Bao Di Held Exclusive Dinner Dinner For The New Marine Nautical Series In Japan

Breguet held a special event in Japan to celebrate the launch of the new Marine nautical series watch earlier this year.

 After introducing the symbolic historical series to the guests, Mr. Emmanuel Breguet, the vice president of the brand, and the watch expert joined hands with the guests to conduct a conference call with the Captain of the Marine Guard. The captain reiterated the great sailing goals of the Ocean Guard and the extraordinary features of this ship powered only by renewable energy.

 The protagonist of the dinner was well-deserved-Marine nautical series 5517 watch, Marine nautical series 5527 chronograph and Marine nautical series 5547 music alarm watch appeared on the scene.

 At this event, guests were also fortunate to witness the style of the Marine Marine Series 5887 time equation watch launched by the brand last year, which is the beginning of the third generation of the new Marine Marine series.