The Mark Of Condensing Time Tasting Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic Wish Watch

Van Cleef & Arpels launched the Poetic Time series of poetry and complexity in 2007, which greatly surprised watch fans. The Lady Arpels Pont Des released in 2010 Amoureux model won the GPHG women’s watch award that year. In 2012, the brand continued the story of five years ago, introducing two poetic romantic watches, Arpels Poetic Wish and Midnight Poetic Wish.

   The Van Cleef & Arpels time poems are based on the extraordinary dial TM. When the watchmaker’s extraordinary and exquisite craftsmanship meets peerless treasures, Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels timepieces achieve unparalleled exquisite details and elegant taste. For Mains d’Or, everything is possible. Facing the challenges presented by watchmaking masters, they fearlessly used their superb skills on the dial to create miniature art treasures in every inch. White gold diamond case, pearl grey silk strap and calfskin strap.

   With the popularity of ‘New Bridge Lovers’ last year, Van Cleef & Arpels seems to want to prove its unique existence value again with another practice. The watch has undergone many complicated processes in the process of making, first of all in the gold sculptor’s In their hands, the engraving, engraving, carving, and grinding techniques were interpreted by them, giving the entire design a living life and bringing the scenery to life.

   Gorgeous dream-like colors seem to be the subject of Van Cleef & Arpels’ chase. The painted enamel of this watch adds color to the design. Since the tinted surface is as small as millimeters, this process requires extremely stable hands. Color-level rendering is even more crucial.

   In fact, a brand born as a jewellery has to admit that it is slightly superior in the use of color and design. After going through the above two processes, it is the treatment of mother-of-pearl. It is a very difficult material to handle, so The cloud carved from it can be called the magic pen in the design.

   The Midnight Poetic Wish watch inherits the traditional gem selection tradition of Van Cleef & Arpels fine jewelry watches, indicating that the minute meteor is set with diamonds of D E F color and VVS clarity.
   Just like all Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication watches, the two new Poetic Wish watches are certainly more than just an ornament. Their movements indicate minutes and hours in the form of ‘poetic romantic animation’, and adopt the ‘five minutes and two questions’ mechanism, that is, the hour is reported first, and then the minutes are reported in units of 5 minutes. The spring reed strikes a clear and pleasant sound, showing design ingenuity.

   The crown at 2 o’clock can trigger an animation. On the left side of the dial of the Lady Arpels Poetic Wish, the silhouette of the girl slowly moves towards the center of the dial, indicating the current hour. When she encounters the white mother-of-pearl floating in the clouds, the bell of Notre Dame will ring, and the kite will emerge from behind the clouds, crossing the sky in the bells of Qingyue, indicating the minutes.

   The five-minute two-question mechanism reports the time in the bass and the minute in the treble. Both watches have a dual display design. Through the transparent cover, the movement, hammer, gong, and two display dials are clear at a glance, with hours and minutes and seconds. Both are equipped with a mechanical movement of type 21 600 Ah with a central opening in the ratchet.

Summary: The unit price of each of these two watches is more than one million yuan. Van Cleef & Arpels gives time to dreams, perfectly blends technical performance with artistic creation, and improves the performance of the movement through extremely complex and complicated mechanical functions. The time treasures are presented one by one with a meticulous, elegant and fashionable structure. Its extraordinary features have already exceeded the functional boundaries of accurate timekeeping of watches, and the exquisite craftsmanship of the top Swiss watchmaking workshops has been transformed into precious moving moments. Whether it’s a gift or for personal use, each watch is a chapter of time Psalms TM, condensing precious memories into it and passing it on forever.


Bulgari Achieves Its Donation Goal For Save The Children

At an international press conference held in Rome’s Pecci Blunt Palace yesterday, Bulgari Bulgari Glory announced that Bulgari Bulgari was realized and achieved a great deal thanks to the great success of the special edition silver ceramic ring sales. Over the four-year goal of saving more than $ 20 million (16 million euros) in funding Save the Children in partnership with Save the Children in 2009.

