Different Watches For Different Ages 30-50 Year Old Ladies Watches Recommended

As a woman grows older, the charm she exhibits also changes. At this time, the selection of watches must be considered by age. Today, Xiaobian recommends three well-known ladies watches for each mature woman. 30, 40 and 50 years old. Let’s share it together.

 30-year-old woman’s watch selection: Omega Constellation ladies quartz watch
 At the age of 30, after years of working life, young girls have long been transformed into attractive women. With the growth of knowledge and the improvement of economic conditions, they have begun to value ‘taste’. At this time, casual and versatile watches are no longer enough, and feminine models are more suitable for them. The classic claw design of the Constellation series, as one of the most recognizable models in the world, is unforgettable. With a white mother-of-pearl dial, the dial is dazzled with diamond hour markers, and the outer ring is equipped with engraved Roman numerals, which enriches the details of the model.
 Watch details reference: 40-year-old women’s watch selection: Zenith 22.2310.692 / 81.C709 ladies mechanical watch
 Basically, a 40-year-old woman already has her own family. After the baptism of her marriage life, she exudes a gentle radiance and looks more charming and mature. At this point, a little romantic timepiece function can better highlight the charming style of women of this age. Zenith 22.2310.692 / 81.C709 female watch, the warm color of rose gold is warm and charming, and the diamond design is elegant and luxurious. The mother-of-pearl dial is elegant and self-evident. It is equipped with the most romantic complex moon phase, just like the beauty of a 40-year-old woman who deserves to be tasted slowly.
 Watch details reference: 50-year-old women’s watch selection: Patek Philippe 4897G ladies mechanical watch
 Woman 50, young face, graceful figure is no longer. When the glory of appearance fades, it is easier to face the heart. Extreme simplicity is the ultimate. Appearance is no longer the most valued thing. Connotation and taste are both the ultimate pursuit. Patek Philippe 4897G female watch, night blue dial has a calming magic, in addition to the diamond on the bezel and platinum three-dimensional hour markers on the dial, there is no complicated decoration. Simple and beautiful, taste and connotation are often presented in the least combination.
 Watch details reference: patek / 2269 /