Bayi Skydiving Team And Breitling Team Lead The Karamay Aviation Festival

Breitling’s aerobatic flight show is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the aviation festival

 Chinese People’s Liberation Army Bayi Skydiving Team

2013 The 2013 China Xinjiang Karamay Aviation Tourism Festival with the theme of aviation performance and aircraft display will be held at Karamay Civil Aviation Airport from August 16th to 18th this year, which is also the first aviation tourism festival in Northwest China. The slogan of this aviation tourism festival is: ‘Karamay, dream of taking off.’

‘2013 Xinjiang Xinjiang Karamay Air Tourism Festival’ is co-sponsored by Xinjiang Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau, Civil Aviation Xinjiang Administration, Karamay City People’s Government, Karamay City Construction Investment Development Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Blue Classic Aviation Culture Co., Ltd. unit. The Autonomous Region Government stated that the holding of this aviation festival is to fully demonstrate the great situation of Xinjiang’s national unity, prosperity and development, and rich tourism resources, to increase the public’s understanding of the aviation industry and knowledge, and to promote Xinjiang’s aviation industry, aviation culture industry and tourism development of.

According to the person in charge of the “2013 Xinjiang Xinjiang Karamay Aviation Tourism Festival”, at present, with the great attention of governments at all levels and the strong support of relevant departments, the preparations are progressing smoothly. The person in charge also stated that Karamay’s air is clean, its sight is wide, and its visibility is high. This is a natural condition that is not conducive to aviation performance in other big cities.

航空 This aviation festival is not only powerful but also rich in content. The parachute skydiving of the Bayi Skydiving Team of the internationally renowned Chinese People’s Liberation Army, a superb and superb Swiss Breitling jet flight super show, as well as aerobatics, powered delta wings, aeromodelling, light aircraft and other aviation aircraft Performances and static displays.

The Bayi Parachuting Team of the People’s Liberation Army of the world’s top level will perform a parachuting performance every day. At that time, the gorgeous umbrella flowers falling from the sky will become an unprecedented beautiful picture above Karamay.

Breitling’s aerobatic flight show is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the aviation festival. Breitling is the world’s largest civilian professional jet aerobatic flight demonstration team. It is equipped with 7 L-39C albatross two-seat jet military trainers. The pilots are all highly experienced flight experts. Their superb and spiritual performance won ‘Walking’ reputation. Karamay is the last stop of Breitling’s ‘Asia Trip’ from last year, and also their last ‘walk in the clouds’ in China.

During the aviation tourism festival, the organizer will also hold a ‘ground interactive event between aerobatic pilots and skydivers and the audience’. Breitling Jet pilots and Bayi skydivers will launch fun interactive games with the audience at the scene and present memorabilia to the audience. The audience signed and posed for a photo with the audience. A small number of viewers can also enter the cockpit of the Breitling Jet fleet and have a ‘close contact’ with the aircraft to feel the pride of the fighter. ‘Static display’ means that before each air show, all participating aircraft will be quietly placed in the airport, which can be used for science education, and the audience can also come in close contact with the aircraft and pilots to take pictures.

During the aviation tourism festival, Karamay City will launch supporting tourism cultural activities. There are flavor food festivals focusing on Xinjiang’s special flavor snacks, there is an aviation forum on the theme of combining the development of general aviation economy and tourism resources in Karamay, and aviation Souvenirs, tourism products-based exhibitions. This means that the audience can not only enjoy the thrilling flight feast, feel the infinite charm of the flight, but also fully appreciate the customs and customs of Xinjiang, and feel the unique charm of beautiful Xinjiang.