From left to right: Zhang Ziyi, Adrien Brody, Stephen Dorff, Stephen Dorff

At the press conference, CEO Michael Burke announced that Chinese film actress Zhang Ziyi will be the global ambassador for the Bulgari and Save the Children charity project. Zhang Ziyi has starred in many Chinese and English award-winning films, including ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, ‘Ambush in Ten Faces’, ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’, ‘2046’ and acted as the heroine of the director Wang Jiawei’s new work ‘A Grand Master’. Zhang Ziyi has been an active supporter of Bulgari and Save the Children, and has been involved in projects to reduce the suffering and illness of orphans in China. In order to further contribute to charity, she will strongly support Bulgari and Save the Children education projects, and participate in exchange activities and field trips around the world.
Bulgari celebrates and documents this great achievement by hosting a photo exhibition with the world-renowned photographer Fabrizio Ferri in the Save the Children project at Pecci Blunt, a 16th-century palace in Rome . The exhibition entitled ‘Stop, Think, Dedicate’ exhibits all the photos taken by photographer Fabrizio Ferri since 2009 that have benefited from Bulgari’s global student aid and children’s rights projects Pictures of beneficiary children, and public welfare photos taken by many celebrities in the global film, music and entertainment circles to support this project. In this project, these celebrities may wear and “interpret” this Bulgari custom ring in their own way, or participate in public welfare projects in person and interact with the benefited children.
More than 1300 guests attended the celebration party, and Chinese and foreign celebrities who lit the celebration party included Adrien Brody, Adrian Brody, Stephen Dorff, Zhang Ziyi, Zhen Zidan, Qin Shupei, Su Youpeng, Li Xiaoran, Zhao Tao, Isabella Ferrari Isabella Ferrari, Paul Haggis, Harvey Weinstein, EVA Riccobono, Eva Recobono, Livia Firth, Andrea Osvart Swat, Catrinel Marlon, Jordi Mollà, Katheryn Winnick, Catherine Winnick and Matteo Garrone, etc.
Source: Bulgari


Outstanding Representative Of The New Da Vinci Iwc Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

This year, IWC expressed a change in the usual barrel design of the Vinci series, inspired by the classic Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar watch launched in 1985, which continued the classic circular case of the 1980s Designed with the new Da Vinci collection. The Da Vinci series reinterpreted with a classic round case, combines the legendary design style of the 1980s with a modern low-key style, maintaining the modernist and simple style that IWC has always advocated. (Watch model: IW392101)

   The new Da Vinci collection includes both the Da Vinci Automatic 36 and the Da Vinci Moon Phase 36, which are specially designed for women, as well as the appearance of a new appearance, while combining advanced technology and complex functions. Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph. The Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph integrates its famous mechanical chronograph function with the permanent moon phase profit and loss display function in a small dial. This is the first integration of the dual chronograph dial and the moon phase profit and loss display in a small dial. Watches.

   In order to create this outstanding timepiece, IWC watchmakers are committed to the development of a new 89630 homemade movement. The chronograph hour and minute hands of the watch are integrated into the small dial at 12 o’clock. Compared with displaying the accumulated time on a separate accumulator, reading the recorded time is easier and more convenient. The central blue steel chronograph hands are accurate to one-eighth of a second and have a flyback function. The movement design allows the chronograph function to run continuously without causing significant damage to the watch’s 68-hour power reserve.

   The watch uses a 43mm 18K red gold case with a thickness of 15.5mm and a silver-plated dial. There are four small dials with many display functions on the dial, but the symmetrical layout is still harmonious and clear. At 12 o’clock on the dial, there is a small blue dial with moon phases and chronograph. The chronograph time in the small dial is innovatively indicated by the hour and minute hands, which is more convenient to read. The moon phase display is extremely accurate. The moon phase profit and loss display and the moon’s actual profit and loss cycle only accumulate an error of 1 day every 577.5 years, which means that the moon phase display only needs to be adjusted once every 577 years. At 3 and 9 o’clock, the date and day display are set respectively. At 6 o’clock, there is a small dial with a small seconds dial and month display. At 7:30, there is a four-digit year. The window is displayed.

   Unlike the round crown used in the 1985 Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar, the new Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar chronograph has a cylindrical shape with a crown and two buttons. The 18K red gold crown is engraved with the brand logo on the top and has a non-slip texture on the side.

   The watch is equipped with a dark brown alligator leather strap, with a double sheet folding buckle, which is soft and comfortable to wear. At the same time, the movable lugs with curved two corners make the strap fit the wrist more, which improves the wearing comfort of the watch.

   The watch is equipped with the 89630 self-winding chronograph movement. Through the watch’s transparent sapphire glass back, you can admire the sophisticated movement design with blue steel screws, the red gold rotor with the brand logo, and Rich decoration on the bridge. The watch offers a 68-hour power reserve and a water resistance of 30 meters.

Summary: Although the white dial includes four small dials, occupying all positions of the dial, the symmetrical and balanced distribution makes the dial orderly. This is also due to the dark blue dial design at 12 o’clock. Only the delicate moon of 3 mm is still at 12 o’clock. The dark blue circular display dial represents the rotation of the earth’s shadow and presents changes in the moon phase. The official quotation of the watch is 318,000 RMB, which is an outstanding representative of the new Da Vinci series.


