Silicon Hairspring Or Abandoned, Omega Parent Company Swatch And Audemars Piguet Launch New Material Hairspring!

Today, the world’s largest watch group Swatch Group announced on the official website that it and the famous high-end luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet jointly launched a new hairspring called ‘Nivachron’. It is said that this hairspring uses alloy raw materials on the basis of ‘titanium’. Before that, not only the Swatch Group itself, but also the hairspring materials used by other Audemars Piguet watch brands around the world were generally nickel-iron based. The new Nivachron balance spring has many advantages. It can significantly reduce the effect of magnetic fields on the operation of the watch and can effectively resist temperature changes. In addition, it has excellent impact resistance. Ultimately, all these advantages can significantly improve the performance of a watch. The key to a clock’s accurate display of time is the ‘period of the pendulum.’ On mechanical watches, a hairspring is the only part that connects the balance wheel. Although magnetically connected watches have appeared in history, they are all concept models and cannot be mass produced. Therefore, it can be said that the hairspring is the second most important part in a mechanical watch. Most of the raw materials used for hairsprings are made of constant elastic alloys. The significant difference from other metal materials is that its elastic modulus remains constant within a certain temperature range or the absolute value is close to zero. The use of constant elastic alloy can greatly reduce the impact of external temperature on the accuracy of the watch. Because the hairspring is the core component of a mechanical watch, a slight change can have a huge impact on accuracy. For example, when the temperature rises, the hairspring’s thermal expansion length becomes longer, and the watch will slow down; when the temperature is lowered, the hairspring’s cold shrinkage length becomes shorter, and the watch will go faster. In addition to the constant elasticity of the hairspring, it must also be antimagnetic, shockproof, have sufficient strength and elasticity, good stability and processability. The hairspring made in the early days is made of low-carbon steel. The hairspring made of this material is sensitive to temperature and magnetic force. The error of this hairspring clock can be several minutes a day. In addition, the carbon steel hairspring has a low elastic coefficient, which also substantially increases the power consumption of the mainspring. Once the watch enters the water, causing the hairspring to rust and corrode, the entire watch is broken. Watchmakers at the time were eager to find materials to solve these problems. In 1846, Vacheron Constantin already tried to use copper hairsprings and balances, but gave up due to insufficient elastic properties and other mechanical properties of copper metals. At that time, the Swiss Institute of Antimagnetic Metals was also established. As a member of the association, Vacheron Constantin made the first timepieces using palladium metal hairsprings. In 1872, Richard Lange, the founder of the watch brand Lange, registered the patents of aluminum alloy parts and balance springs. Even in 1883, E. J. Dent used glass to make hairsprings. Such hairsprings were not rusty or magnetic, but had to be abandoned because of their high cost and fragility. In 1885, Vacheron Constantin manufactured a timepiece with a balance wheel, a balance spring, an escapement splint, and a gear made of palladium alloy. The escapement fork was made of copper and used a gold escapement. In addition, one of Vacheron Constantin’s many awards at the Geneva Observatory is the use of gold balances and hairsprings provided by the Geneva Gold Processing Factory. Obviously, gold, palladium, glass, and aluminum are not suitable for large-scale production as hairspring materials. At that time, most ordinary timepieces still used traditional low-carbon steel hairsprings, and used the ‘dual alloy temperature difference automatic compensation balance wheel’ to adjust the error caused by the effective length of the hairspring caused by the temperature difference. This type of balance wheel usually has a yellow outer ring. The copper material and the inner ring are made of steel. When the temperature changes due to thermal expansion and contraction, the error caused by the temperature is automatically adjusted by using the physical characteristics of the outer ring metal expansion coefficient greater than the inner ring. As the temperature of ordinary pure metals increases, the bonding force between atoms will gradually decrease, and the constant elasticity of the hairspring made from it will change. The focus of research on constant elastic metals lies in alloys, but there have been no significant results. Until the appearance of French physicist Charles Edouard Guillaume, who was born in Switzerland, he found through a large number of studies that the iron-nickel alloy containing 36% nickel is particularly sensitive to temperature and does not expand significantly with temperature. This is extremely important for isochronous balance springs based on length. He developed the Invar nickel-iron alloy in 1896, named after the abbreviation of ‘invariable’, which means ‘unchangable’. Later, at the request of Paul Perret, a professor of history and nature at the University of Geneva who was also a watchmaker, he began to study the constant elasticity of nickel-iron alloys. In 1904 he discovered that adding chromium to iron-nickel alloys could significantly improve the performance of finished hairsprings. When chromium is added to an iron-nickel alloy, when the chromium content reaches 12% and the nickel content reaches 36%, the absolute value of the thermal expansion coefficient of the alloy approaches zero and the coefficient change is particularly gentle in the room temperature range. Under the guidance of Guillaume, P. Chevenard perfected the formula, made Elinvar, and finally finalized the production. Guillaume invented the Inver Invar Invariant Alloy, because