron Constantin

This model is another perfect masterpiece of Vacheron Constantin’s famous Metiers d ‘Art: gold carving, enamel crafts, gem setting and serial carving. This is made for Only Watch Perfectly displayed on the unique and gorgeous watch.

Vacheron Constantin Only Watch
This watch made Vacheron Constantin’s art master ‘Métiers d’Art’ work extremely closely: the engraver, the enameller, the gemsetter, and the guillocher must work together, In order to create this unique and unique masterpiece in the world. The only watch named ‘Métiers d’Art – Perspectives d’Art’ series is specially created for participating in the ‘Only Watch’ charity auction. Jewelry decoration techniques using tessellation are used to explore the interactive relationship between human perspective and geometric figures and space. This watch uses Vacheron Constantin’s sophisticated top-level traditional watchmaking decoration techniques. From the perspective of human perception of everything, from the perspective of people, the watch interprets the world with simple geometric figures, symbolic patterns and continuously changing images. With 18K white gold, Enamel and diamond-plated discs express the ‘concepts’ mentioned above, and then they are expressed by craftsmanship, and they give these figures, patterns and images many levels of meaning and interpretation.
This watch was inspired by the paintings of Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972), the father of Dutch illusion art. He is a well-known sculptor and graphic artist. Is the visual ‘illusion’. This unique watch has red and white pigeons on the dial-two colors are the representative colors of the ‘Only Watch’ charity auction. The faceplate was created by the masters of Vacheron Constantin. The pigeons always hope to cooperate with The symbol of peace-it is fired in enamel or inlaid with gemstones, interlocking like a jigsaw, so the techniques of the art masters have turned the elements on this dial into highly eye-catching decorative elements. The case is equipped with the Calibre 2460, which is awarded the Hallmark of Geneva and a high-precision automatic winding mechanical movement. It is completely designed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. It not only shows the outstanding reliability of the whole, each piece The board and each part follow the most noble Geneva watchmaking traditions, and are top-grade hand-polished.
只 Only one unique watch specially made for the ‘Only Watch’ charity auction. This charity event was initiated by (Monegasque Association against Muscular Dystrophies (AMM)); the back of this watch is marked ‘Only Watch 2011’ and ‘Pièce unique’ .—- ** *


Baoji Supports The 10th Korea Dasan International Music Festival

On July 26, 2013, Breguet and GMMFS established a cultural partnership. Breguet will support the tenth Dashan International Music Festival. On July 27, 2013, in order to celebrate this formal partnership with GMMFS, the Breguet brand held a cocktail party. Many members including GMMFS Orchestra attended the Korean National Choir artists Daekun Jang and Roberto Diaz.

 Daesan International Music Festival is one of the most anticipated events in South Korea in the summer. This festival will be held on August 6, 2013 at Gangwon-do University. Here you can enjoy the outstanding performance of internationally renowned musicians. Discover the rising star, a concert hosted by young musicians to talk to artists from around the world. Pay tribute to famous composers and musicians at this event.


Feng Shanshan Dominates The Omega ‘dubai Women’s Masters’ Arena

Omega Celebrity Ambassador Feng Shanshan took the lead in each round of the Omega ‘Dubai Women’s Masters’ and eventually succeeded. The Chinese golfer is currently ranked 5th in the world’s women’s ranking, which is also her second and second crowning championship in three years.

   She performed bravely on the field, completing a 72-hole schedule with an excellent performance of 19 below par, and finally defeated the second-placed Spanish player Carlota Siganda by 5 shots. . In 2012, Feng Shanshan also won the championship.
   At the awards ceremony, Feng Shanshan wore the Omega Seamaster Series Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial watch, and received the dazzling trophy and the champion bonus check for the Omega ‘Dubai Women’s Masters’. This watch is paired with an 18K SednaTM gold case and a diamond-set bezel. The delicate mother-of-pearl dial is set with diamond indexes. This watch is equipped with Omega 8521 ‘Zhenzhen coaxial movement’, which can resist the interference of strong magnetic field of more than 15’000 Gauss.

   Only 18-year-old British golf genius Charley Hull also performed well in this Dubai Women’s Masters. She ended up as the new omega celebrity ambassador with tied fifth place. Participated in the first tournament. In addition, in the 2014 European Women’s Tour money list, Hull also topped the list with an absolute lead.