Hublot Bigbang Christmas Big Bang

BigBang Rose Gold Fruit Series

 If every festival is described by color, then Christmas is colorful. If I have a watch for this festival, I think it must be Hublot. Hublot’s BigBang series, from the birth of the BigBang series in 2005, to the BigBang all-black series in 2006, and then to the BigBang caviar series in 2011, each series will be a full interpretation of BigBang, colorful, and pursue the ultimate traditional watch At the same time of craftsmanship, it also gives unlimited creativity to it. Hublot’s precise timing accompanies people to experience the wonderful “Big Bang” of life together.

 A true ‘art of fusion’ from the universe

 Speaking of ‘BigBang’, it can be reminiscent of the age of the ancestors and the Big Bang. It is because of the big bang and various elements that the universe and the planet we live in-Earth. No matter it is life or time, everything is born in the moment of breaking ground in the flood, it symbolizes a new world and a new future. Therefore, in 2005, the current Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors, Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver and the current CEO of Hublot, Ricardo Guadalupe, decided to name their first collection of watches ‘BigBang ‘It’s no accident. In fact, Hublot’s BigBang series is also synonymous with its own rebirth, creation and revival: revolutionary design, revolutionary material fusion and Hublot’s new brand philosophy, all ushered in the birth of BigBang in April 2005 A great twist. The traditional Swiss watch art and contemporary passion embodied in Hublot have emerged as a new starting point.

 Since the establishment of Hublot in 1980, the detailed design of Hublot watches has continuously evolved. Only the watch shape adheres to the first watch’s interpretation of the word HUBLOT-porthole. The inspiration for BigBang’s birth was derived from Hublot’s original design in 1980: the shape of the round case, the screws were reactivated, and the strap was still made of natural rubber. While Hublot has undergone revolutionary changes, it has maintained continuity. Just like everything in nature that is constantly evolving at any moment, Hublot has always adhered to the concept of innovation, and is also committed to connecting the past and the future: research and development of ultra-light materials, creating new colors … Hublot has an infinite future.

 Rose gold fruit series lights up colorful Christmas

 HUBLOT’s TuttiFrutti watches are rich in color and texture. They boldly use bright and lively shimmering colors and ambilight, which makes people feel indescribable joy. While retaining the classic and modern vigor, Hublot adheres to a distinguished temperament, and creates your noble elegance and low-key luxury with fresh trendy colors. The shape of the rose gold fruit series watch adopts Hublot’s most classic BigBang series design concept. Adding the unique charming inspiration of women, ‘Fruit’ has been listed in Hublot’s best-selling list with colorful colors, luxurious temperament and exquisite craftsmanship since its launch in 2008.
 ‘Apple’, ‘Rose’, ‘Dazzling Purple’ and ‘Ultra Blue’, each comes with a delicate and alligator alligator leather strap, lined with rubber to make it more supple and comfortable. The elongated cut pink sapphire, amethyst or tsavorite is adorned on the bezel of each Big Bang fruit watch and matches its color scheme. The rich content of super women makes it irresistible.

 The universe ‘explodes’ BigBangUnico

 This year in Basel, Hublot’s new product series, the BigBangUnico series, was born, which reminds people of the “explosion” effect caused by BigBang’s emergence in 2005. This is the perfect fusion of Hublot’s most iconic BigBang design and the brand’s completely independent Unico movement.

 Today, wristwatches are not just devices for measuring time, but also objects that reflect people’s personality. Therefore, the most important function of wearing a top-level watch is to tell the world ‘who am I’. Through a watch, it reflects the personality, taste and attitude of life. Hublot is prepared for successful people who have the courage to express themselves, have individual thoughts, and are full of young fashion mentality. BigBang is not only the big bang of the universe, but also the big bang of life experienced by everyone who successfully reaches the top. Only the most abundant life can carry the meaning of time. Big Bang Unico, with its brilliant design, excellent movement, unique connotation, reshapes history and connects the future!


Vacheron Constantin Opens A New Boutique In Las Vegas (August Official Website News)

August 20, 2012 (New York, NY)-Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest watchmaker with an uninterrupted history of more than 250 years, has announced its latest exclusive boutique in luxury The Palazzo Hotel, Resort and Casino opens in Las Vegas. A terrace-style boutique located between rows, it fully embodies luxury and sophistication. The new opening marks the brand’s 30 boutiques worldwide and the second boutique opened in New York City in September 2011 after North America.

