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Introduction To Patek Philippe 5127j Gold Watch

Model: 5127 / 1J-001
Launched in 2005 in Calatrava Ref. 5127 in a gold chain.

    Center large second hand
    Mechanical movement with automatic winding date display
    Caliber324 S C
    Spiral crown
    Sapphire crystal glass cover
    Water-resistant to 30 meters
    Case diameter: 37 mm
    Ivory dial with gold applied hour markers
    Center large second hand
    Overall diameter: 27 mm
    Thickness: 3.3 mm
    29 gems, 6 splints
    Balance wheel: Gyromax
    Oscillations per hour: 28’800
    Power reserve: up to 45 hours
    Parts: 213


Different Watches For Different Ages 30-50 Year Old Ladies Watches Recommended

As a woman grows older, the charm she exhibits also changes. At this time, the selection of watches must be considered by age. Today, Xiaobian recommends three well-known ladies watches for each mature woman. 30, 40 and 50 years old. Let’s share it together.

 30-year-old woman’s watch selection: Omega Constellation ladies quartz watch
 At the age of 30, after years of working life, young girls have long been transformed into attractive women. With the growth of knowledge and the improvement of economic conditions, they have begun to value ‘taste’. At this time, casual and versatile watches are no longer enough, and feminine models are more suitable for them. The classic claw design of the Constellation series, as one of the most recognizable models in the world, is unforgettable. With a white mother-of-pearl dial, the dial is dazzled with diamond hour markers, and the outer ring is equipped with engraved Roman numerals, which enriches the details of the model.
 Watch details reference: 40-year-old women’s watch selection: Zenith 22.2310.692 / 81.C709 ladies mechanical watch
 Basically, a 40-year-old woman already has her own family. After the baptism of her marriage life, she exudes a gentle radiance and looks more charming and mature. At this point, a little romantic timepiece function can better highlight the charming style of women of this age. Zenith 22.2310.692 / 81.C709 female watch, the warm color of rose gold is warm and charming, and the diamond design is elegant and luxurious. The mother-of-pearl dial is elegant and self-evident. It is equipped with the most romantic complex moon phase, just like the beauty of a 40-year-old woman who deserves to be tasted slowly.
 Watch details reference: 50-year-old women’s watch selection: Patek Philippe 4897G ladies mechanical watch
 Woman 50, young face, graceful figure is no longer. When the glory of appearance fades, it is easier to face the heart. Extreme simplicity is the ultimate. Appearance is no longer the most valued thing. Connotation and taste are both the ultimate pursuit. Patek Philippe 4897G female watch, night blue dial has a calming magic, in addition to the diamond on the bezel and platinum three-dimensional hour markers on the dial, there is no complicated decoration. Simple and beautiful, taste and connotation are often presented in the least combination.
 Watch details reference: patek / 2269 /


Double Linen Material For A Different Style 2016 Hublot Hublot Watches Lead The Trend Of Mother And Daughter Watches

The lively young girl faded into a flowering season girl, the elegant mother did not show the traces of time and turned into a glamour tide mom. When the ‘sister flower’ with excellent fashion taste worked hand in hand, the mother-daughter relationship became more intimate. On the occasion of Mother’s Day 2016, the Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Hublot has ingeniously selected two homemade linen watches, presenting an unusual trend of mother and daughter gifts. The elegant and gilt Big Bang hemp fiber watch and the beautiful and versatile Big Bang fruit linen watch are inspired by natural linen. Swiss handicraftsmen hand-picked excellent natural linen, perfectly blended traditional textile weaving technology and superb watchmaking skills, and gorgeous mother and daughter watches were born. The new materials show the beauty of women of different ages.

   The 41 mm diameter Big Bang hemp fiber watch perfectly blends ancient linen fibers with precious gold materials in an unprecedented innovative form. Sparkling gold fine powder is randomly injected into the linen fiber case, creating a unique classic. Pure natural dyes give it a unique and bright color. The bezel is paved with 36 diamonds, and the dark dial is embellished with 8 gold diamonds. It is extremely charming and feminine at the same time.