Greubel Forsey 2015 Sihh Poetic Astronomy

The technical development department of GRUBEL FORSEY was inspired by the large-scale astronomical clock system in the late 15th century, and developed the unique mechanical device Computeur Mécanique. The astronomical clock system manages some important church calendar Days, such as Easter, contain some astronomical data. GREUBEL FORSEY’s team has developed a 25-piece Computeur Mécanique. The technology has been patented.

Considering the Equation of Time as one of the rarest and most difficult to interpret in astronomy, this complication is directly linked to the perpetual calendar watch

This calculator is like a real mechanical head, which is mainly composed of a coaxial coding device, which precisely composes movable parts. Pre-set according to the geometry and speed of rotation, each part will automatically make its display periodically. This seventh invention was developed by the brand in an innovative way, gradually adapting and verifying theoretical concepts, and finally created this mechanical calculator that is responsible for calculating and controlling multiple displays and functions. Although the entire system is extremely complex, it can be completely planted into the small space of the movement, which shows the structural precision of this seventh invention.
GREUBEL FORSEY First application of the seventh invention: QP à Équation
GREUBEL FORSEY scales down the entire system and places it in the movement of the watch, so that each coaxial coded part can display different information. In the first application, this mechanical calculator was set to automatically display perpetual calendar information through the time square program, such as season, spring equinox, autumn equinox, day, astronomical time difference, date, week, month, and year in four digits . In leap years, one of the program-specific coding components will automatically adjust for differences.

GREUBEL FORSEY carefully displays the spring / autumn equinox and winter / summer solstice quarters in a poetic way

-Simple operation, safe and reliable
Although this new invention is an extremely complicated mechanical component, its operation method is very simple. The eight displays of this seventh invention are controlled by a selector connected to the movement’s crown. The perpetual calendar can be easily set by twisting the two-way crown without causing any damage to the entire mechanical structure.
Rare and mysterious complication
QP à Équation This mechanical calculator can display a variety of astronomical information, but GREUBEL FORSEY does not stop there. It also regards the Equation of Time as one of the rarest and most difficult to explain in astronomy. To the perpetual calendar watch.

GMT 5N Movement watch in 950 platinum case, limited to 22 pieces

Astronomical time difference can calculate the time difference between the true solar day and the average solar day throughout the year. According to the general calculation method, 24 hours is a day, but the orbit of the earth around the sun is elliptical. As the earth gets closer to the sun, the speed is getting faster and faster. Therefore, the distance between two adjacent high points of the sun The length of the interval, or the length of the solar day, also changes. For example, the true solar day is 16 minutes longer than the average solar day in November, but it is 14 minutes shorter than the average solar day in February. The astronomical time difference information is displayed in a simple and unique way on two transparent sapphire crystal glass plates driven by a mechanical calculator on the case back. The two transparent sapphire crystal glass disks rotate independently to show the difference between true solar time and average solar time throughout the year. GREUBEL FORSEY carefully displays the spring / autumn equinox and winter / summer solstice quarters in a poetic way, but at the same time provides extremely accurate information display.
 New works from Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2015
GREUBEL FORSEY will launch three new works at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition from January 19th to 23rd, 2015, perfectly displaying the brand’s artistic and scientific characteristics.
GMT 5N Movement Watch
This new work uses 5N rose gold to make the main plywood and bridge, and 950 platinum to make the case, showing the visual contrast between the two materials. The back of the watch also uses the same color matching, and highlights the world time display panel representing 24 major cities, each of which represents a different time zone. With a light background set against the city name, it also means that the city has a distinction between summer and winter time. In order to guarantee the uniqueness of this model, only 22 pieces can be produced.
 GMT Black Watch
For more than a decade, GREUBEL FORSEY has been proposing amazing and creative new concepts and technologies, each with its own unique personality and characteristics. This year, the brand continued to explore modern watch designs, once again made the titanium case, and vacuum-processed ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon) carbon film processing technology to add a dark black carbon The film makes the surface of the watch harder than ordinary titanium and makes the watch more eye-catching.

GREUBEL FORSEY uses a vacuum-treated ADLC carbon film processing technology to add a dark black carbon film to the case. The GMT Black watch will be limited to 22 pieces.