New boutique watch enthusiasts and collectors create an intimate and welcoming space, displaying their superb timepieces in delicate window displays. The interior design combines modern elements to the traditional design. From the perspective of architecture, it reveals the brand’s continuous pursuit of excellence and aesthetic perfection. The finish has been based on a detailed and elegant color scheme, exuding a warm and comfortable atmosphere, dedicated to technology and precious haute horlogerie.

   Known for its outstanding performance in technology and aesthetics and its high level of completion of its timepieces, Vacheron Constantin will show a very sophisticated degree of refinement, as well as its traditional, powerful accessory transmission know-how, mastering high-quality craftsmanship.
   We are very pleased to announce the opening of the new boutique in Las Vegas, ‘said Hugo, President of Vacheron Constantin North America.’ This opening is another milestone in the global expansion of the brand and enables us to provide the experience This will enhance the understanding of the client’s brand and its long-standing history on Horolgerie.

   This boutique will offer a full range of collections from manufacturers based in Geneva, as well as unique boutique models, proving elegant and sophisticated design, the perfection of technology and aesthetics that define the traditions of Vacheron Constantin’s ancestors and Unique know-how.


Enriching Watch Connotation With Street Art Hublot Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey

HUBLOT’s interests are widely known. In addition to sports, including football, racing, boxing and ball sports, brands in the relatively static humanities field also know a little or two, such as The brand and some well-known artists such as the Swiss tattoo artist Maxime Buchi and the French sculptor Richard Orlinski have also established cooperative relationships. I have also seen Hublot leverage the expertise of these artists to launch limited special joint watches, which is different from pure sports. The sense of enthusiasm, the style co-branded with the artist has a little more taste in micro-art creation. Under the artist’s ingenuity and creativity, often an ordinary Hublot watch instantly becomes more distinctive and recognizable.

Hublot announces American street artist Shepard Fairey as brand art ambassador, both parties further launch joint style based on Big Bang Meca-10 watch

Hublot recently collaborated with Shepard Fairey, the godfather of contemporary street art in the United States, to find him as the brand’s art ambassador. At the same time, the two sides also inevitably released a new joint watch-Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey.

Hope poster by Shepard Fairey featuring Obama

Master of street art
If you are unfamiliar with Shepard Fairey, let’s first take a look at his creative career. He has been a ‘boarder’ since he was a child, and is deeply fascinated with punk rock music. In the early 1980s, he began to work on his skateboards and T-shirts. Painted and was arrested by the police for posting personally created posters without permission. Among them, he created a sticker series called André the Giant has a Posse in 1989, which inadvertently triggered the ‘Obey Giant’ In the next year, he simply set up Obey Giant, a fashion brand. As the brand was loved by young people, Shepard Fairey’s reputation became more and more famous. Later, when US President Obama entered the election in 2008, Shepard Fairey designed a picture ‘Hope Poster’, this work has also become one of Shepard Fairey’s masterpieces. In short, in the field of street culture, Shepard Fairey is a godfather. Hublot is deeply inspired by his creation and appreciates his creative ideas, which has created cooperation between the two sides.

The watch is made of aluminized carbon fiber (Texalium) material. At the same time, Hublot launched two colors of gray and navy blue, with a leather strap of the same color.

Housing made of aluminized carbon fiber
Hublot chose Big Bang Meca-10 as the basis for the co-branded model. It uses Hubble’s patented aluminum-plated carbon fiber (Texalium) material to make the case. The more special is that the brand has launched a gray and navy blue plating. The aluminum carbon fiber case has a special weave pattern on the surface, and its weight is relatively light. The faceplate shows the hollow style that Hublot excels at, while the Meca-10 is characterized by its two power reserve displays (the overall design of the movement is inspired by the Hublot MECCANO building block), and its gear system has two Each rack slides along the vertical axis. The display function is mainly based on the second hand. The small seconds dial is set at 9 o’clock. The watch is equipped with two barrels, which can output a total of 10 days of kinetic energy. At 6 o’clock, you can see a dial with the remaining days of the power reserve on it. The red frame shows the watch at a glance. The remaining power, and a second power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock, it will turn red as a warning only when the power is running low.

The dual-reservoir display is still the main feature on the faceplate. The difference is that the cover of the joint model has a star gear pattern with Shepard Fairey color at 3 o’clock.