   The 41 mm diameter Big Bang fruit linen watch has refused to be carved, with a mouth-watering, jumpy color like fresh fruit. It is young and dynamic, with a light texture and flexible and strong characteristics. The simple design perfectly matches Any style, worthy of the wild Queen’s wild choice.
   Passionate motherly love is accompanied by HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang mother and daughter watch, just like a gentle breeze, adding a touch of bright and trendy colors to this summer.
Mother’s Gift: HUBLOT Big Bang Hemp Fiber Watch

Daughter’s Gift: HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang Fruit Linen Watch

Big Bang hemp fiber watch
Serial number: 341.XN.1280.NR.1204-Hyunjin
341.XL.1280.NR.1207-blue gold;
341.XG.1280.NR.1229-green gold;
341.XP.1280.NR.1213-pink gold;
Case: 41mm diameter, natural linen fiber inlaid with gold
Bezel: 18K polished king gold, 6 H-shaped titanium screws, set with 36 diamonds (1.8 carats total)
Water resistance: 10 standard atmospheric pressure, about 100 meters underwater
Dial: Bright black, gold-plated hands, hour markers set with a total of 8 diamonds
Movement: HUB4300 automatic winding movement
Strap: Brushed satin-finished strap lined with black natural rubber
Big Bang Fruit Linen Watch
Serial number: 341.XL.2770.NR.1201—sea blue; 341.XL.2770.NR.1237—ice blue; 341.XO.2770.NR.1206—bright orange; 341.XP.2770.NR.1205 – Light purple
Case: 41mm diameter, natural linen
Bezel: polished and locked, 6 H-shaped titanium screws with blue or orange sapphire, topaz or amethyst
Water resistance: 10 standard atmospheric pressure, about 100 meters underwater
Dial: Matte black lacquered cutout rose gold and 2N gold transfer hour markers, gold-plated readings
Movement: HUB4300 automatic chronograph movement
Strap: blue, sapphire, orange or lilac strap, stitched to match natural rubber


Pearling Audemars Piguet Millennium Pearl Watch

During SIHH 2016, Audemars Piguet’s millennium series has been rich in artistic decoration, which is very different from the previous millennium. This time, Audemars Piguet has worked hard on decoration, not only using common diamonds Mosaic craftsmanship, and of course a variety of texture designs, thus presenting the unique charm of women’s watches through different themes. This time, we bring the Millennium series of charming pearl watches. Audemars Piguet continues to explore the extraordinary magic of high-end jewellery watches and applies traditional jewelry materials to high-end watchmaking neighborhoods. Pearls are unique materials in women’s decoration. Audemars Piguet chooses small pearls, embedded on black agate, without traces, just like heaven.

     This millennial jewellery watch, the dial and the splint all use diamond inlay technology, and through the prepared grid pattern, the pearl is embedded into the intersection of the texture at one time to light up the entire dial. At the same time, small diamonds are neatly arranged on the outer edge of the plate. The entire watch is filled with the brilliance of high-end jewellery, making it a distinctive lady in the Millennium collection.
    For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:


The New Piaget Bright Huashang Series Is Released, Hitting The 2013 Geneva Clock & Watch Fair

Piaget continued the design concept of the Couture Précieuse series, and once again paid tribute to the elegant beauty of women. Count Piaget, the top watch and jewellery maker in Geneva, once again displayed a captivating and elegant brand style, creating gorgeous and unique watches and jewelry for women, showing an extraordinary style.
 Under the makeup of exquisite and beautiful high-end jewelry, the mysterious charm is displayed in one’s hands, showing the different temperaments of noble and charming, charming and charming. The eye-catching, exquisite and fashionable jewellery just sets off the most charming and graceful style of women.
 Piaget decided to rebuild some of the exhibits in the Biennale des Antiquaires in rose gold, making the Couture Précieuse collection more diverse.
 This slim watch (Ref. G0A38206) is crafted in rose gold with a white silk strap, adding a touch of softness and tenderness. The extremely thin case is set with round and square cut diamonds, revealing the female’s plump and soft contour curve. This exquisite and compact watch has a high-end uniform style, which can be described as an ingenious work. It is a praise and preach to Piaget’s creative style in the 1960s.
 The design of the mesh jewellery bracelet watch is inspired by the works of Piaget in the 1970s. In the latest series, the dial of the watch is ruby ​​(Ref.G0A38218), white mother-of-pearl (Ref.G0A38222) and turquoise (Ref .G0A38217) carefully crafted to perfectly match rose gold. The gold part is pleated and woven into a mesh, which is no different from the work of a fashion designer in a high-order uniform. The exquisite craftsmanship of this watch shows the long history of the expertise of Piaget bracelet craftsmen.
 In the Paris Biennale, Piaget exhibited the brandebourg motif, a decorative detail taken from men’s etiquette. Now, the brand has turned its attention to the decorative details on women’s clothing. In this latest collection inspired by the high-end uniforms, bows and luxurious buttons are added.
 Bow styling first appeared in the Limelight Paris-New York series launched in 2008. Today, this creative design is once again applied to the Couture Précieuse series, decorating necklaces, rings, bracelets and brooches. This bow-shaped earring (G38LQ100) is composed of prominent lines and geometric patterns, and is lined with diamonds and black spinels, exuding a mysterious and seductive atmosphere.
 The practicality of the buttons often obscures their decorative effect, but now they shine in Piaget’s jewelry. Made from precious and rare materials, the design concept fits the high-end uniform style, making this button decoration perfectly integrate with the new work in the Couture Précieuse series.
 Piaget cleverly decorated with precious stones and artificial cultured pearls, creating luxurious and exquisite button decoration, wearing buttons in the most gorgeous and elegant way.
Couture Précieuse product description

