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Sophie Furley reports

The essence of Miami’s beach lifestyle has been the source of inspiration for Glam Rock since its creation in 2005. The owners of the brand, Enrico Margaritelli and Isabelle Maujean, have discovered business opportunities in the market for new design ideas that combine exquisite post-processing with high-quality watches. ‘After soaking in the watch industry for so many years, and after working with Giorgio Armani for a long time, we finally found the opportunity to perfectly combine technology and fashion trends in the market,’ explains Enrico Margaritell. ‘The Glam Rock brand allows us to create a unique concept that encompasses complex structures and multiple ways of wearing a watch.’
Because of the unique and replaceable leather case of the watch, this case cleverly wraps the case, leaving only six oversized screws on the exterior. These watches are highly recognizable. The concept is so distinctive that these leather cases become the brand’s identity. Each case is installed with an innovative opening system that allows users to easily replace those leather cases to completely change the look of the watch. The shell is carefully processed in France, using real American crocodile skin, lizard skin, python skin and some other exquisite leathers, all of which are available in various colors.

GR20200, GR80100, GR30001D1
The brand has launched three major series of Miami Miami, Miami Beach and Cruise Line routes, all of which have achieved success and the business is booming. ‘The United States is really an amazing market, and we are very happy to see that Neiman Marcus and other customers love our watch concept.’ Margaritelli said, ‘We have opened up markets in twenty-one countries as a whole. Next we are preparing to expand to the Middle East and Japan, and we hope to enter Russia soon. ‘With the success of this brand, the company has been introducing many new and interesting concepts non-stop this year, all of whom believe in these concepts It will ‘strengthen the brand’s position in the fashion and luxury industry.’ During BaselWorld’s pre-match preview, Glam Rock launched a new limited edition series GR80100, see photos below. This luxurious watch is forty-six millimeters in size, with a stainless steel round case, and its replaceable white leather case is fixed to a mother-of-pearl dial set with one hundred and seventeen diamonds. The round and clasp are also set with diamonds, weighing 2.77 carats. This brilliant watch uses a Swiss-made Ronda quartz stopwatch movement, which is waterproof to 100 meters.
Glam Rock’s vision is to be a “dreamer of watchmaking”, and as far as we know, no one else wants to pursue this goal. While many companies are researching new materials and inventing new alloys to improve the quality and strength of their watches, Glam Rock is using beautiful animal leather to decorate their watches and spread Miami’s sunshine around the world.
Source: Europa Star April-May 2008 Magazine Issue