Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards For The First Time In Shanghai

There was a director who was amazed at God when his movie was killed. Is this really my movie? I ca n’t believe that such a great work actually came from my own hands, and I ca n’t believe that such a moment of historic significance was actually involved by myself. This is precisely the time domain that hosts the Grand Prix d & rsquo; Horlogerie de Gen & egrave; ve, GPHG for short) experience in Shanghai.
Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards to Shanghai for the first time
The Grand Theater of Geneva, where the annual GPHG festival is held
In 2000, Swiss media group Edipresse founded this annual competition to recognize the most creative works and the most outstanding watchmakers in the world’s top watchmaking industry. Until this year, the 11th Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards, it was officially transformed into an official competition co-hosted by the Edipresse Group, Canton of Geneva, and the City of Geneva. Even so, the status of the young GPHG in the industry is still not ‘said’. In addition to the objective reasons for the faulty development of the Swiss watch industry after the quartz storm, today’s watchmaking is popular in terms of monetary interests and fame (in the final analysis, it is monetary interests). Who cares about what matches or not?
The golden pointer trophy that countless watchers aspire to
Many people ask that the history of clocks is so long. How can such a young game be qualified for a title like ‘Oscars in the clock industry’? Others said that there were neither Patek Philippe nor Cartier in this year’s shortlisted watches, so the representation was greatly discounted. These doubts are the same as the questions we were asked the most during the exhibition. ‘How much does this watch sell?’ Let us be more certain how accurate it is to bring the global tour of the Geneva Haute Horlogerie to the country. And worth it.

Guests gathered on the opening night and lingered in front of the showcase
We do n’t believe that every year, more than 300 brands and watchmakers bring their best work to participate in the competition. It is not sufficiently representative. Each time 15 people come from 10 different people. The country’s top collectors, watch sellers, previous “gold hands” award winners, and so on, the professional independent jury composed of various parties in the watch world is not authoritative (among them, the public award is also selected by global watch fans online voting Out!). And about seventy of the short-listed models selected from it will not be enough to impress those who are ‘only brands are Zhan’. Those who are familiar with the brand can’t be selected. This contest is a positive expression of GPHG’s infamous reputation, and the failure of brands with outstanding sales results to prove that GPHG is independent of the market.

Insiders come to join the crowd
   For this exhibition to be held in the Shanghai Exhibition Center, from the evening of October 26, 2011, the VIP pre-show reception to the end of October 30, a total of four days and one night of exhibitions, everyone in the field of time prepared a full half year. In the field of time, the Geneva Tour of the Haute Horlogerie Awards was brought to China for the first time with the original intention of promoting high-end watchmaking culture. There is only one purpose for Chinese audiences to see more good watches and understand a deeper watchmaking culture! Those who have the concept of ‘Top Ten World’s Famous Watches’ exclaimed at our exhibition that so many unheard of brands are making such good models; those young watch lovers excitedly pointed out that only You can see Fang Rong’s special models in some magazines; and professional watchmakers, walking in front of the best design watch display cabinets, Nan Nan said to himself that the power transmission chain can also be designed like this. & The Lao people, whether they are old watch fans who have long been infiltrated, or lovers of the new generation, they need the GPHG watch exhibition and more such watch exhibitions in order to have a zero-touch experience with Switzerland and even the world of watchmaking. Their increasing purchasing power is quite appreciative.
Close-up view of top exhibits
   Last year, the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards presented 11 awards: Best Women’s Watch Award, Best Men’s Watch Award, Best Design and Concept Watch Award, Best Complication Watch Award, Best Jewellery Watch Grand Award, Best Sports Watch Award, ‘Small Hands’ Award, Best Watchmaker, Special Jury Award, Most Popular Award, and ‘Gold Hands’ Award to express their talents in the watch industry Creativity, history and respect for watchmakers. The prize for the best first-year student at the Geneva Watchmaking School has been added this year, presumably to bring some newcomers to the successor. The 69 top-level watches exhibited in Shanghai this time are the finalists of the first seven awards mentioned above.
During the four-day public open day, the most watched (none) model was Harry Winston’s Opus 11 in the highly complex category. It operates purely mechanically, but it creates a futuristic explosive digital display: the four corners of the main dial are respectively lined with planetary orbits like raised palms, and each orbit has three pairs of digital fragments on the rotating platform The metal plate, like a finger, rotates with the ‘palm’. Every next hour, the four rotating platforms rotate and align themselves to form the current number of hours in the middle. So the clock under the main sapphire crystal indicates that it is in a free state every 60 minutes, the center number is suddenly broken, and then the next time is reorganized until the next chaos. Opus 11 uses three overlapping cylinders of different heights to analyze time, so beyond the main dial, in the upper right corner are two rotating discs that make up the minutes. The transparent window in the lower right corner is purely to show the dynamics of its titanium balance wheel.