Limelight Dancing Light 18K rose gold watch,
Set with 206 round diamonds (approximately 2.5 carats)
White dial, white silk strap
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38172, RMB price: 424,900

18K Rose Gold Bangle Watch with 297 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 10 carats)
Silver dial
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38201, RMB price: not priced

18K rose gold watch set with 20 round diamonds and 12 square cut diamonds (approx. 3 carats)
Silver dial with white silk strap
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38206, RMB price: 555,000

18K Rose Gold Bangle Watch with 194 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 13 carats)
Silver dial
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38208, RMB price: 1,604,300

18K Rose Gold Bracelet Watch with 400 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 2 carats)
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38212, RMB price: not priced
18K Rose Gold Bangle Watch with 159 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 1 carat)
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38214, RMB price: 459,600,

18K Rose Gold Bracelet Watch with 69 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 0.5 carats)
Turquoise dial
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38217, RMB price: 936,600

18K Rose Gold Bracelet Watch with 69 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 0.5 carats)
Ruby dial
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38218, RMB price: 936,600

18K Rose Gold Bracelet Watch with 69 Round Diamonds
(Approximately 0.5 carats)
Mother-of-pearl dial
Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref.G0A38222, RMB price: 936,600


Bao Di Held Exclusive Dinner Dinner For The New Marine Nautical Series In Japan

Breguet held a special event in Japan to celebrate the launch of the new Marine nautical series watch earlier this year.

 After introducing the symbolic historical series to the guests, Mr. Emmanuel Breguet, the vice president of the brand, and the watch expert joined hands with the guests to conduct a conference call with the Captain of the Marine Guard. The captain reiterated the great sailing goals of the Ocean Guard and the extraordinary features of this ship powered only by renewable energy.

 The protagonist of the dinner was well-deserved-Marine nautical series 5517 watch, Marine nautical series 5527 chronograph and Marine nautical series 5547 music alarm watch appeared on the scene.

 At this event, guests were also fortunate to witness the style of the Marine Marine Series 5887 time equation watch launched by the brand last year, which is the beginning of the third generation of the new Marine Marine series.


Take The Chinese Valentine’s Day With Your Lover, You Still Have A Must-have Item

On Valentine’s Day, giving gifts to each other to express their love is something that every pair of lovers will do, and some couples will choose to take a romantic Qixi Festival trip. I will go to New York today to see the Statue of Liberty, and I will go to the Champs-Elysées in Paris tomorrow. Will I feel that time and space are chaotic when I have not adjusted my jet lag? How can you realize the surprises arranged for your loved one without the accurate time? At this time you need a dual time zone watch to keep track of the different times of this and other places at any time to escort your sweet journey.

Jacques de Rouge Second Hand J016033200


Domestic public price: RMB229000
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Watch thickness: 13.13 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details:

Domestic public price: RMB270000
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Watch thickness: 10.4 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details:

Domestic public price: RMB311800
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Watch thickness: 11.15 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K yellow gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: breguet / 5500 /
Watch comments: In addition to the dual time zone function, this golden alarm clock from Breguet also has an alarm function, which not only avoids missed flights and delayed trips, but also reminds you at every important moment in the trip. Silver-plated gold dial with hand-engraved pattern, alarm power reserve display at 10-11 o’clock, alarm clock on or off at 12 o’clock, 12-hour timer at 3 o’clock, small alarm at 6 o’clock Second dial and date display window, 9 o’clock position is the second time zone display. In terms of function, this watch can be described as ‘full of internal force’, it is an excellent choice for watches in both places.