Guillaume won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1920 for this cross-generational research, which is currently the only achievement from the field of watchmaking that won the Nobel Prize. Because Guillaume was supported by Imphy Alloys, a French professional alloy manufacturer, as a co-inventor of Invar. Yin Fei Company first produced the Elinvar alloy and launched it as a commodity with 1920. It took almost 10 years in the market. The Elinvar alloy replaced nearly 300 years of carbon steel. By 1933, R.Straumann perfected the formulation of the Elinvar alloy in the German vacuum smelting company and made a new Nivarox alloy, which was the origin of Nivarox SA. In 1984, Nivarox SA merged with Fabriques d’Assortiments Réunis (FAR), a Swiss watch parts processor, and changed its name to Nivarox-FAR. Nivarox-FAR is a leader in the manufacture of swivel and escapement parts in Switzerland. Nivarox-FAR was acquired by Swatch Group in 1985. Due to the monopoly of technology and the strong support of Swatch Group, Nivarox-FAR completely occupied the world hairspring market. Even Swatch Group competitors LVMH Group and Richemont Group have had to use Nivarox-FAR products. Nivarox-FAR can be said to be a hidden crocodile in the world’s watch manufacturing industry. The degree of market monopoly is better than ‘ETA movement’. The improvement of watchmaking skills is endless. Nivarox alloys are good, but not the best. At the same time, Hayek held his opponent’s neck tightly through Nivarox-FAR. Some of these brands saw the crisis and generated a little sense of worry, such as Rolex, Athens, and Patek Philippe began to find another way. In the last century, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Swatch Group, and Athens jointly funded the development of a non-metallic material, silicon, with the Swiss Electronics and Microtechnology Corporation (CSEM), a subsidiary of the Neuchate I University of Neuchatel, Switzerland. In addition to constant elasticity, the hairspring made of silicon material is magnetically and shockproof, has sufficient strength and elasticity, good stability and processability. It can be said that ‘silicon’ is the most cross-era material innovation in the watch industry for centuries. In the days that followed, silicon was used not only for the production of hairsprings, but also for the production of core components such as pallets, escapement wheels and balance wheels. However, although the silicon material has unparalleled advantages, it has a disadvantage that it is more fragile than the original alloy as a non-metal material. To put it plainly, silicon components are ‘partial students’. Some disciplines have outstanding results, and some disciplines have obvious shortcomings. Patek Philippe was the first watchmaker to participate in the development of silicon materials. In 2006, Patek Philippe first used a silicon escapement on the mass production model Ref. 5250. Because it was a ‘new material’ at that time, the actual stability of wearing was unknown, so PP promised a five-year warranty with great pride. And also the first Rolex to participate in the research and development is also very cautious, Rolex first used a small size Cal. 2236 movement silicon springs, equipped with smaller demand for female watches. This approach is generally considered to leave enough buffer time for themselves. If silicon is used on the best-selling men’s watches, once an error occurs, it will undoubtedly be a huge blow to the brand image. After more than a decade of actual testing by dozens of brands and millions of consumers, the problems reflected by silicon materials are not as many and horrible as everyone believes. Although silicon is more fragile than traditional metal materials, as long as it is used reasonably, the probability of its damage is extremely low, so low that there is no need to worry. The short board of silicon material parts is now mainly in the later maintenance and repair, because it is integrally formed, and cannot be stitched and repaired later. Once damaged, it can only be replaced after the official after-sales service, and it is difficult to obtain matching parts in third-party agencies. Watches using silicon parts have higher requirements for later maintenance, which can be officially met. But for watch brands, it is impossible for third-party watch repair personnel to avoid it, and it is impossible for officials to open after-sales service centers all over the world. Therefore, everyone is also looking for the balance point of the hairspring production material, which must be ‘easy to use’ and ‘stable’ and can be popularized. For example, Rolex now commonly uses a metal hairspring commonly known as ‘blue niobium’. In 2000, Rolex successfully developed an innovative hairspring and obtained a patent, which is officially called Parachrom hairspring. Its alloy material is composed of niobium niobium, zirconium metal, etc. The early Parachrom hairspring is silver-white. In 2005, Rolex also adopted a new patented technology to improve the surface of Parachrom hairsprings, further improve the long-term stability of the hairspring, and give this hairspring unique blue characteristics. Parachrom hairspring was first used in Daytona’s 4130 movement in 2000, and is gradually equipped in all oyster series men’s watch movements. According to the wording currently introduced by Swatch Group on its official website, it can be clearly seen that the new hairspring ‘Nivachron’ does not have a silicon hairspring in terms of anti-magnetic, constant elasticity and shock resistance, but is superior to ordinary Nivarox hairsprings. In other words, ‘Nivachron’ is the balance between silicon hairspring and Nivarox hairspring, which is both ‘easy to use’ and ‘stable’. Finding the most suitable one among thousands of alloy formulas is not only costly, but also time consuming. Today, the Swatch Group and the watch brand Audemars Piguet announced high-profilely that they are definitely not playing. The introduction of the ‘Nivachron’ balance spring with more balanced performance may lead to the deprecation of the ‘Partial Student’ silicon balance spring.

