Bvlgari Bvlgari Festa High Jewellery Collection Brightly Debuted In Beijing

On November 16th, BVLGARI Bvlgari’s new Festa ‘Happy Feast’ high jewelry series was unveiled at the Bvlgari Hotel in Beijing. Nearly 200 finely crafted high-end jewellery and watches, enthusiastically show the legend of the grand celebration of the Italian festival and the emperor celebration, praising the Italians to enjoy the current lifestyle. The Bulgari CEO Jean-ChristopheBabin, the three spokespersons of the Bulgari brand LilyAldridge, Shu Qi, Wu Yifan, the famous actor Hui Yinghong, as well as celebrities from all walks of life and well-known media attended the feast, and immersed in the performance by Bulgari high jewelry Loud Italian celebration carols.

   Bulgari’s three spokespersons LilyAldridge, Shu Qi, and Wu Yifan gathered for the first time, like a distinguished princess and an elegant prince dressed up, making this feast more special and grand, and also showed Bulgari’s emphasis on Festa series’s first show in China. LilyAldridge wears Festa’s high jewelry series platinum emerald diamond necklace, earrings and ring, elegant and charming; Shu Qi wears Festa’s high jewelry series platinum embellished ruby ​​pearl diamond necklace, with high jewelry white gold and ruby ​​diamond ring and earrings, echoing the wrist With the Serpenti series Xuan Cai time red water snake leather watch, dazzling and dazzling. Wu Yifan wore Serpenti’s high jewelry white gold diamond necklace, and on his wrist was the OctoFinissimo skeleton tourbillon watch, which has just won the “Best Tourbillon / Escapement Watch” at the 2017 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards. Platinum edition diamond luxury version, personality At the same time, it is elegant and gentlemanly. The famous actor Hui Yinghong wore Fiore high jewelry series necklaces and rings, and Italian garden high jewelry series bracelets, showing her dazzling style.

Bvlgari brand spokesperson LilyAldridge wears Festa’s feast for high jewelry

 Bvlgari spokesperson Shu Qi wears Festa’s feast for high jewelry necklaces, high jewelry earrings and rings, Serpenti watch

Bvlgari brand spokesperson Wu Yifan wears OctoFinissimo series skeleton tourbillon diamond watch, Serpenti high jewelry series necklace

Famous actor Hui Yinghong wears Fiore high jewelry series necklace and ring, Italian garden high jewelry series

   Along with the brisk and romantic sound of music, the new high-end jewelry series model show opened grandly, and the enthusiastic Bulgari style conveyed the happiness factor to every guest present. Three Michelin star chef NikoRomito from Rome, Italy also made a special trip to Beijing to prepare exquisite cuisine for this feast. The full range of sensory impacts such as sight, hearing, and taste perfectly convey the wonderful atmosphere of ‘Happy Feast’ and indulge in the aesthetics of Italian-style celebration.

Bvlgari Festa enjoys a feast of high-end jewelry series Beijing preview model show

   Festa’s ‘Festival of Feast’ high jewelry series is inspired by the essence of Italian lifestyle-Italians celebrate life, respect happiness, and feel free, and Bulgari pours this passion into jewelry design. The joyous festival of childhood is also the most precious memory in life. Bulgari draws inspiration from it, and uses various precious gems to make the simplest and most beautiful things such as candy, cakes, gifts, etc., it will recall the happy hours of childhood and awaken the childlike fun in the heart; beautiful colors and superb The craftsmanship perfectly captures the joy of Italian street festivals.

Bvlgari Festa enjoys a feast of high jewelry

   At the same time, Bulgari once again pays tribute to Rome, the eternal city, to those Roman princes with a legendary life. The perfect fusion of ancient Greek and Roman coins with Bvlgari clocks and gold jewellery craftsmanship gives them a new life again, telling the glory and legend of the ancient emperor celebrations. The unique and rare gems have been patiently searched. The unique polishing process has given the gems a soft and sensual beauty. The bold and colorful color matching makes the jewelry rich in layers and changeable. It uses a unique language to praise the legendary women. The gorgeous life of ‘Largerthanlife’.

Bvlgari Festa enjoys a feast of high jewelry

“Bvlgari Festa’s“ Festival of Feast ”high jewelry series expresses an infinite love for life,” said Jean-ChristopheBabin, Bvlgari CEO. “We hope to use this series to reproduce Italian life with gorgeous and brilliant jewelry Aesthetics’respect for happiness underscores Bulgari’s infinite creativity and bold, eclectic Roman spirit.’
   Lucia Silvestri, creative director of Bvlgari Jewelry, said: ‘Designing this series is definitely a treat. The charm of this theme has given me a steady stream of creativity and inspiration. Whether it is every corner of Italy, or legendary women’s deeds, or even These are the simplest and most joyful things in daily life, they are my source of inspiration and my understanding of joy and happiness. ‘

Bvlgari Festa enjoys a feast of high-end jewelry series in Beijing preview

   Bulgari’s high-end jewellery series by Festa ‘Congratulate the Feast’ continuously interprets the classic glory with modern aesthetics, reappears the charm of Rome, interprets the bold and fearless Roman spirit, vivid and rich color matching, and boundless creativity; as The representative and communicator of the essence of Italian culture tells the world about the passionate Italian culture and aesthetics of life.