Mingshi Lingni Sun And Moon Series Sun And Moon Tour Limited Edition

Best luxury watches in the world’s top seven historical watch brands. At the 2013 Asian Watches & Wonders, the grand launch of the limited edition of the Ling Ni series, which is loved by metropolitan women. This is the perfect interpretation of the ultimate luxury watch.

 The Ling Ni series brought stunning beauty to female consumers in 2013. In the winter, Baume & Mercier launched a limited edition of 100 Ling Ni Day & Night sun and moon limited editions in the winter, continuing the elegant and noble genes of the Baume & Mercier watch. The day and night style of women is unrestrained on the watch, so that urban women will always be the focus of the audience on all important occasions.

 The diamond shines very brightly. It is full of feminine charm in the hands and feet, and it is the finishing touch of the limited edition Lingyue Sun and Moon series. The master watchmaker cleverly uses blue & white mother-of-pearl faceplates to build the contrasting vision of day and month. , Showing the beautiful moment of sunrise, moon and night; ‘Sea of ​​Sun’ Ling Ni decorated the dial with delicate white mother-of-pearl, expressing the daytime style on the summer coast, with the face plate inlaid with 65 natural diamonds (0.34 carat total weight) transformed into one A fascinating painting of the sun and sand.

Ling Ni Sun and Moon Series Watch-‘Sea of ​​Sun’

‘Sea of ​​Moon’ Ling Ni watch with blue-faced mother-of-pearl and moon-shaped faceplate, with 83 natural diamonds (0.34 carat total weight) painted to build a bright moon over the starry sky. The alternation of the sun and the moon also represents people’s emotional projections of the fleeting beauty. Many female consumers wearing the limited edition series of Sun Moon Spirit all show an intoxicated and moved expression, which is also regarded by the famous watchmakers as the sun and the moon. Ling Ni’s proud glory mark.

 Ling Ni Sun and Moon Series Watch-‘Sea of ​​Moon’

Since 1830, Baume & Mercier constantly strives for perfection, showing solemn, exquisite, sophisticated and exquisite interpretations of balance and beauty, conveying the brand concept of perfection and perpetuity; the insistence on perfect watches has also become a celebrity watch popular with celebrities. For the key to high-end watches, to this day, Baume & Mercier still adheres to the brand concept of ‘aestheticism, only manufacturing the highest quality watches’.

Baoyi Watch & Clock Co., Ltd
BAUME & MERCIER Appreciation Meeting

 Founded in 1956, Baoyi Watch & Clock Company has deeply cultivated the high-end market in New Taipei City for more than 50 years. It is the premier high-end watch and clock shop in the north. Baoyi Clocks is located in the elite business district of Banzhong MRT Fuzhong Station. It has always been dedicated to professional consultation and dedicated service, and has won praise from many customers. Baoyi always takes the responsibility to promote top-quality clocks. To hold the century-old Swiss watch brand BAUME & MERCIER Lingui series VIP Appreciation Ceremony, to display and sell Taiwan’s only set of Baume & Mercier Day & Night sun and moon series, hoping for customers to get more contact with rare surfaces The opportunity to discover the beauty of time in exquisite craftsmanship.

Models wear Baume & Mercier Day & Night limited edition watches and the brand’s classic Clifton watches.