Bvlgari Bvlgari Festa High Jewellery Collection Brightly Debuted In Beijing

On November 16th, BVLGARI Bvlgari’s new Festa ‘Happy Feast’ high jewelry series was unveiled at the Bvlgari Hotel in Beijing. Nearly 200 finely crafted high-end jewellery and watches, enthusiastically show the legend of the grand celebration of the Italian festival and the emperor celebration, praising the Italians to enjoy the current lifestyle. The Bulgari CEO Jean-ChristopheBabin, the three spokespersons of the Bulgari brand LilyAldridge, Shu Qi, Wu Yifan, the famous actor Hui Yinghong, as well as celebrities from all walks of life and well-known media attended the feast, and immersed in the performance by Bulgari high jewelry Loud Italian celebration carols.

   Bulgari’s three spokespersons LilyAldridge, Shu Qi, and Wu Yifan gathered for the first time, like a distinguished princess and an elegant prince dressed up, making this feast more special and grand, and also showed Bulgari’s emphasis on Festa series’s first show in China. LilyAldridge wears Festa’s high jewelry series platinum emerald diamond necklace, earrings and ring, elegant and charming; Shu Qi wears Festa’s high jewelry series platinum embellished ruby ​​pearl diamond necklace, with high jewelry white gold and ruby ​​diamond ring and earrings, echoing the wrist With the Serpenti series Xuan Cai time red water snake leather watch, dazzling and dazzling. Wu Yifan wore Serpenti’s high jewelry white gold diamond necklace, and on his wrist was the OctoFinissimo skeleton tourbillon watch, which has just won the “Best Tourbillon / Escapement Watch” at the 2017 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards. Platinum edition diamond luxury version, personality At the same time, it is elegant and gentlemanly. The famous actor Hui Yinghong wore Fiore high jewelry series necklaces and rings, and Italian garden high jewelry series bracelets, showing her dazzling style.

