29mm Ladies Diamond Watch Longines Jialan Series Ladies Quartz Watch Appreciation

Elegant Longines has never been lazy in the design of women’s watches, because women’s watches under its brand are the most elegant style models in the world. I don’t know how much you know about the Jialan series, or you are already familiar with it. The Jialan series is the ‘fighter’ in the Longines women’s watch, and its elegance has captivated countless admirers. Today, I will dedicate a deep blue diamond dial female watch for everyone.
 Longines Jialan Series L4.308.0.97.6 Watch

 The Jialan series is definitely the best example of Longines’ elegance. Whether it is a male or female watch, it reflects the essence of the Longines brand. The Longines Jialan series diamond-studded L4.308.0.97.6 watch has an elegant and classic appearance. From the beautiful diamonds, from the simple design, to the wild and durable stainless steel materials, this watch can be seen as fresh and refined. The Longines Jialan Diamond L4.308.0.97.6 watch is made of stainless steel as a whole, which is sturdy and wear-resistant. The case and bracelet are connected in a unique way, simple and elegant. The round dial, with a size of 29 mm, is perfect for women’s wrists. The bezel is set with two densely packed diamonds, which are particularly dazzling and bright.

 The dial is dark blue with 12 diamonds on it as a time marker, like a sparkling star in the vast night sky. The simple disk layout uses only two pointers, hour and minute, and a flying wing hourglass that symbolizes Longines’ classic. It has a simple and stylish beauty. From the side we can see that this watch is quite thin, more suitable for ladies, and beautiful in time.
 To sum up: This watch further enhances the noble temperament of the watch through two circles of delicate diamonds on the elegant appearance. The 12 diamond-embossed hour markers are also one of its design highlights. The blue dial in the stainless steel body also makes the watch more mysterious, which also reflects the mysterious beauty pursued by women.
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