Summary: Valentine’s Day, which is only once a year, is the most important day except for the anniversary of marriage. Lovers strive to be perfect no matter what they do. The upcoming Valentine’s Day belongs to your love trip. I hope a watch can solve your time troubles. (Photo / text watch home Sun Fangfang)


Jacques Duomètre Sphérotourbillon Blue Dark Blue Biplane Stereo Biaxial Tourbillon Watch

180 years of complex function creation, 180 years of creative spirit, 180 years of passion. From Antoine LeCoultre to generations of watchmakers, they have passed on the spirit of the Jaeger-LeCoultre and continue to write a new chapter in the legend of watchmaking. In the past ten years, the Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking factory, which is a model of the Swiss fine watchmaking industry, has demonstrated outstanding creativity and created many technical achievements with a long tradition and ingenious craftsmanship, which has written the 21st century The most outstanding page in the field of horological complications.

 The innovative masterpiece Duomètre Sphérotourbillon is a combination of unparalleled mechanical performance, elegance and superior complexity, meeting the expectations of the most discerning watch enthusiast and collector. The master watchmaker and the jewellery master cooperated to show the new work of the Grande Complication large-scale complication series with the excellence of handicraft skills. Duomètre Sphérotourbillon Blue dark blue biplane three-dimensional biaxial tourbillon watch. Dark blue dial.

 A rectangular cut diamond surrounds the white gold case, and the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon Blue watch is paired with a dark blue dial to present a variety of light and shadow effects, showing the ultimate beauty of complex functions. The flying three-dimensional dual-axis tourbillon staged a fascinating visual feast. The window at 9 o’clock on the side of the case allows a glimpse of the tourbillon’s elegant dance. The two separate areas of the dial reflect the revolutionary Dual-Wing design concept, while the baguette-cut diamonds highlight the double magic. The stones on the left side of the dial are arranged in a fan shape, surrounded by a window showing the secret of the three-dimensional tourbillon, showing the charming Art Deco style. The cleverly arranged main dial is visible on the right side of the dial, and the local time and date indication is located at the lower position, which is easy to read. Another 24-hour small dial occupies the top of the dial, showing the time in the second time zone. The small second hand is located below the dial. The blue gold sandstone paved on the inside and outside of the small dial is sparkling, showing a strong contrast between the different functions of the watch.

 The Dual-Wing design concept allows Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers to create the first tourbillon that can be precisely adjusted. The diamond-studded button at 2 o’clock can reset the small seconds hand under the tourbillon to complete the flyback timing function. The feature of the flyback chronograph function is that the operation of the adjustment mechanism is not stopped, the small second hand returns to zero, and it immediately resumes operation, thereby maintaining the watch’s maximum accuracy.
Caliber 382, ​​the epitome of watchmaking

 This watch carefully retains the aesthetic design of the Duomètre series. The complicated gem setting process and the intricate movement structure contrast with each other. To make everyone happy, the watch’s transparent caseback reveals the decorative back and perfectly presents the 382 movement, which is completely assembled and decorated by hand. The fine processing on the unprocessed nickel-silver semi-finished movement reinforces the uniqueness of the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon bi-wing three-dimensional tourbillon watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s signature radial stripe decoration (côtes soleillées), beautiful lines of concave and convex angles, various shapes are intertwined and harmonious: the aesthetic design of the Jaeger-LeCoultre 382 movement fully reflects the high level of clock art.

 Traditional gem setting is a craft that uses gems to make decorative arts shine. In the mechanical setting process, the craftsman only needs to place the gemstone into the machined mounting base, and then let the inlay cover the gemstone and fix it. The traditional gem setting process is very different. The professional setting master must first determine the number of gems and their placement in advance, and then create two independent holes: the first hole is extremely fine to determine the gem Accurate setting position, another hole is used to enlarge the first hole to the size of each gem. In the long and arduous process, the jeweler must carefully cut and cut the inserts repeatedly to gradually shape the precious metal claws that hold the gemstones. Then, the jeweler needs to carefully adjust the setting position of the gemstone with extremely sophisticated skills. Exquisite craftsmanship has made each piece a truly unique treasure. Even if it is made into thousands of similar items, it is impossible to find exactly the same works. Square diamond inlays are suitable for angle-cut gems such as square, rectangular or trapezoidal. A square diamond inserter also follows the above steps. The obvious difference is that this process requires a longer manual operation to place each gemstone in the base or setting.