Bvlgari brand spokesperson LilyAldridge wears Festa’s feast for high jewelry

 Bvlgari spokesperson Shu Qi wears Festa’s feast for high jewelry necklaces, high jewelry earrings and rings, Serpenti watch

Bvlgari brand spokesperson Wu Yifan wears OctoFinissimo series skeleton tourbillon diamond watch, Serpenti high jewelry series necklace

Famous actor Hui Yinghong wears Fiore high jewelry series necklace and ring, Italian garden high jewelry series

   Along with the brisk and romantic sound of music, the new high-end jewelry series model show opened grandly, and the enthusiastic Bulgari style conveyed the happiness factor to every guest present. Three Michelin star chef NikoRomito from Rome, Italy also made a special trip to Beijing to prepare exquisite cuisine for this feast. The full range of sensory impacts such as sight, hearing, and taste perfectly convey the wonderful atmosphere of ‘Happy Feast’ and indulge in the aesthetics of Italian-style celebration.

Bvlgari Festa enjoys a feast of high-end jewelry series Beijing preview model show

   Festa’s ‘Festival of Feast’ high jewelry series is inspired by the essence of Italian lifestyle-Italians celebrate life, respect happiness, and feel free, and Bulgari pours this passion into jewelry design. The joyous festival of childhood is also the most precious memory in life. Bulgari draws inspiration from it, and uses various precious gems to make the simplest and most beautiful things such as candy, cakes, gifts, etc., it will recall the happy hours of childhood and awaken the childlike fun in the heart; beautiful colors and superb The craftsmanship perfectly captures the joy of Italian street festivals.

Bvlgari Festa enjoys a feast of high jewelry

   At the same time, Bulgari once again pays tribute to Rome, the eternal city, to those Roman princes with a legendary life. The perfect fusion of ancient Greek and Roman coins with Bvlgari clocks and gold jewellery craftsmanship gives them a new life again, telling the glory and legend of the ancient emperor celebrations. The unique and rare gems have been patiently searched. The unique polishing process has given the gems a soft and sensual beauty. The bold and colorful color matching makes the jewelry rich in layers and changeable. It uses a unique language to praise the legendary women. The gorgeous life of ‘Largerthanlife’.

Bvlgari Festa enjoys a feast of high jewelry

“Bvlgari Festa’s“ Festival of Feast ”high jewelry series expresses an infinite love for life,” said Jean-ChristopheBabin, Bvlgari CEO. “We hope to use this series to reproduce Italian life with gorgeous and brilliant jewelry Aesthetics’respect for happiness underscores Bulgari’s infinite creativity and bold, eclectic Roman spirit.’
   Lucia Silvestri, creative director of Bvlgari Jewelry, said: ‘Designing this series is definitely a treat. The charm of this theme has given me a steady stream of creativity and inspiration. Whether it is every corner of Italy, or legendary women’s deeds, or even These are the simplest and most joyful things in daily life, they are my source of inspiration and my understanding of joy and happiness. ‘

Bvlgari Festa enjoys a feast of high-end jewelry series in Beijing preview

   Bulgari’s high-end jewellery series by Festa ‘Congratulate the Feast’ continuously interprets the classic glory with modern aesthetics, reappears the charm of Rome, interprets the bold and fearless Roman spirit, vivid and rich color matching, and boundless creativity; as The representative and communicator of the essence of Italian culture tells the world about the passionate Italian culture and aesthetics of life.

Nula Hemati Abaize Rides ‘gulio Vande Koelaar’ To Win The Second Leg Of The Longines International Horse Federation Fifa World Cup Obstacle Race China League In His Hometown

On May 27th (Sunday), Chinese rider NurahemaitiAbai rides ‘GuliovanDeKoelaar’, the Longines FEIWorldCupJumpingChinaLeague in LonginesFEIWorldCupJumpingChinaLeague ) Win the second race.

   Another Chinese rider Liu Tongyan won the runner-up with his racing horse ‘Kubqi’, while Belgian rider Jolien Maenhaut took the ‘PommeauduHeup’ to win the third place. The event was held in Chengdu. Longines is the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the event.

   Longines has the opportunity to showcase the game’s designated watch during the weekend. This watch from the Pioneer series has a design that combines classic elegance and excellent performance, and can be a representative of the brand.

Elie Bernheim Becomes Ceo Of Raymond Weil

On April 10, 2014, Elie Bernheim, the grandson of Raymond Weil, the founder of the Raymond Weil brand, officially replaced his father Olivier Bernheim as the brand’s new CEO. He will lead this legendary family brand to a farther future in the years to come.