Integrating Shepard Fairey’s own design expertise
Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey is different in that it adds Shepard Fairey’s famous star gear logo on the remaining power display cover in the 3 o’clock direction. Depending on the color of the case, for example, the navy blue case is equipped with a blue star gear cover, and the luminous materials of the hands and the hour markers are also blue. As for the gray case, the star gear cover is red, and the same includes The luminous materials of the hands and time scales are also red.

In addition to the decoration on the face plate, Shepard Fairey also designed a totem with a personal style for the watch strap to enhance the collection significance of the watch.

Strap colored eggs
Another feature of Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey is that it has a One Click quick release strap quick release system, but in fact, it does not need to change the strap to better highlight the characteristics of this watch, because the original calfskin strap is engraved with The totem designed by Shepard Fairey himself, although low-key, is definitely unique. The case of this watch is made of mixed earth with a letterpress printing of ‘Star Gear Collage Red’ or ‘Star Gear Collage Blue’ on it, which looks like it has a sense of exclusive extension from the strap.

Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey

Texalium material / HUB1201 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / dual power reserve display / sapphire crystal surface / water resistance 100 meters / diameter 45mm / limited 100 pieces / reference price: both 195,000 RMB — –


New Changes In The Industry Watch House Interviews Watch Expert Conway Kai

From January 18 to January 22, the 26th Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Awards kicked off at the Palexpo Exhibition Center. In 2016, the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie has undergone some changes compared with the previous period. This time, 9 independent watch brands participated in the Horological Salon, bringing different blood and vitality to the Horological Salon. Concerning the watch salon, watch expert Mr. Conway Kai accepted an interview with the Watch House to talk about his personal views on the exhibition and watchmaking brands.

Conway Kay

Watch House: Compared with previous years, this watch exhibition has a lot less people. What do you think?
Conway: Because the watch exhibition is a closed-door exhibition, there will be some necessary consumption after entering, such as dining; if the four doors of the exhibition are opened, I believe it will become a crowded situation. Lifeng Group, the organizing committee of the exhibition, strictly limits the number of participants, which is also to effectively control costs. At the same time, it can be seen that the current state of the industry is facing deep adjustment.
Watch House: Do you think this year has been the worst year for you in the watch industry?
Conway: Yes, because 2016 has just begun. The past 2015 has been the worst year in the past seven or eight years. Why do you say that? Because before that, China’s luxury watch market was not so large, and everyone’s concerns were different. It would still be a modest stage of learning from the outside world, probably from the second half of 2008 to 2009. The watch market has just become the most shining emerging watch market in the world. By 2015, it was returned to the prototype, and everyone experienced the worst year.
Home of Watches: Compared with previous years, how do you think this watch exhibition is different?
Conway Kai: You can feel that the 24 brands participating in this exhibition are not the first time to participate (nine independent brands are participating for the first time). The products produced this year are different from the previous ones. They were listed in 2016. Deep imprint. So I believe that in a few years, the Geneva watch fair in 2016 will be counted many times, because it is the Geneva watch fair that is full of innovation and succession.
Watch House: As a watch and media expert, what new plans do you have this year?
Conway: I have always been thinking on the road, including some changes in watches and forms of communication, because now social media is very developed, and I focus on being a self-media, and find that the value of my existence is more with consumers Interact with watch fans. In the past, the watch and clock media was similar to sowing in agricultural cultivation, that is, when the seeds were sprinkled into a field, it would take root and sprout. Of course, there is also a problem of proportionality. The strong wind blows away the seeds, and the seeds cannot turn into plants. The current social media emphasizes interaction and one-on-one communication with effective groups, which is similar to sowing, digging a pit, putting the seeds of time in, and then filling the soil with water, so that the survival rate of the plant will be High and work more effectively. So now, especially in 2016, judging from the Geneva watch fair, the way the media has changed from sowing to sowing has changed a lot. And the real potential consumer groups, they expressed a very strong curiosity and purchase desire, because at the exhibition, there are both mass-produced styles and precious styles with investment and collection value, and they understand the information of precious styles It may be fleeting. You did not grasp this information. You may not be able to place an order for a few hours after the watch is on sale, because limited editions have been snapped up. This situation has appeared a lot at the watch exhibition. Times.


Roland Garros In The City’ Red Clay Experience Ignites The Passion Of Web Law

‘Roland Garros in the City’ stands in the orange hall of Taikoo Li Sanlitun in Beijing to open the clay tennis experience, aiming to provide more opportunities for participants to participate in tennis. As the official partner of Roland Garros French Open, Swiss watchmaker Longines (Longines) invited media friends to experience the sport and fun of tennis on June 3, 2015.

Clay tennis court

Longines appears at the top of the screen.