The main splint and bridge of the watch movement are processed in black at the same time, even though they are also black tones, but the different decorative treatment of each component brings out the strong contrast caused by different textures and decorative patterns, with rich and distinct levels. The brand uses a stronger color design than the black pair to subtly highlight all time displays and technical information. The multiple hour dials and the time zone display that surrounds the small globe like a suspension are like the stars in the night sky.


Choose A Watch For The New Year For My Father And Mother

New Year’s Day has arrived, can the Spring Festival be far behind? It seems that when we reflect at the end of the year, we will feel that one year, the care for parents is not enough … We give too much love and care to ourselves, to lovers, to children, to friends, to careers … … It’s not enough for parents. But here today, we do not intend to go to the end of the topic of sensation and confession, to be straightforward, the New Year, choose a watch for our father and mother! It does n’t matter if you are company or expression, a watch is in the air!
To mother
Fiyta Clover LA8568.MWWD Watch

   In 2012, I chose a Fiyta for my mother. My mother has no requirements for wearing a watch, but she is accustomed to wearing the old mechanical watch that is wound. It also needs a clear and legible digital time scale. In addition, the price is acceptable to me So I chose a Fiyta mechanical watch decisively. Until now, my mother still wears it well. So the first one here, I choose Fiyta’s brand new Clover series, mother-of-pearl dial, very feminine design, I hope your mother will like it too. RMB: 4180

   This second one, I choose this Jaeger-LeCoultre classic series stainless steel watch, the classic simple design, clear and easy to read digital time scales, is the most important reason for me to choose it. The bezel is set with a circle of gorgeous diamonds, which adds to the mother’s sense of luxury and the day and night display function, which makes this watch more lively in addition to its simplicity. For older mothers, they will love it. RMB: 99000
  The third one also chooses classic and fancy design. Girard-Perregaux ladies’ watches have always been low-key and not public. They can stand the test of time and have always been able to impress women with quality requirements and life experience. This GP automatic watch, rose gold material inlaid with diamonds, has the most streamlined texture, and the dial of mother-of-pearl expresses the gentleness of women. RMB: 145000
Series 93909 S-342

   For Titoni Swiss plum watches, our parents have a special emotion. In that simple age, Plum Watch was one of the first Swiss brands to enter China. To a certain extent, it formed our parents’ first understanding of quality watches. Nowadays, if you can choose another plum watch for your father, it should be an excellent intimate choice. This AIRMASTER stainless steel watch is simple enough and durable enough. RMB: 9100
Series 116334 white dial

   In my opinion, every father deserves a Rolex. Whether it is the age of the father, the experience of the father, or the heavy emotions of the father, it is suitable to wear a Rolex that does not require much decoration. I choose to recommend this Rolex Date II Series 116334 white dial watch, one of Rolex’s most classic styles, whether it is another ten or twenty years … still classic and durable. RMB: 71000
5177 series 5177BR / 12 / 9V6 watch

   Breguet is probably a brand that every gentleman will not reject. All the refinement, quality and restraint are detailed into the details, like a noble gentleman with elegant temperament. If your father is also an elegant, discerning and meticulous person, then this Breguet CLASSIQUE 5177 series 5177BR / 12 / 9V6 watch will surely like it. The classic Newseau dial, Roman numerals, blue steel Breguet hands, rose gold case and matching brown alligator leather strap. RMB: 183000
  Since it is a gift to parents, naturally any parent will be happy, but if it can be sent to the heart at the same time, that is the most intelligent and intimate expression. So, dear friends, choose a watch for your parents, and be careful!


Constant Launches Two Women’s Heartbeat Automatic Blue Dial Watches

Classic and elegant, feminine and complicated, Frederique Constant’s women’s automatic series advances with the times, reflecting the value and desire of contemporary women.

   Today, the series welcomes two new timepieces, with a unique patented heartbeat window at 12 o’clock. Dial details are glamorous, such as snail-shaped motifs, mother-of-pearl rims and eight diamond-set hour markers. The new dark blue dial contrasts with the gold (silver) bezel and diamonds, highlighting the delicate appearance of elegant timepieces.

   Equipped with the FC-310 self-winding movement, the vibration frequency is 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), and it can provide 38 hours of power reserve. Through the heartbeat window at 12 o’clock and the see-through case back, you can see the precise operation of the movement. The case back is made of stainless steel or polished stainless steel with rose gold plating and is engraved with the Frederique Constant logo. With blue alligator strap.