 Raymond Weil was founded by the current chairman, Mr. Raymond Weil. His son-in-law Olivier Bergheim has been the company’s president and CEO since the 1990s, and now the third generation of the family, Ellibergheim and Pierre Bergheim, have joined the company. Now Elie Bernheim has officially taken over the entire brand.

 After graduating from a well-known hotel management school in Lausanne, Elie Bernheim officially joined the company in 2006. As the third-generation legal heir of the brand, Elie Bernheim has always been adhering to the spirit conveyed by the brand with superb watchmaking technology and Unique design concept to demand the brand.

 It is said that Elie Bernheim graduated from the management major, but this did not make him encounter any difficulties in the technical mastery of the watchmaking industry. At the same time, he seemed more handy in managing the business strategy of Raymond Weil’s entire brand. The success of the Raymond Weil brand in global strategic marketing can be seen. It is very important to clarify the development direction of the brand.

 Technology is like the cornerstone of the watch industry. Only on this basis can we have more room to play. For many years, Elie Bernheim has maintained unprecedented respect for traditional watchmaking technology. The development of new products is a heritage of watchmaking technology. At the same time, more technical innovations under this premise are to open the watch market. The best way.

 In addition to his passion for the watch industry, Elie Bernheim also has a passion for art and music. In fact, this is also the result of his mother’s cultivation of him. His mother is a professional pianist. From Raymond Weil’s products in recent years, we can also find many elements that combine with music.

Raymond Weil has been involved in the arts and culture since its inception. The watches and models launched by the brand since its establishment have been named after classical music and opera names, such as Wagner’s ‘Pasif’, Verdi’s ‘ Champagne City ‘and Mozart’s’ Don Giovanni ‘have established a deep relationship between Raymond Weil and art. For a long time, the Raymond Weil brand has been closely connected with the music industry, designing unique timepieces for international artists Cooperate with famous music events.

Exquisite And Restrained Tasting Iwc Pilot Series Automatic Watch 36 Gray Dial Watch

Since 1868, IWC has always adhered to its pursuit of extraordinary technology and exquisite craftsmanship, and has made complex mechanical watches for this purpose. Masculine Pilot’s series is a series of IWC, which is very popular due to its tough masculine style and sophisticated features. Today, the Watch House brings you a sophisticated and restrained design of the IWC Pilot’s Watch Automatic 36-Gray Disc Watch, the official watch model: IW324002.

   The Pilot’s Automatic 36 is extremely attractive to wearers who prefer thinner wrists with timeless, understated designs. The design of the watch is simple and exquisite, elegant and restrained.

IWC Pilot’s Watch Automatic 36 Grey Dial Watch

   The dial of this elegant three-hand watch continues the clear and simple design route. The low-profile and restrained inner ring is a major feature of this new pilot watch. The design makes the dial layered and more three-dimensional. The Pilot’s Automatic 36 is equipped with a rock grey dial and a stainless steel bracelet. The stainless steel bracelet is composed of alternating satin and polished links, complementing the partially polished case, emitting a dazzling light.

Comfortable crown grip

   The crown on the side of the model is a round crown. The side of the crown is decorated with pits, which is easy to grasp to adjust the time. The top of the crown is decorated with the brand and series name, which shows the brand’s delicate details. The crown is carefully polished for a comfortable grip.

Stainless steel bracelet links are delicate and highly textured

   The stainless steel bracelet is very delicate and exudes a silver metallic luster. The links that have been polished and brushed are combined alternately to make the bracelet more layered and harmonious with the case. The metal strap is more textured than the belt, and the tough and masculine show.

The case has a beautiful shape and beautiful lines

   The stainless steel case is 36 mm in diameter and 10.5 mm thick. The flowing case is beautiful and tough. The case is brushed and polished with fine texture. The edges and corners of the case are polished to make it beautiful, smooth, and smooth.