Orange hall entrance

  Entering the entrance area, you can see the carefully arranged venue and the clay court experience center in the center, which will provide visitors with a unique Roland Garros clay court experience opportunity, which makes people truly feel the happiness and passion that the French Open can create. Friends who are not good can also try one or two under the guidance of professionals.

Delicious pastries and drinks

  At the scene, delicious pastries and drinks were prepared for everyone. Friends who watched the screen and enjoyed the game can also entertain and relax here.

Roland Garros in the city
Velocity site

Training Course
Participants started the game

Participants are interested in practicing

  Fun tennis challenge games such as ‘Challenge 40 Seconds’, ‘Ball Break’, ‘Battering into the Hole’ are carefully prepared for the participants here. As long as the task is completed within the prescribed time, it is possible to get ‘Roland Garros’ Gifts for events in the city. These activities allow tennis enthusiasts to experience the charm of tennis by training, swinging and hitting on the clay court.
Longines official timing

  During this event, we were also very lucky to admire Longines watches. Through the glass, you can observe the details and elegant beauty of the watch up close.

Longines classic watches in the cabinet

Longines Dayau Wiener

Longines Round Dance Watch

  Among them are new products from 2015 Baselworld, such as the feminine round dance series watch, unique and beautiful oval case, exquisite and elegant bracelet, various exquisite dials. The combination of the three is like a perfect chord.

Longines Jialan Elegant Women’s Watch

  Longines and sports have always been inextricably bound. Tennis and watches are pursuing exquisiteness, excellence and precision. In continuous innovation and improvement, Longines is constantly showing new masterpieces, bringing more surprises to the world.

Longines Masterpieces

Longines Compaq Moon Phase Watch

Draw from ten shortlisted participants

Lucky winner

  This time, my friends challenged the speed of the ball. Under the guidance of the staff, everyone was very interested and came to play. Finally, among the top five boys and the top five girls, a lucky participant was selected. A beautiful watch from Longines.

Summary: The French Open has always attracted the attention of sports enthusiasts. The charm of sports always brings extraordinary experience and gains. From the opening day of June 2 to the final night of June 7, 10 am to 10 pm every day. At the same time, the French Tennis Association will join hands with the event partners Longines, Crocodile, and Paris Water through a series of themed activities to allow participants to appreciate the charm of the French Open. It also allows more Chinese tennis fans to understand and love this clay court. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)


New Classique

classic series
With the confidence and charm of men in the 1960s, he combined the design concepts of the past years with time and space and modern craftsmanship. Simplicity is never new. However, simplicity is attractive because it is never outdated. From Bauhaus in the 1930s to modern minimalism, classic aesthetics seem to tell us constantly: simplicity is never simple.
Men’s: automatic movement; 11 1/2 2824-2; 25 stones; ordinary three-pin function, calendar; 18K rose gold case with gold watch; case 35.20 mm; brown alligator leather strap with ordinary leather watch Buckle; 23.44 grams of 18K rose gold; lug width 18/16 mm; silver dial with 3 Roman numerals, 8 diamonds = 0.06 card; sapphire crystal / mineral back cover glass; 30 meters waterproof.
18In 1860, Jacques Didisheim officially founded a watch brand named Emperor King in the small town of St. Imier near his hometown, and since then has created a silk road for the history of Emperor Brand. The watch brand JUVENIA, which has a prominent position among the royal aristocracy, and the Swiss watch industry has always enjoyed the reputation of perfection and extraordinary craftsmanship, has been continuously pursuing breakthroughs in the history of nearly 150 years, such as the first development and application in 1880 The roller gear operation and the world’s finest single-layer mechanical movement were exhibited at the Swiss International Exhibition in 1914, which is still an immortal masterpiece.
In the past 150 years of watchmaking history, in addition to studying rare materials and continuously inspiring inspiration from nature, what is most memorable for JUVENIA is the weight that touched the hearts of collectors. It comes from the charm, tradition and historical colors accumulated by the Emperor. Zunhuang Watch has never ceased to create clocks. When all Swiss watch factories faced the impact of quartz watches, many famous watch factories were suspended. At this time, Zunhuang Watch relied on many years of market management and aesthetic art experience. In the 1980s, he continued to create a new ultra-thin Ultra-Thin art model Number One, which was well received by the market. Zunhuang Watch incorporates the decorative arts of the past years into today’s works. It has inherited more than 100 years of enthusiasm and culture for watchmaking, and set a new milestone for today’s JUVENIA Zhuanghuang Watch.