Harry Winston Opus11, the watch most watched
Contrasts with Opus 11 as if to engulf the entire universe. It is the same high-complexity but minimalistic H. Moser & Cie perpetual calendar, which is almost as simple as A person is an ordinary small three-pin calendar power indicator. A collection master once mentioned that when I first saw this watch, I felt sensitively that the calendar was unusually large, and there must be some strangeness in it, but he did not quickly recognize the real body of the perpetual calendar. In addition to the movement of the timepiece, the leap year display is moved to the sapphire transparent bottom cover. The most clever thing is to use the 12 o’clock as the month at the same time.
The Henry Moser Perpetual Calendar, which is extremely good at reducing complexity
And the love for women’s watches is by nature, so it may be worthwhile to tell some of my favorite & mdash; & mdash; Chaumet’s Bee My Love. Its series name, translated from French, is more romantic. ‘Live me, if you love me’. This royal jewellery brand of Napoleon I used bees as the symbol of creation, and watches were no exception. Because the bee is not only one of the emblems of Napoleon I and the symbol of French rights, but also the embodiment of love and sweetness. Its 35mm red gold case looks exceptionally small and exquisite at the moment, and the bezel lugs and the top of the crown are set with clear diamonds. The deep reddish magenta-filled enamel forms a honeycomb-like surface, and a light poetic bee stays in the middle. Its golden wings are studded with diamonds and it carries two hour and minute hands. Its body is a large convex opal, which is too clear to reveal the inner movement components. The four positive orientations are hour-markers with a diamond-shaped honeycomb base and round diamonds. Attached to the sky blue satin strap, the soft line came to the bottom.

Bee My Love, a romantic piece brought by the French royal jewelry brand
In the best design group, 21 Blackjack from Christophe Claret is a small casino. A small watch covers three games of blackjack, roulette and dice. & mdash; & mdash; Don’t take it as a computer, it’s not easy to implement it mechanically. The LeDIX V & eacute; loce of Celsius X VI I is a micro-mechanical mobile phone developed only four years ago: On the flip is the ‘most eccentric’ floating tourbillon, which opens and closes the watch clock for three full hours each time it is opened and closed. Of chains. Hublot’s Oceanographic 4000, as its name suggests, is also subject to extreme pressure at a depth of 4,000 meters. The best men’s watches are not to be missed: the elegant Laurent Ferrier Galet Micro-rotor has a super-efficient winding pearl tutor implemented in the traditional way; let time move and you will Hermes Arceaule Temps Suspendu, reflects a philosophy of life on the watch. In the category of jewellery watches, there are the Bovet 5-day tourbillon multi-purpose watch that reflects the ultimate gold carving craftsmanship, as well as the Vacheron Constantin master series that showcases top enamel art. The masterpiece ‘Paris Opera’ is reduced by a factor of 400 on a surface of only 40 mm in diameter. Draw under the magnifying glass one by one, and then apply transparent enamel for firing and sealing. This is an isolated work, only one in the world. The ‘small pointer’ awards showcases are good watches priced at less than 5,000 Swiss francs, specifically designed to encourage people-friendly brands. To elaborate, the story of these 69 timepieces can not be finished in a day, and I will not repeat them here because of space limitations.
Christophe Claret’s 21 Blackjack mini casino
The Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix is ​​an intermediary for promotion, encouraging watchmakers to do their own things, let them and the best works face the world’s magnesium lamps, and create the industry’s Stars, then return them to the market. Therefore, many independent watchmakers and brands that have not been able to come to the Chinese market at this stage can be exposed to Chinese audiences through this gorgeous stage of GPHG. The increasingly important but immature Chinese market in the international watch industry is also the main reason for the GPHG global tour exhibition to come to China. What will be its relationship with China in the future? Mr. Lamprecht said: ‘The practice of establishing awards by region is difficult to achieve at this stage, but we welcome watch experts from Greater China to join our independent jury! & rdquo; For each city to be toured, the GPHG Foundation must make preparations 2 to 3 months in advance, so the number is extremely limited. Nevertheless, Mr. Lamprecht said with certainty that ‘We will come to more Chinese cities touring next year, including second-tier cities.’
   Sixty-nine timepieces were transported back to Geneva for the final display after the Shanghai exhibition. The award-winning brands and individuals will attend the grand awards ceremony on the evening of November 19 this year at the Grand Theatre in Geneva. At that time, more than 1,000 guests including collectors, journalists and watchmaking experts from around the world will gather.
    A watch has never been more than a watch. It carries the ultimate pursuit of beauty, precision, and even toughness. In the field of time, hosting the Geneva Exhibition of the Haute Horlogerie Awards has never been more than just an exhibition. Behind this is our dream as a media person, to spread and share the most authentic and top-notch watchmaking culture and skills. Thanks to the dream sharers: Swissair and Bally, which also uphold Swiss quality, and GODIVA chocolate and ASC boutique wines, which add a sweet and intoxicating index to this important journey.
Tribute to the realm of time ~