Gray dial with exquisite decoration, simple and clear

   The rock grey dial has a simple and subtle design, with exquisite sunburst accents. The outer edge of the dial uses white minute scales and Arabic numerals. The twelve o’clock position is a triangle and dots. The center is coated with white hands. There is a date display window at three o’clock on the dial.

Very clear date display at a glance

   At the three o’clock position of the dial, the date display window displays the date in the form of Arabic numerals, the black numerals on the white chassis, and the two shades are clearly displayed on the gray dial.

The lugs are finely polished and exquisitely shaped

   The lugs of the watch are exquisite in shape, and the lugs treated by two methods of polishing and brushing are more three-dimensional. The lugs and case are cast in one piece for smooth connection. The curved design of the lugs can ensure that the watch fits the wrist more closely when worn.

The texture of the closed watch bottom is delicate and tightly closed

   The watch uses a hermetically sealed case. The case made of stainless steel is brushed and polished, and the round texture is extremely delicate. The case is equipped with a 35111 automatic mechanical movement, which can provide 42 hours of power reserve when fully wound. The bottom of the watch is tightly sealed, making the watch water-resistant to 60 meters.

Summary: This watch has a diameter of 36 mm and is the smallest watch in the current IWC pilot series. In addition to the time display, the watch also has a quick setting date display. The soft iron inner case provides anti-magnetic protection for the movement. The exquisite design makes the watch sharp and restrained, but without losing its tough temperament.

Introduction To Patek Philippe 5127j Gold Watch

Model: 5127 / 1J-001
Launched in 2005 in Calatrava Ref. 5127 in a gold chain.

    Center large second hand
    Mechanical movement with automatic winding date display
    Caliber324 S C
    Spiral crown
    Sapphire crystal glass cover
    Water-resistant to 30 meters
    Case diameter: 37 mm
    Ivory dial with gold applied hour markers
    Center large second hand
    Overall diameter: 27 mm
    Thickness: 3.3 mm
    29 gems, 6 splints
    Balance wheel: Gyromax
    Oscillations per hour: 28’800
    Power reserve: up to 45 hours
    Parts: 213

Different Watches For Different Ages 30-50 Year Old Ladies Watches Recommended

As a woman grows older, the charm she exhibits also changes. At this time, the selection of watches must be considered by age. Today, Xiaobian recommends three well-known ladies watches for each mature woman. 30, 40 and 50 years old. Let’s share it together.

 30-year-old woman’s watch selection: Omega Constellation ladies quartz watch
 At the age of 30, after years of working life, young girls have long been transformed into attractive women. With the growth of knowledge and the improvement of economic conditions, they have begun to value ‘taste’. At this time, casual and versatile watches are no longer enough, and feminine models are more suitable for them. The classic claw design of the Constellation series, as one of the most recognizable models in the world, is unforgettable. With a white mother-of-pearl dial, the dial is dazzled with diamond hour markers, and the outer ring is equipped with engraved Roman numerals, which enriches the details of the model.
 Watch details reference: 40-year-old women’s watch selection: Zenith 22.2310.692 / 81.C709 ladies mechanical watch
 Basically, a 40-year-old woman already has her own family. After the baptism of her marriage life, she exudes a gentle radiance and looks more charming and mature. At this point, a little romantic timepiece function can better highlight the charming style of women of this age. Zenith 22.2310.692 / 81.C709 female watch, the warm color of rose gold is warm and charming, and the diamond design is elegant and luxurious. The mother-of-pearl dial is elegant and self-evident. It is equipped with the most romantic complex moon phase, just like the beauty of a 40-year-old woman who deserves to be tasted slowly.
 Watch details reference: 50-year-old women’s watch selection: Patek Philippe 4897G ladies mechanical watch
 Woman 50, young face, graceful figure is no longer. When the glory of appearance fades, it is easier to face the heart. Extreme simplicity is the ultimate. Appearance is no longer the most valued thing. Connotation and taste are both the ultimate pursuit. Patek Philippe 4897G female watch, night blue dial has a calming magic, in addition to the diamond on the bezel and platinum three-dimensional hour markers on the dial, there is no complicated decoration. Simple and beautiful, taste and connotation are often presented in the least combination.
 Watch details reference: patek / 2269 /

