Greubel Forsey 2015 Sihh Poetic Astronomy

The technical development department of GRUBEL FORSEY was inspired by the large-scale astronomical clock system in the late 15th century, and developed the unique mechanical device Computeur Mécanique. The astronomical clock system manages some important church calendar Days, such as Easter, contain some astronomical data. GREUBEL FORSEY’s team has developed a 25-piece Computeur Mécanique. The technology has been patented.

Considering the Equation of Time as one of the rarest and most difficult to interpret in astronomy, this complication is directly linked to the perpetual calendar watch

This calculator is like a real mechanical head, which is mainly composed of a coaxial coding device, which precisely composes movable parts. Pre-set according to the geometry and speed of rotation, each part will automatically make its display periodically. This seventh invention was developed by the brand in an innovative way, gradually adapting and verifying theoretical concepts, and finally created this mechanical calculator that is responsible for calculating and controlling multiple displays and functions. Although the entire system is extremely complex, it can be completely planted into the small space of the movement, which shows the structural precision of this seventh invention.
GREUBEL FORSEY First application of the seventh invention: QP à Équation
GREUBEL FORSEY scales down the entire system and places it in the movement of the watch, so that each coaxial coded part can display different information. In the first application, this mechanical calculator was set to automatically display perpetual calendar information through the time square program, such as season, spring equinox, autumn equinox, day, astronomical time difference, date, week, month, and year in four digits . In leap years, one of the program-specific coding components will automatically adjust for differences.

GREUBEL FORSEY carefully displays the spring / autumn equinox and winter / summer solstice quarters in a poetic way

-Simple operation, safe and reliable
Although this new invention is an extremely complicated mechanical component, its operation method is very simple. The eight displays of this seventh invention are controlled by a selector connected to the movement’s crown. The perpetual calendar can be easily set by twisting the two-way crown without causing any damage to the entire mechanical structure.
Rare and mysterious complication
QP à Équation This mechanical calculator can display a variety of astronomical information, but GREUBEL FORSEY does not stop there. It also regards the Equation of Time as one of the rarest and most difficult to explain in astronomy. To the perpetual calendar watch.

GMT 5N Movement watch in 950 platinum case, limited to 22 pieces

Astronomical time difference can calculate the time difference between the true solar day and the average solar day throughout the year. According to the general calculation method, 24 hours is a day, but the orbit of the earth around the sun is elliptical. As the earth gets closer to the sun, the speed is getting faster and faster. Therefore, the distance between two adjacent high points of the sun The length of the interval, or the length of the solar day, also changes. For example, the true solar day is 16 minutes longer than the average solar day in November, but it is 14 minutes shorter than the average solar day in February. The astronomical time difference information is displayed in a simple and unique way on two transparent sapphire crystal glass plates driven by a mechanical calculator on the case back. The two transparent sapphire crystal glass disks rotate independently to show the difference between true solar time and average solar time throughout the year. GREUBEL FORSEY carefully displays the spring / autumn equinox and winter / summer solstice quarters in a poetic way, but at the same time provides extremely accurate information display.
 New works from Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2015
GREUBEL FORSEY will launch three new works at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition from January 19th to 23rd, 2015, perfectly displaying the brand’s artistic and scientific characteristics.
GMT 5N Movement Watch
This new work uses 5N rose gold to make the main plywood and bridge, and 950 platinum to make the case, showing the visual contrast between the two materials. The back of the watch also uses the same color matching, and highlights the world time display panel representing 24 major cities, each of which represents a different time zone. With a light background set against the city name, it also means that the city has a distinction between summer and winter time. In order to guarantee the uniqueness of this model, only 22 pieces can be produced.
 GMT Black Watch
For more than a decade, GREUBEL FORSEY has been proposing amazing and creative new concepts and technologies, each with its own unique personality and characteristics. This year, the brand continued to explore modern watch designs, once again made the titanium case, and vacuum-processed ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon) carbon film processing technology to add a dark black carbon The film makes the surface of the watch harder than ordinary titanium and makes the watch more eye-catching.

GREUBEL FORSEY uses a vacuum-treated ADLC carbon film processing technology to add a dark black carbon film to the case. The GMT Black watch will be limited to 22 pieces.

The main splint and bridge of the watch movement are processed in black at the same time, even though they are also black tones, but the different decorative treatment of each component brings out the strong contrast caused by different textures and decorative patterns, with rich and distinct levels. The brand uses a stronger color design than the black pair to subtly highlight all time displays and technical information. The multiple hour dials and the time zone display that surrounds the small globe like a suspension are like the stars in the night sky.