Men’s Feelings Tasting Tag Heuer Lincoln Series Mechanical Watch

Every man has a kind of feeling, like real fantasy, tenderness like water or raging fire, an uncertain mind often reveals its charm. The same is true for this watch. We can compare it to people. It has both tenderness and toughness without losing its personality. It is the TAG Heuer Lincoln series CJF211A.BA0594 mechanical watch; it is timeless. Elegance embodies its inherent taste and example, please enjoy it together. The official model is: CJF211A.BA0594

   The entire watch does not look very high-profile, but I think it is the bracelet part that makes people more attentive. To be honest, the dial is nothing more than a few more functions, but the more creative part may be less, but the bracelet has made up for its shortcomings, presumably the watchmaker first developed the watch head and then the bracelet! Overall it does not make people lose confidence in it.

   As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a variety of functions are set on the classic circular dial, which facilitates the needs of more people (this is also part of the factor that increases its value); as shown in the figure, the dial at 9 o’clock is Small seconds display dial; 30-minute cumulative chronograph display dial at 12 o’clock; calendar and day display window at 3 o’clock; side-by-side design at 6 o’clock; 12-hour cumulative chronograph display dial at 6 o’clock Reasonable, making the watch more standardized.

   Completely soothing and smooth lines are pleasing to the eye. It seems that every detail design contains a firm charm; the case is full and symmetrical, and the design of the lugs is more delicate, as the connection between the head and the bracelet is just right. .

   The more common knurled crown design, the surface is smooth and delicate, and the convex TAG Heuer classic logo can be seen on the front side; extending from the crown to the sides are the timing buttons, although there are not many such timing button designs Innovative, but as TAG Heuer, it will never go with the flow.

   On the classic black circular dial, the layout is as uniform and reasonable as other watches, but TAG Heuer must have something special about TAG Heuer, as in that sentence, ‘never follow the flow’; as you can see from the figure, Hours and hours are marked in English; usually, the small seconds dial is designed at 6 o’clock for recognition at a glance, but TAG Heuer breaks the tradition by designing it at 9 o’clock, which is symmetrical with the calendar and day of the week. And put its classic logo above the weekly calendar window, these are the unique design of TAG Heuer.

   When it comes to the hands, I have to admit that TAG Heuer’s hands are really not good. The two thick hands of the hour and minute hands and the delicate hands like the second hand are obviously inconsistent. I don’t know how everyone thinks. Although the hands are polished in stainless steel and coated with luminous materials, I think these are far from enough to make up for the difficulty of the hand shape design.

   Finally, I talked about the bracelet part. To be honest, the entire watch, I like its bracelet very much. I don’t know where to start to express my inner joy. The overall feeling of the bracelet is smooth, smooth, and rhythmic. It looks like an image of a tank car’s chain and has a tough atmosphere. This rigid and flexible bracelet is really wonderful.

   The bottom mirror made of sapphire crystal glass is precise and precise, and the waterproof depth can reach 200 meters. The inner movement structure can be clearly seen through the bottom mirror. The cutting edge of the 1/2 automatic rotor is very neat and angular. distinct.

   The special price, wear-resistant material, and functional superiority, the market price is only 35900RMB, presumably this is the best gift from TAG Heuer manufacturers to watch lovers. For example, a car with more than 30,000 and a Tag Heuer with more than RMB 30,000, I believe that I will not hesitate to choose a watch, because as a loyal follower of Tag Heuer, I believe that buying it is right! For nothing else, but also for the sentence, ‘Never follow the wave.’

Summary: Constantly innovative watchmaking technology, improved chronograph function and tough and durable materials, this series of distinctive features have made TAG Heuer the leader since its establishment. A good brand will naturally create a The same product, in my opinion, TAG Heuer.

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