Zenith Launches The Prestigious Columbus Hurricane Watch

This year, Zenith Manufacture continues to pay tribute to the great navigator Christopher Columbus, using the most exquisite master craftsmanship such as enamel, engraving and micro-painting, to embody the heritage of precision marine navigation Prestige Columbus Hurricane Big Nautical Watch. This extraordinary work is limited to ten pieces. It is entirely handmade and is equipped with three major achievements of watchmaking technology: patented gravity control system, sesame refining transmission mechanism and unique high frequency of 36,000 times per hour.

Avant-garde spirit, bravely meet challenges, eager to explore: the famous navigator Christopher Columbus and watchmaker Georges Favor Jecot have the same passion, continue to explore new areas, the former sails, and the westward journey opens up to India. The road by sea, which in 1865 founded Zenith, the first industrial watchmaking factory. A century and a half later, this star-branded brand still adheres to the tradition of pursuing precise timekeeping and continuous innovation, and has more than 300 patents. In 1969, the brand introduced the legendary El Primero automatic movement, which is still the most accurate series production timing movement in the world today. Zenith adheres to the tradition of creating exquisite timepieces (especially worth mentioning, the watch factory has launched countless enamel pocket watches). It has never stopped on the road to pursue the beauty of machinery, condensing the efforts and wisdom of countless skilled craftsmen. The Zenith Prestige Columbus Hurricane Limited Edition was born. This extraordinary timepiece is a challenge for the master of craftsmanship and watchmaking. It is equipped with three breakthrough achievements in the field of watchmaking-patented gravity control system, sesame refining transmission mechanism and unique 36,000 times. / Hour high vibration frequency-based on the integration of gorgeous and stunning enamel painting process and ingenious engraving design, finally this delicately crafted movement is packed into a rose gold case with a diameter of only 45 mm, while ensuring that Does not affect its accuracy and stability. This work is undoubtedly the best manifestation of Zenith’s bold creativity that combines the extraordinary decoration from traditional master craftsmanship with fantasy machinery, making watch collectors and connoisseurs alike.
Positive, technology dominates
 Zenith uses the dial side of this watch as a stage to showcase the achievements of watchmaking. With its open design, three new mechanical devices can be seen at a glance: a barrel with a sesame mill drive system (located at 10:30 and Between 1:30), gyroscope gravity control system and high-vibration frequency adjustment mechanism (located at 6 o’clock). This highly three-dimensional and technological sense complements the exquisite master craftsmanship inherited from Zenith to this day. Three small gold dials (hour / minute at 12 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock, power reserve indicator at 4 o’clock), beautifully engraved, then decorated with white enamel, blue steel hands and screws Adding to each other’s interest, following the great tradition of watchmaking. The splint is completely carved by hand, and only the embossed Zenith and the stars are retained; then the intaglio part is filled with night blue paint. The balance block of the gravity control system also uses the poetic exquisite decoration, and reproduces the starry sky map of the southern hemisphere by using pure hand micro-drawing technology.

On the back, invite you on an adventure
的 The back of the Prestige Columbus Hurricane Grand Sailing Watch represents the adventures of the famous navigator Columbus with gorgeous colors and vivid reliefs, creating perfect details between square inches, which is breathtaking. Skilled artisans who are proficient in master craftsmanship use a delicate and complex gold panel fixed to the movement to complete a veritable micro-painting. The mechanical components on the first layer of foreground patterns outline marine instruments and hand-engraved Columbus portraits, as well as the astronomical instrument sextant used to calculate latitude. On the second layer of foreground graphics is Columbus’s flagship Santa María when he sailed for the first time in 1492. The hand-decorated micro-engraving pattern is subtle and subtle, even the sail rigging and ropes are clearly legible. The sails decorated with filigree enamel bear the famous Red Cross pattern, and one of them is cleverly decorated with Zenith stars, making collectors who know the history of the brand smile. The gear bridge behind the hull is used to represent the ocean. It is engraved with a small wave pattern and coated with a translucent lacquer. The clockwork box bridge in the background is more profound, and the sky changes day and night with a micro-painting. It is worth mentioning that the watchmaking masters of the watchmaking factory ingeniously use the movement structure to reflect the sunrise and sunset with a carefully decorated pinion, which is clever. And this exquisite decoration requires craftsmen to select fixing points for the applique components on the movement and minimize the thickness of the movement and the space between the movement and the decoration (the space between the sails is less than one tenth of a millimeter) . The exquisite decoration on the prestigious Columbus Hurricane Grand Nautical Watch is completely completed by skilled craftsmen with both hands, making each watch unique and worthy of collection. Prestige Columbus Hurricane Watch (back)