Double Linen Material For A Different Style 2016 Hublot Hublot Watches Lead The Trend Of Mother And Daughter Watches

The lively young girl faded into a flowering season girl, the elegant mother did not show the traces of time and turned into a glamour tide mom. When the ‘sister flower’ with excellent fashion taste worked hand in hand, the mother-daughter relationship became more intimate. On the occasion of Mother’s Day 2016, the Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Hublot has ingeniously selected two homemade linen watches, presenting an unusual trend of mother and daughter gifts. The elegant and gilt Big Bang hemp fiber watch and the beautiful and versatile Big Bang fruit linen watch are inspired by natural linen. Swiss handicraftsmen hand-picked excellent natural linen, perfectly blended traditional textile weaving technology and superb watchmaking skills, and gorgeous mother and daughter watches were born. The new materials show the beauty of women of different ages.

   The 41 mm diameter Big Bang hemp fiber watch perfectly blends ancient linen fibers with precious gold materials in an unprecedented innovative form. Sparkling gold fine powder is randomly injected into the linen fiber case, creating a unique classic. Pure natural dyes give it a unique and bright color. The bezel is paved with 36 diamonds, and the dark dial is embellished with 8 gold diamonds. It is extremely charming and feminine at the same time.

   The 41 mm diameter Big Bang fruit linen watch has refused to be carved, with a mouth-watering, jumpy color like fresh fruit. It is young and dynamic, with a light texture and flexible and strong characteristics. The simple design perfectly matches Any style, worthy of the wild Queen’s wild choice.
   Passionate motherly love is accompanied by HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang mother and daughter watch, just like a gentle breeze, adding a touch of bright and trendy colors to this summer.
Mother’s Gift: HUBLOT Big Bang Hemp Fiber Watch

Daughter’s Gift: HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang Fruit Linen Watch

Big Bang hemp fiber watch
Serial number: 341.XN.1280.NR.1204-Hyunjin
341.XL.1280.NR.1207-blue gold;
341.XG.1280.NR.1229-green gold;
341.XP.1280.NR.1213-pink gold;
Case: 41mm diameter, natural linen fiber inlaid with gold
Bezel: 18K polished king gold, 6 H-shaped titanium screws, set with 36 diamonds (1.8 carats total)
Water resistance: 10 standard atmospheric pressure, about 100 meters underwater
Dial: Bright black, gold-plated hands, hour markers set with a total of 8 diamonds
Movement: HUB4300 automatic winding movement
Strap: Brushed satin-finished strap lined with black natural rubber
Big Bang Fruit Linen Watch
Serial number: 341.XL.2770.NR.1201—sea blue; 341.XL.2770.NR.1237—ice blue; 341.XO.2770.NR.1206—bright orange; 341.XP.2770.NR.1205 – Light purple
Case: 41mm diameter, natural linen
Bezel: polished and locked, 6 H-shaped titanium screws with blue or orange sapphire, topaz or amethyst
Water resistance: 10 standard atmospheric pressure, about 100 meters underwater
Dial: Matte black lacquered cutout rose gold and 2N gold transfer hour markers, gold-plated readings
Movement: HUB4300 automatic chronograph movement
Strap: blue, sapphire, orange or lilac strap, stitched to match natural rubber

Pearling Audemars Piguet Millennium Pearl Watch

During SIHH 2016, Audemars Piguet’s millennium series has been rich in artistic decoration, which is very different from the previous millennium. This time, Audemars Piguet has worked hard on decoration, not only using common diamonds Mosaic craftsmanship, and of course a variety of texture designs, thus presenting the unique charm of women’s watches through different themes. This time, we bring the Millennium series of charming pearl watches. Audemars Piguet continues to explore the extraordinary magic of high-end jewellery watches and applies traditional jewelry materials to high-end watchmaking neighborhoods. Pearls are unique materials in women’s decoration. Audemars Piguet chooses small pearls, embedded on black agate, without traces, just like heaven.

