A Tribute To Edward Santos Parmigiani Launches Les Carpes De Sandoz Watch

Edouard Marcel Sandoz is a well-known painter and sculptor. His sensibility and talent are not unique to character portrayal. Animal depiction is also a subject he loves. . Santos is passionate and scientific, loves nature, and draws materials from a wide range. He draws ideas on wood and stone. His works are compact and full of artistic passion. Santos captures the charm of nature, and through its exquisite workmanship, gives different themes a lifelike style, and its interpretation is unique.

   In 1964, Santos founded the Family Foundation, which provided Michelle many aids in the history of Parmigiani. Today, Parmigiani launches the Les Carpes De Sandoz watch as a tribute to this remarkable artist. Seeking design inspiration from its own roots, and combining superb craftsmanship with superb technology, equipped with four complex functions of minute repeater, chronograph, tourbillon and perpetual calendar, Les Carpes De Sandoz shows the spirit of innovation, superb production and respect for traditional Perfect unity, and this is the value concept that Parmigiani and Santos respect together.

   Delineating a lively surface requires a combination of traditional craftsmanship, which places higher demands on the watchmaker’s profession. The combination and arrangement of different elements is only to stimulate the emotion of the lucky watch owner. I believe that when he looks at it, he will be fascinated by the wonderful posture of aquatic plants. Prior to this, many artisans still needed to work together to give their lives the genius wisdom.

   It all started with a sculptor. By cutting and shaping, the material has a texture and reflects the enamel brilliance, giving the decoration vitality. In his hands, straight lines, curves, details, and textures gradually take shape. The fish on the plate seems to be swimming, and the green leaves dance. Next is the enamelist, adding color one by one, sketching the subtle hue, and firing with the technique of big fire enamel, deep in harmony.

   The decorative technology applied to the surface is the most difficult to control but also provides the best durability. Les Carpes de Sandoz’s aquatic motifs are not drawn by brushes, but are the result of a combination of oxides. The dial is fired in an oven at 800 ° C to 900 ° C. Repeatedly, different firing will be produced and superimposed on each firing until the final colorful pattern is displayed. Only the large fire enamel process can be used. Burning out such a delicate and durable decorative effect.

   Koi motifs are adorned on the panel and sculpted to pay tribute to Edward Marcel Santos. The size of the koi is very large, and the fins are almost transparent, as if to jump off the dial. The green leaves are decorated in a realistic style, each stem and leaf vein is vividly portrayed, and the fish is free to walk between the leaves.