Personalization Practice Of Silicon Material — Mido Baroncelli Series Silicon Hairspring Long Kinetic Watch

If you mention a watch made of silicon or a silicon hairspring, what brand would you think of? There may not be only one answer in everyone’s heart. After all, the application and development of silicon materials and silicon hairsprings have a history of more than 10 years. Many brands have also used silicon to make hairsprings.

   The characteristic of silicon material is that it is not a metal, it is not affected by magnetic forces, and is not easy to be corroded. In addition, its physical characteristics make silicon-made objects have good durability. The reason why the watch industry began to use The use of silicon to make hairsprings is also due to these characteristics of silicon. Of course, the silicon material certainly has its shortcomings, but for the heart of the movement’s operating mechanism, the hairspring, these characteristics make the silicon material a very good option for making hairsprings or movement components.

   Patek Philippe, Athens, Breguet, Rolex, Omega … and so on. When we talk about watches with silicon balance springs or silicon materials, you may think of these brands in your mind. In everyone’s impression, silicon materials are used in the movements of luxury and even top watch brands.
   When answering a watch brand that uses silicon, you don’t think of Mido in particular. And this happens to be what I think is the most meaningful part of this Mido BARONCELLI series of silicon hairspring long kinetic watches.

   The design inspiration of Mido watches is derived from well-known buildings. If you like and are familiar with Mido, you should know that the inspiration of the Belem Sairee series is from the neoclassical architecture of Milan, Italy. gallery. The Belem Celli series is a very popular series of Mido. The elegant design is loved by many domestic and foreign consumers. The shape design of this watch should also be a style that many people will like. In terms of performance, the COSC Swiss Observatory certification plus 80 hours of long-term kinetic energy storage, as a daily or preliminary mechanical watch choice, is also very good for the price of about 10,000 yuan.
   However, in addition to this, it is also equipped with a hairspring made of silicon, which makes this watch very different, and the price / performance ratio instantly increases. It’s almost impossible to buy a watch with a silicon hairspring at a price of less than 10,000 yuan.

   The price range of watches equipped with silicon hairsprings used to be as low as 3-5 million, and even more expensive and advanced brands and watches would use silicon. The introduction of Mido’s watch has practiced the civilianization of silicon material, extending the price and positioning of silicon hairspring technology to 10,000 level watches.
   Just as the back of the movement is engraved with the English word ‘Si’, which represents silicon, the launch of this watch has a milestone significance for Mido, the Swatch Group and the entire Swiss watchmaking industry. .

   While maintaining the original price positioning, Mido launched a watch with silicon hairspring technology, which is far ahead of the other brands in the group with similar price ranges. This is enough to reflect the importance of Mido in the Swatch Group. The launch of the silicon hairspring long kinetic watch not only lays the keynote of Mido high cost performance, but also allows more watch brands to see the possibility of developing silicon hairsprings in terms of cost and various aspects. Of course, from another perspective, it is also because of the support of the group behind, that allows Mido to take the lead in using silicon parts on its watches that sell for 10,000 yuan.
   I suddenly thought that a few years ago, 80 hours of long-term kinetic energy still belonged to the category of mid-to-high-priced watches. Later, Meitu, Tissot and other people-friendly mechanical watches began to gradually use 80-hour kinetic energy storage movements such as CH 80, making The application of movements with hours and even longer kinetic energy began to affect the Swatch Group’s mid-level brand to the outside of the group, and it has become a practical function that this Level watch brand often has.

   This time Mido took the lead in using the silicon hairspring used in high-priced watches in the past, and then maybe the mid-level brands inside and outside the group will follow up one after another and start using silicon hairsprings or silicon materials. If silicon springs or silicon materials become popular movements in the next few years, then this Belemceli series silicon hairspring long kinetic watch will not only celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Belemceli series, but also It is a symbol of the coming of the silicon age of intermediate mechanical watches. The popularity of silicon materials and hairsprings should be good for the industry or consumers, at least until the next material is discovered.
   Of course, maybe everyone is not concerned about the development of the silicon material or watch industry, but even if it falls on the personal point of view of consumers, it is now possible to buy more than 3-5 million or even more expensive for the past 10,000 yuan The silicon hairspring movement used in the watch can make the watch better anti-magnetic and durable. In this regard, it is already worth it, do you say so?