Montblanc Officially Announces Fan Bingbing As Global Brand Ambassador

Montblanc has officially announced that Fan Bingbing, an internationally renowned Chinese film and television actress and producer, has become its global brand ambassador. Fan Bingbing has always been known internationally for her many outstanding film and television achievements. Her confident, independent, exquisite and charming temperament perfectly echoes Montblanc’s spirit of aggressiveness and pursuit of excellence, and vividly interprets Montblanc’s ‘Baoxi spirit’.

Montblanc Global Brand Ambassador Fan Bingbing wears Montblanc Bohème series outer frame tourbillon ultra-thin jewelry watch

   ‘No doubt, Fan Bingbing is a model of excellence for modern women. She focuses on her role as an actor and has gained rave reviews in the international arena. At the same time, she also shows her confidence and enterprising spirit in fashion, charity and business.’ Montblanc Global CEO Nicolas Baretzki said, ‘This is in line with Montblanc’s’ Baoxi spirit ‘. Fan Bingbing’s continuous breakthrough in his business is exactly the same as Montblanc’s unremitting pursuit of the ultimate craft. And warmly welcome Fan Bingbing to join the Montblanc family and to create new heights together. ‘
   As one of the most influential actresses in the Chinese film and television industry, Fan Bingbing has unremittingly challenged himself in film and television works such as Mobile Phone (2004), Guanyin Mountain (2010), and I Am Not Pan Jinlian (2016), winning many awards. He won the Best Actress Award at the International Film Festival. He was a member of the Cannes International Film Festival’s main competition unit and a member of the Academy Awards, and was selected into the ‘Time Magazine’ global influence 100 list. In addition to his role as an actor, Fan Bingbing continues to expand his career territory. Whether creating a personal studio or entering the global fashion circle, his confident and elegant personal style and strong and determined atmosphere have revealed the extraordinaryness of modern women who are loyal to their hearts and realize themselves. Attitude, exuding the unique charm of ‘Baoxi Women’.

Montblanc Bohème Ultra-Thin Jewellery Watch with External Frame 114737

   Regarding the new role of Montblanc’s global brand ambassador, Fan Bingbing said: ‘Montblanc is a European brand with a century-old history, and it can be felt from watch or writing instrument.’ Xi spirit, ‘she said:’ The core of Baoxi spirit is self-confidence. It is self-confidence that makes the inner brilliance of modern women bloom. I am very honored to be their ambassador and pass the Baoxi spirit to more independent and decisive modern people. female.’
   This time, Montblanc and Fan Bingbing joined hands to interpret the ‘Bao Xi spirit’ in a glamour advertising blockbuster, and fully shine the self-confidence of modern women. Since the Montblanc Bohème series first appeared in 2014, women around the world have a special passion for its unique expression of self-confidence. This series of inspiration comes from the multifaceted charm of modern women-they are passionate, determined, and inspired, and infect the world around them with light from the inside out. In 2016, the brand introduced the self-developed patented external frame tourbillon into the Baoxi series for the first time, perfectly integrating the exquisite charming, confident and fearless temperament of modern women into Swiss fine watchmaking.