The ultimate pursuit of precision ‘core’
If Columbus is brave enough to push the boundaries of space, this watch with the same name uses three mechanical mechanisms to ensure precise timing to break through the limitations of time measurement: a high-frequency tuning device (36,000 vibrations / hour) can measure Accurate to one-tenth of a second; Sesame Refined transmission system can maintain stable power output during power storage, while gravity control system can offset the adverse effect of gravity on the watch’s travel time. In other words, this watch fundamentally solves the problems of wearing and running time, ensuring precise timing. This extraordinary movement consists of a total of 939 components, of which 354 are part of the movement, 173 are gravity control module components, and 585 are sesame mill components.
Sesame Power Transmission System Ensures Balanced Power
When the power of a mechanical watch weakens, the vibration swing of its movement will become smaller, which will affect the accuracy of the watch’s travel time. On the contrary, with the power transmission system of sesame seeds, the power of the watch will remain stable during the power reserve period, because the device can offset the effect of the gradual reduction of the power of the barrel.

Most of the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth century pocket watches were equipped with sesame seeds to regulate the power transmitted to the gear set. However, watchmaking factories that can fit this device into a square inch of space with a diameter of only 45 mm are rare. Zenith, after two years of research and development, has finally succeeded in producing a sesame refinery transmission system suitable for the prestigious Columbus Hurricane Grand Sailing Watch, and has entered the ranks of a handful of high-end watchmakers.
Between the winder barrel and the pagoda wheel, a 585-piece sesame mill with a length of 18 cm ensures transmission. The sesame refining structure is extremely precise and complex, consisting of a double refining section and an intermediate refining section. The sliver bars installed in the watch can withstand more than 3 kg of pulling force.
During the entire power reserve process, the power spring transmits energy to the pagoda wheel through the smelting bar curled around the barrel. The Pagoda Wheel obtains balanced power by correcting the tension error and distributes it to the gear set and the silicon escape wheel located in the gyroscope frame. The barrel is smelted by a very attractive method of smelting, and it takes 50 hours (the process of power reserve release) for the smelt to gradually wind up around the barrel. Subsequently, the pagoda wheel and the barrel were turned counterclockwise within a few seconds so that the smelt could be wound tightly around the pagoda wheel again. The shape of the pagoda wheel is carefully designed by Zenith watchmakers to maximize power transmission to the barrel. The grooved pagoda wheel is like an animal horn, and the groove size is skillfully calculated in the seven steps of the production process. It would not have been possible for the Sesame Refined Transmission System to come to fruition without the cooperation of all process departments of Zenith Watchmaking (especially the movement sample department) and the use of precision equipment. This is also one of the advantages of the integrated watch factory.
Gravity Control: Challenge the Law of Gravity
The prestigious Columbus Hurricane Grand Nautical Watch offsets the isochronous (equivalent to the swing time) error with the sesame refining transmission system, and also eliminates another adverse effect that affects the movement of mechanical watches: the effect of gravity.
Keeping the adjustment device in the horizontal position can make the oscillating weight have the best possible swing amplitude, thus bringing the best travel time accuracy. Based on this principle, Zenith designed a new and revolutionary patented module, the gravity control system, to keep the adjustment device and escapement system in the horizontal position for the best performance.
This avant-garde design gravity control system is not only a manifestation of the boldness of the watch factory, but also draws inspiration from the maritime precision timepieces made by the watch factory in the past and pays tribute to the glorious history of the watch factory. This mechanism draws inspiration from the nautical compass that came out in the sixteenth century and borrows its suspension design to maintain the horizontal position no matter how bumpy the ship is. The gravity control system is equipped with a gyroscope automatic adjustment mechanism. No matter how the wearer’s wrist moves, the adjustment mechanism always maintains the horizontal position, which is similar to the sailing timepiece. Zenith is currently the only watch factory to master this design, and won the first prize in the complication watch category of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in 2011. This design took five years. To develop results.

Unique watch box
超 An extraordinary work, with a unique watch box. The Prestige Columbus Hurricane Watch is equipped with a precious mahogany box decorated with cow bone inlays. It can also be used to collect 80 cigars. Decorated with a parchment-style papyrus silk screen motif, it reproduces the first map of Waldzemuller (1507) with the name ‘America’ ​​(America), a tribute to Columbus.
Zhen Lishi condenses the glorious history of the Great Nautical Age between the delicate and delicate squares, combines bold creativity with original spirit and fun and childlike innocence, conquering a new field with this limited series that combines high-end watchmaking and master craftsmanship.