   Women’s clothing is more than just a watch collection. It offers opportunities for disadvantaged children and tired mothers, and supports better treatment options for the growing heart disease. By buying this watch, enthusiasts can contribute to the elimination of the problems in today’s society. The Frederique Constant Foundation, which is based on the concept of ‘live your passion,’ promises to donate $ 50 to charities for every automatic ladies’ watch sold.


Mingshi Lingni Sun And Moon Series Sun And Moon Tour Limited Edition

Best luxury watches in the world’s top seven historical watch brands. At the 2013 Asian Watches & Wonders, the grand launch of the limited edition of the Ling Ni series, which is loved by metropolitan women. This is the perfect interpretation of the ultimate luxury watch.

 The Ling Ni series brought stunning beauty to female consumers in 2013. In the winter, Baume & Mercier launched a limited edition of 100 Ling Ni Day & Night sun and moon limited editions in the winter, continuing the elegant and noble genes of the Baume & Mercier watch. The day and night style of women is unrestrained on the watch, so that urban women will always be the focus of the audience on all important occasions.

 The diamond shines very brightly. It is full of feminine charm in the hands and feet, and it is the finishing touch of the limited edition Lingyue Sun and Moon series. The master watchmaker cleverly uses blue & white mother-of-pearl faceplates to build the contrasting vision of day and month. , Showing the beautiful moment of sunrise, moon and night; ‘Sea of ​​Sun’ Ling Ni decorated the dial with delicate white mother-of-pearl, expressing the daytime style on the summer coast, with the face plate inlaid with 65 natural diamonds (0.34 carat total weight) transformed into one A fascinating painting of the sun and sand.

Ling Ni Sun and Moon Series Watch-‘Sea of ​​Sun’

‘Sea of ​​Moon’ Ling Ni watch with blue-faced mother-of-pearl and moon-shaped faceplate, with 83 natural diamonds (0.34 carat total weight) painted to build a bright moon over the starry sky. The alternation of the sun and the moon also represents people’s emotional projections of the fleeting beauty. Many female consumers wearing the limited edition series of Sun Moon Spirit all show an intoxicated and moved expression, which is also regarded by the famous watchmakers as the sun and the moon. Ling Ni’s proud glory mark.

 Ling Ni Sun and Moon Series Watch-‘Sea of ​​Moon’

Since 1830, Baume & Mercier constantly strives for perfection, showing solemn, exquisite, sophisticated and exquisite interpretations of balance and beauty, conveying the brand concept of perfection and perpetuity; the insistence on perfect watches has also become a celebrity watch popular with celebrities. For the key to high-end watches, to this day, Baume & Mercier still adheres to the brand concept of ‘aestheticism, only manufacturing the highest quality watches’.

Baoyi Watch & Clock Co., Ltd
BAUME & MERCIER Appreciation Meeting

 Founded in 1956, Baoyi Watch & Clock Company has deeply cultivated the high-end market in New Taipei City for more than 50 years. It is the premier high-end watch and clock shop in the north. Baoyi Clocks is located in the elite business district of Banzhong MRT Fuzhong Station. It has always been dedicated to professional consultation and dedicated service, and has won praise from many customers. Baoyi always takes the responsibility to promote top-quality clocks. To hold the century-old Swiss watch brand BAUME & MERCIER Lingui series VIP Appreciation Ceremony, to display and sell Taiwan’s only set of Baume & Mercier Day & Night sun and moon series, hoping for customers to get more contact with rare surfaces The opportunity to discover the beauty of time in exquisite craftsmanship.

Models wear Baume & Mercier Day & Night limited edition watches and the brand’s classic Clifton watches.


Vacheron Constantin’s Vertical And Horizontal Series Adds New Style

In 2011, Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) Overseas series added two new members, showing the dynamic and elegant personality of the Overseas series.
 The perpetual calendar chronograph marks the introduction of ‘advanced complications’ into the collection, as well as a new women’s watch with a self-winding mechanical movement with a small date display, designed for the perfect woman.

 The Overseas Chronograph Perpetual Calendar “Boutiques Exclusive” cross-country perpetual calendar chronograph, limited to 80 pieces, is only available exclusively at Vacheron Constantin’s 27 stores around the world.
 Vacheron Constantin’s new Overseas Small Model Date Self-winding offers two options: one is an 18-karat rose gold strap, and the other is a camel leather strap with a gray sulphur carbon rubber strap.

