Elie Bernheim Becomes Ceo Of Raymond Weil

On April 10, 2014, Elie Bernheim, the grandson of Raymond Weil, the founder of the Raymond Weil brand, officially replaced his father Olivier Bernheim as the brand’s new CEO. He will lead this legendary family brand to a farther future in the years to come.

 Raymond Weil was founded by the current chairman, Mr. Raymond Weil. His son-in-law Olivier Bergheim has been the company’s president and CEO since the 1990s, and now the third generation of the family, Ellibergheim and Pierre Bergheim, have joined the company. Now Elie Bernheim has officially taken over the entire brand.

 After graduating from a well-known hotel management school in Lausanne, Elie Bernheim officially joined the company in 2006. As the third-generation legal heir of the brand, Elie Bernheim has always been adhering to the spirit conveyed by the brand with superb watchmaking technology and Unique design concept to demand the brand.

 It is said that Elie Bernheim graduated from the management major, but this did not make him encounter any difficulties in the technical mastery of the watchmaking industry. At the same time, he seemed more handy in managing the business strategy of Raymond Weil’s entire brand. The success of the Raymond Weil brand in global strategic marketing can be seen. It is very important to clarify the development direction of the brand.

 Technology is like the cornerstone of the watch industry. Only on this basis can we have more room to play. For many years, Elie Bernheim has maintained unprecedented respect for traditional watchmaking technology. The development of new products is a heritage of watchmaking technology. At the same time, more technical innovations under this premise are to open the watch market. The best way.

 In addition to his passion for the watch industry, Elie Bernheim also has a passion for art and music. In fact, this is also the result of his mother’s cultivation of him. His mother is a professional pianist. From Raymond Weil’s products in recent years, we can also find many elements that combine with music.

Raymond Weil has been involved in the arts and culture since its inception. The watches and models launched by the brand since its establishment have been named after classical music and opera names, such as Wagner’s ‘Pasif’, Verdi’s ‘ Champagne City ‘and Mozart’s’ Don Giovanni ‘have established a deep relationship between Raymond Weil and art. For a long time, the Raymond Weil brand has been closely connected with the music industry, designing unique timepieces for international artists Cooperate with famous music events.