     This millennial jewellery watch, the dial and the splint all use diamond inlay technology, and through the prepared grid pattern, the pearl is embedded into the intersection of the texture at one time to light up the entire dial. At the same time, small diamonds are neatly arranged on the outer edge of the plate. The entire watch is filled with the brilliance of high-end jewellery, making it a distinctive lady in the Millennium collection.
    For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

The New Piaget Bright Huashang Series Is Released, Hitting The 2013 Geneva Clock & Watch Fair

Piaget continued the design concept of the Couture Précieuse series, and once again paid tribute to the elegant beauty of women. Count Piaget, the top watch and jewellery maker in Geneva, once again displayed a captivating and elegant brand style, creating gorgeous and unique watches and jewelry for women, showing an extraordinary style.
 Under the makeup of exquisite and beautiful high-end jewelry, the mysterious charm is displayed in one’s hands, showing the different temperaments of noble and charming, charming and charming. The eye-catching, exquisite and fashionable jewellery just sets off the most charming and graceful style of women.
 Piaget decided to rebuild some of the exhibits in the Biennale des Antiquaires in rose gold, making the Couture Précieuse collection more diverse.
 This slim watch (Ref. G0A38206) is crafted in rose gold with a white silk strap, adding a touch of softness and tenderness. The extremely thin case is set with round and square cut diamonds, revealing the female’s plump and soft contour curve. This exquisite and compact watch has a high-end uniform style, which can be described as an ingenious work. It is a praise and preach to Piaget’s creative style in the 1960s.
 The design of the mesh jewellery bracelet watch is inspired by the works of Piaget in the 1970s. In the latest series, the dial of the watch is ruby ​​(Ref.G0A38218), white mother-of-pearl (Ref.G0A38222) and turquoise (Ref .G0A38217) carefully crafted to perfectly match rose gold. The gold part is pleated and woven into a mesh, which is no different from the work of a fashion designer in a high-order uniform. The exquisite craftsmanship of this watch shows the long history of the expertise of Piaget bracelet craftsmen.
 In the Paris Biennale, Piaget exhibited the brandebourg motif, a decorative detail taken from men’s etiquette. Now, the brand has turned its attention to the decorative details on women’s clothing. In this latest collection inspired by the high-end uniforms, bows and luxurious buttons are added.
 Bow styling first appeared in the Limelight Paris-New York series launched in 2008. Today, this creative design is once again applied to the Couture Précieuse series, decorating necklaces, rings, bracelets and brooches. This bow-shaped earring (G38LQ100) is composed of prominent lines and geometric patterns, and is lined with diamonds and black spinels, exuding a mysterious and seductive atmosphere.
 The practicality of the buttons often obscures their decorative effect, but now they shine in Piaget’s jewelry. Made from precious and rare materials, the design concept fits the high-end uniform style, making this button decoration perfectly integrate with the new work in the Couture Précieuse series.
 Piaget cleverly decorated with precious stones and artificial cultured pearls, creating luxurious and exquisite button decoration, wearing buttons in the most gorgeous and elegant way.
Couture Précieuse product description

Limelight Dancing Light 18K rose gold watch,
Set with 206 round diamonds (approximately 2.5 carats)
White dial, white silk strap
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38172, RMB price: 424,900

18K Rose Gold Bangle Watch with 297 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 10 carats)
Silver dial
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38201, RMB price: not priced

18K rose gold watch set with 20 round diamonds and 12 square cut diamonds (approx. 3 carats)
Silver dial with white silk strap
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38206, RMB price: 555,000

18K Rose Gold Bangle Watch with 194 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 13 carats)
Silver dial
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38208, RMB price: 1,604,300

18K Rose Gold Bracelet Watch with 400 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 2 carats)
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38212, RMB price: not priced
18K Rose Gold Bangle Watch with 159 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 1 carat)
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38214, RMB price: 459,600,

18K Rose Gold Bracelet Watch with 69 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 0.5 carats)
Turquoise dial
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38217, RMB price: 936,600

18K Rose Gold Bracelet Watch with 69 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 0.5 carats)
Ruby dial
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38218, RMB price: 936,600

18K Rose Gold Bracelet Watch with 69 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 0.5 carats)
Mother-of-pearl dial
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38222, RMB price: 936,600