Month: April 2021

Asia’s Largest Omega Clock Officially Appeared In Beijing Wangfujing Department Store Bell Tower

February 13, 2015, Beijing-Asia’s largest OMEGA clock officially debuted in Beijing’s landmark Wangfujing Department Store. As the largest Omega clock in Asia to date, it has attracted the attention of many tourists as soon as it debuted. At this point, Wangfujing Street, which is located in the most prosperous area of ​​Beijing, will be faithfully recorded every inch of time by the Omega Clock, and Omega’s long history will be passed to every corner of this ‘Golden Street’ with the melodious bells of this clock tower.

  The largest Omega clock in Asia, the clock face diameter is about 7.9 meters, the minute and hour hands are 3 meters and 2.15 meters, respectively. There are a total of 4 clock faces, each weighing 4 tons, which is still clearly visible from a hundred meters away. The clock on all sides of the belfry is the same design as the constellation series of Omega’s prestigious watch. The iconic ‘claw’ on the gold bezel is unique and eye-catching. The white dial with LED backlight displays the time easily at night .

  With the acceleration of Beijing’s globalization, Wangfujing Department Store, which is a traditional landmark building, is also increasingly raising its international standard. Therefore, among the many brands, they have chosen to cooperate with Omega, the top Swiss watchmaker with a history of 166 years. Since the construction of the Omega clock on November 15 last year, it took nearly 3 months to complete the installation.

  Since the birth of the Omega Constellation Watch in 1952, it has been known for its noble, elegant, subtle and euphemistic design. It perfectly integrates industry-leading mechanical technology and exquisite design style, which is very distinctive. Today, Omega gives the classic design of the constellation series to the Wangfujing department store clock, while the endless crowd can feel the unique charm of the Omega clock in Wangfujing, while listening to the Westminster bell sounding on time. The Westminster Bell is a piece of timepiece used by the Big Ben clock of the Palace of Westminster in London, UK. It originally originated from the Church of St. Mary the Great in Cambridge and was used as an international timepiece for its highly recognizable melody. music.

  Against the backdrop of melodious bells and towering bell towers, the flagship store of Omega Wangfujing Department Store is like a palace for appreciation and purchase of watches. With this profound cultural and commercial center, the flagship store will pass the full range of Omega products and rich brand connotations to more watch enthusiasts and watch collectors. It will also inject this historic and well-known business district Brilliant.

  Omega Beijing Wangfujing Department Store flagship store

  Omega Beijing Wangfujing Department Store’s flagship store adhering to Omega’s global unified design philosophy and decoration style. The store’s display is simple and elegant, with soft and comfortable lighting tones. The store is full of extraordinary watch models: the noble and elegant constellation series, the hippocampus series that combines elegance and sportiness, the simple and fashionable disc flying series, the once astronaut who traveled to space with the American astronaut, and experienced extreme challenges. You can buy Super Speed ​​series here. Omega luxury jewelry series and luxury leather goods series are also available in this flagship store. The professionally trained Omega shopping guides, for each product line, such as several treasures, enthusiastically share Omega stories and knowledge with guests, and carefully accompany guests to choose the watch models they love.


2014 Baselworld Preview Of Baselworld – Girard-perregaux Girard-perregaux Tourbillon

The Basel Clock & Watch Fair will officially open on March 27. Girard Perregaux reinterprets ancient traditions with a new method, launches a new three-bridge tourbillon watch, and announces the classic tourbillon into the design and A new era of three-dimensional mechanical construction.

Girard Perregaux has improved the traditional three-bridge tourbillon watch. The sturdy and novel structure and rules of the watch have been retained. The design of the three-bridge bridge, the shape of the mirror and the interior have been completely redesigned Movement.
The new three-bridge tourbillon watch adopts new rules, showing atmospheric and three-dimensional effects in the slightest. The three bridge plywood is made of titanium, sandblasted and coated with black PVD coating. The cut and structure are also completely different from the previous ones. Hollow out processing makes them appear lighter, while the tough lines create a perfect and balanced visual effect. Viewed from above, it can be seen that both sides of the three bridge plywood are slightly oval, as are the hollow hands. The three bridge plywood is fixed on two vertical axes connected to the bottom plate to form a slope. The bottom plate is anthracite-colored ruthenium-plated and then sandblasted, and its gray appearance contrasts with the black bridge plate.

The watch is equipped with a redesigned GP09400-0001 movement. Its size is larger than before. It uses a symmetrical design. The wheel train is arranged neatly. The tourbillon frame is set at 6 o’clock and the micro pendulum is installed below the barrel Tuo. The tourbillon frame follows Girard-Perregaux’s original lyre shape design and is made of titanium. Equipped with high-end watch decoration effects such as grooves and chamfered edges. This tourbillon contains 80 parts, but its total weight is only 0.25 grams.