 With a polished semi-Maltese cross 18-karat rose gold triple-folding and two-button fastening system clasp, it ensures the best safety and comfort for the watch.


Men’s Feelings Tasting Tag Heuer Lincoln Series Mechanical Watch

Every man has a kind of feeling, like real fantasy, tenderness like water or raging fire, an uncertain mind often reveals its charm. The same is true for this watch. We can compare it to people. It has both tenderness and toughness without losing its personality. It is the TAG Heuer Lincoln series CJF211A.BA0594 mechanical watch; it is timeless. Elegance embodies its inherent taste and example, please enjoy it together. The official model is: CJF211A.BA0594

   The entire watch does not look very high-profile, but I think it is the bracelet part that makes people more attentive. To be honest, the dial is nothing more than a few more functions, but the more creative part may be less, but the bracelet has made up for its shortcomings, presumably the watchmaker first developed the watch head and then the bracelet! Overall it does not make people lose confidence in it.

   As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a variety of functions are set on the classic circular dial, which facilitates the needs of more people (this is also part of the factor that increases its value); as shown in the figure, the dial at 9 o’clock is Small seconds display dial; 30-minute cumulative chronograph display dial at 12 o’clock; calendar and day display window at 3 o’clock; side-by-side design at 6 o’clock; 12-hour cumulative chronograph display dial at 6 o’clock Reasonable, making the watch more standardized.

   Completely soothing and smooth lines are pleasing to the eye. It seems that every detail design contains a firm charm; the case is full and symmetrical, and the design of the lugs is more delicate, as the connection between the head and the bracelet is just right. .

   The more common knurled crown design, the surface is smooth and delicate, and the convex TAG Heuer classic logo can be seen on the front side; extending from the crown to the sides are the timing buttons, although there are not many such timing button designs Innovative, but as TAG Heuer, it will never go with the flow.

   On the classic black circular dial, the layout is as uniform and reasonable as other watches, but TAG Heuer must have something special about TAG Heuer, as in that sentence, ‘never follow the flow’; as you can see from the figure, Hours and hours are marked in English; usually, the small seconds dial is designed at 6 o’clock for recognition at a glance, but TAG Heuer breaks the tradition by designing it at 9 o’clock, which is symmetrical with the calendar and day of the week. And put its classic logo above the weekly calendar window, these are the unique design of TAG Heuer.

   When it comes to the hands, I have to admit that TAG Heuer’s hands are really not good. The two thick hands of the hour and minute hands and the delicate hands like the second hand are obviously inconsistent. I don’t know how everyone thinks. Although the hands are polished in stainless steel and coated with luminous materials, I think these are far from enough to make up for the difficulty of the hand shape design.

   Finally, I talked about the bracelet part. To be honest, the entire watch, I like its bracelet very much. I don’t know where to start to express my inner joy. The overall feeling of the bracelet is smooth, smooth, and rhythmic. It looks like an image of a tank car’s chain and has a tough atmosphere. This rigid and flexible bracelet is really wonderful.

   The bottom mirror made of sapphire crystal glass is precise and precise, and the waterproof depth can reach 200 meters. The inner movement structure can be clearly seen through the bottom mirror. The cutting edge of the 1/2 automatic rotor is very neat and angular. distinct.

   The special price, wear-resistant material, and functional superiority, the market price is only 35900RMB, presumably this is the best gift from TAG Heuer manufacturers to watch lovers. For example, a car with more than 30,000 and a Tag Heuer with more than RMB 30,000, I believe that I will not hesitate to choose a watch, because as a loyal follower of Tag Heuer, I believe that buying it is right! For nothing else, but also for the sentence, ‘Never follow the wave.’

Summary: Constantly innovative watchmaking technology, improved chronograph function and tough and durable materials, this series of distinctive features have made TAG Heuer the leader since its establishment. A good brand will naturally create a The same product, in my opinion, TAG Heuer.

