New Changes In The Industry Watch House Interviews Watch Expert Conway Kai

From January 18 to January 22, the 26th Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Awards kicked off at the Palexpo Exhibition Center. In 2016, the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie has undergone some changes compared with the previous period. This time, 9 independent watch brands participated in the Horological Salon, bringing different blood and vitality to the Horological Salon. Concerning the watch salon, watch expert Mr. Conway Kai accepted an interview with the Watch House to talk about his personal views on the exhibition and watchmaking brands.

Conway Kay

Watch House: Compared with previous years, this watch exhibition has a lot less people. What do you think?
Conway: Because the watch exhibition is a closed-door exhibition, there will be some necessary consumption after entering, such as dining; if the four doors of the exhibition are opened, I believe it will become a crowded situation. Lifeng Group, the organizing committee of the exhibition, strictly limits the number of participants, which is also to effectively control costs. At the same time, it can be seen that the current state of the industry is facing deep adjustment.
Watch House: Do you think this year has been the worst year for you in the watch industry?
Conway: Yes, because 2016 has just begun. The past 2015 has been the worst year in the past seven or eight years. Why do you say that? Because before that, China’s luxury watch market was not so large, and everyone’s concerns were different. It would still be a modest stage of learning from the outside world, probably from the second half of 2008 to 2009. The watch market has just become the most shining emerging watch market in the world. By 2015, it was returned to the prototype, and everyone experienced the worst year.
Home of Watches: Compared with previous years, how do you think this watch exhibition is different?
Conway Kai: You can feel that the 24 brands participating in this exhibition are not the first time to participate (nine independent brands are participating for the first time). The products produced this year are different from the previous ones. They were listed in 2016. Deep imprint. So I believe that in a few years, the Geneva watch fair in 2016 will be counted many times, because it is the Geneva watch fair that is full of innovation and succession.
Watch House: As a watch and media expert, what new plans do you have this year?
Conway: I have always been thinking on the road, including some changes in watches and forms of communication, because now social media is very developed, and I focus on being a self-media, and find that the value of my existence is more with consumers Interact with watch fans. In the past, the watch and clock media was similar to sowing in agricultural cultivation, that is, when the seeds were sprinkled into a field, it would take root and sprout. Of course, there is also a problem of proportionality. The strong wind blows away the seeds, and the seeds cannot turn into plants. The current social media emphasizes interaction and one-on-one communication with effective groups, which is similar to sowing, digging a pit, putting the seeds of time in, and then filling the soil with water, so that the survival rate of the plant will be High and work more effectively. So now, especially in 2016, judging from the Geneva watch fair, the way the media has changed from sowing to sowing has changed a lot. And the real potential consumer groups, they expressed a very strong curiosity and purchase desire, because at the exhibition, there are both mass-produced styles and precious styles with investment and collection value, and they understand the information of precious styles It may be fleeting. You did not grasp this information. You may not be able to place an order for a few hours after the watch is on sale, because limited editions have been snapped up. This situation has appeared a lot at the watch exhibition. Times.