Looking Up At The Same Star Dome, Jaeger-lecoultre’s New Starry Watch

The new Jaeger-LeCoultre dating series watches meet the starry sky, gather together with time, and indulge in the free and creative spirit of this Rugu watchmaking factory from 1833 to today. The new watch pays tribute to the excellence of watchmaking technology and praises the elegant beauty shown by pure machinery.

The purest watchmaking craftsmanship runs through the brand’s 180-year history and has created the brand’s perfect watchmaking skills. The Rendez-Vous Celestial Dating Star Watch invites you to explore the Milky Way. 180 years ago, under the same starry sky, Antoine LeCoultre founded the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand and opened the Jaeger-LeCoultre Great and glorious road of development.

The 18K white gold case presents the beauty and charm of the watch in a roundabout way. The watch shines like a starry sky, with dazzling diamonds extending from the case to the crown and bezel, and finally placed on the corolla composed of digital hour markers. The dial embodies the beauty of rare craftsmanship without affecting the clear display of time and function. The slender and graceful digital hour markers have become one of the series’ logos. Its pure contemporary style echoes the round crescent engraved curve of the dial. It originates from the ancient tradition of pure hand-carved patterns covered with transparent blue paint. The arc-shaped hour circle presents a beautiful and mysterious picture of the sky, and the precious and deep-grained lapis lazuli plate is marked with a constellation icon. There is also a meteor flying in the poetic starry sky: a beautiful diamond is set upside down on the second crown, and by simply rotating it, you can rotate the starry sky to personalize the constellation.

The new watch is undoubtedly a perfect astronomical observer. In order to fully display the astronomical theme, the dial is also equipped with a constellation calendar, and the month indication corresponds to the constellation throughout the year. The display system and time measurement are adjusted through the annual calendar. This watch is equipped with Jaeger-LeCoultre 809 automatic mechanical movement, rotating the star disk at a speed of 23 hours, 56 minutes and 04 seconds, subtle and hard to detect.