For more watch information, please see: heuer / 1682 /


Audemars Piguet’s First Specialty Store In Xiamen Zhonghua City

From left to right: Ms. Li Li, Executive Director of Rongkun Group Chinatown, Mr. David von Gunten, CEO of Audemars Piguet China and Hong Kong, and Mr. Cai Gazan, Chairman of Xiyunjia Yuyi Watch Group A group photo of Audemars Piguet Chinatown.
    On July 14, Audemars Piguet, the top Swiss watch brand, unveiled its first store in Fujian Province in Chinatown, Xiamen, which marked Audemars Piguet and renowned watch retailer Xiyunjia Yuyi Watch Group in the Chinese mainland Expansion of strategic cooperation. Mr. David von Gunten, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet Mainland China and Hong Kong, Mr. Lian Zhen, Sales Manager of Audemars Piguet Mainland China, Mr. Cai Gazan, Chairman of Xiyunjia Yuyi Watch Group, Executive Director of Xiyunjia Yuyi Watch Group Director Mr. Liang Qinghua, Mr. Li Jinkun, Chairman of Rongkun Group, Ms. Li Li, Executive Director of Rongkun Group China Town, and Ms. Ye Tong, an Asian film and television superstar, attended the opening event.
Asian film and television superstar Ms. Ye Tong at the opening ceremony of Audemars Piguet Chinatown Store.
    Audemars Piguet Chinatown store is located in Chinatown, an international comprehensive business center with a shop area of ​​220 square meters. It is currently the largest specialty store in mainland China. The store design follows the brand’s usual elegant tone, presenting the value of Audemars Piguet in the details. Audemars Piguet’s world-famous four classic watches are on display in the store, including Royal Oak, Royal Oak Offshore, Jules Audemars and Millenary. There is also a VIP lounge area in the specialty store to create a comfortable and respectful shopping experience for customers.
From left to right: Mr. David von Gunten, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet China and Hong Kong, Ms. Ye Tong, Asian film and television superstar, Mr. Li Jinkun, Chairman of Rongkun Group, Ms. Li Li, Executive Director of Rongkun Chinatown, and Chen, Assistant to Chairman of Rongkun Group Mr. Song took a group photo at the Audemars Piguet Chinatown store.
   ‘City is on the sea, the sea is in the city’, Xiamen is known as a graceful ‘maritime garden’, which also has strong southern Fujian cultural temperament and international high-end fashion taste. Mr. David von Gunten said: ‘Xiamen is an emerging market for global luxury goods, and its importance is obvious to all. We are very honored to open Audemars Piguet’s first specialty store in Fujian in the most high-end shopping area, which is also the current mainland China region. The largest store. I believe this store can provide a platform for watch lovers and collectors in the Southeast region to learn more about Audemars Piguet. From left to right: Mr. Lian Zhen, sales manager of Audemars Piguet China, Rongkun Group Chinatown Ms. Li Li, Executive Director, Mr. Li Jinkun, Chairman of Rongkun Group, Mr. David von Gunten, CEO of Audemars Piguet Mainland China and Hong Kong, Mr. Cai Gazan, Chairman of Xiyunjia Yuyi Watch Group, and Executive Director of Xiyunjia Yuyi Watch Group Director Mr. Liang Qinghua cut the ribbon for Audemars Piguet Xiamen Chinatown.
    On the day of the event, Audemars Piguet exhibited a number of new watches from the Geneva Watch Fair 2012, and invited guests to appreciate the six highly complex watches brought from the Swiss headquarters. The model’s watch display made the guests at the scene feel the superior craftsmanship of Audemars Piguet. Combined with the sand painting performances of Xiamen’s coastal city, the panoramic appearance of Audemars Piguet, Xiamen Chinatown and Audemars Piguet stores are presented through simple and novel art forms. On the day, the brand also specially invited Ms. Ye Tong, an Asian film and television superstar, to attend the reception and interact with the guests on the spot to wear daily watch ideas. Ms. Ye Tong is wearing a Royal Oak 37mm self-winding watch, showing noble elegance. She said, ‘I am very honored to be invited to the opening ceremony of the Audemars Piguet Chinatown Store. Although this is the first time I have participated in the Audemars Piguet brand event, Audemars Piguet has always been a family watch brand that I respect very much. The long-established watchmaking craftsmanship and tradition are even more impressive. I believe that Audemars Piguet will achieve greater success in Xiamen, an international metropolis. ‘
Audemars Piguet Xiamen Chinatown Store
Address: 1011, First Floor, Area C, Chinatown, No. 155 Siming South Road, Xiamen
Phone: +86592 2136 200