In Addition To The Good Watch Made By Parmigiani, The Music Is Also Very High!

In Geneva, Switzerland, there is such a festival, the Montreux Jazz Festival. From June 29th to July 14th, the 52nd Montreux Jazz Festival was held in Geneva, Switzerland, attracting many famous musicians and music lovers. The collaboration with Montreux Jazz Festival is the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Parmigiani, so follow the footsteps of the Watch House and watch how Parmigiani plays the festival together!

 The Montreux Jazz Festival was first held in 1967 in the last century, when it was only a three-day music event. Today, the Montreux Jazz Festival has grown into a 16-day event. Although called ‘Jazz Festival’, the theme covers a variety of music types including jazz, blues, rock, world music, rap, electronics, pop music and more.

 The Watch House was fortunate to be invited by Parmigiani to come to Switzerland to experience the music atmosphere of the Montreux Jazz Festival. Parmigiani and Montreux Jazz Festival have been cooperating for 11 years. For 11 years, the relationship between Parmigioni and Montreux has never been interrupted, just as Parmigiani has never stopped focusing on watchmaking.

Vacher movement factory in Parmigiani, Geneva, Switzerland

 In 1975, when the Swiss watch industry was in hot water (hit by Japanese quartz watches), Michel Parmigiani decided to set up his own watch company. From the very beginning, Parmigiani suffered the test of conflicting circumstances. Fortunately, Parmigiani, who insisted on watchmaking technology and innovation, was not eliminated by the times, but relied on superb and excellent watchmaking skills to strive for the upstream of the watch industry.

Parmigiani Antique Watch Repair Center

 In addition to being committed to innovation, Parmigiani also spends most of his energy on repairing landmark watch products. In Parmigiani’s eyes, innovation and maintenance of classics never conflict. Of course, the brand also launched two limited edition watches for this festival. But when the House of Watches came to Switzerland, the first thing that struck me was this beautiful natural scenery.

 The Montreux Jazz Festival is held by the shore of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. In July, the weather in Switzerland is sunny and the air is filled with a romantic atmosphere. Geneva is not only the watchmaker’s highly skilled watchmakers, even the scenery makes the watch home linger.

   The jazz park along the lake is built next to the lake, with a beautiful view of the mountain lake. Sit by the lake and listen to music to feel nature. Next, experience the charm of music with the Watch House.

 The scene was crowded with audiences who came to experience the atmosphere of the festival, and everyone swayed along with the rhythm of the music. This large stadium can accommodate 10,000 people at the same time. The lighting changes with the music. On the stage, the musicians also presented the most influential music festival for everyone.

Live video of Pharrell Williams performance
 Pharrell Williams is a singer and music producer from the United States. On the same day, he brought his band to sing several live songs for us. The lights in the audience and the people kept swinging with the music.

Duckworth, another band of the day, also hit the scene.

 After leaving the audience, the audience was still reluctant to leave, and everyone was immersed in the ocean of music and couldn’t help themselves.

 This music festival has invited many famous musicians including Zucchero, MassiveAttack, CharlotteGainsbourg, IggyPop, DeepPurple and BillyIdol. Isn’t Depp an actor? Can you sing? Also came to the music festival? You know, Depp is also a famous musician. The music charm of ‘Captain Pirate’ was performed for us at the scene.

Johnny Depp

   The musician is playing. Jazz originated in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and it has been heard that the myth of jazz comes from black people who have gained freedom. Of course, the music itself has no skin color debate. All in all, the origin and development of jazz has enriched the variety of music and brought better music to more people.

 Parmigiani welcomes special guest Ryan Leslie and becomes a brand friend. Ryan Leslie is an American artist and producer who has earned international acclaim for her work with many outstanding artists in different musical styles. He will visit the Parmigiani Watchmaking Workshop and experience the atmosphere of the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Montreux Jazz Festival Live

 Rock Musicians in Hot Sing

 Kalparisma 2018 Montreux Jazz Festival Watch

 Continuing its tradition, Parmigiani launches two special edition watches for this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival, Kalpa
Grande Men’s Watch and Kalparisma Women’s Diamond Watch. The dial decoration draws inspiration from the piano, with the keys as minute markers. First cover the area that needs to maintain brightness, then sandblast the unprotected area to create a black and white keyboard effect. Kalpa
 Grande Men’s Watch and Kalparisma Women’s Diamond Watch Back Engraved with “MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL
‘2018’ (Montreux Jazz Festival 2018), limited edition of 5 pieces each.