Moon Landing Standby Table – Omega Mark Ⅱ

It is the Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish everyone a happy reunion and a happy holiday. Speaking of Mid-Autumn Festival, of course, it is necessary to admire the moon. On the 15th day of the lunar calendar, the ancients calculated that the moon was closest to the earth. On this autumn day, you can admire the brightest, largest, and most round moon throughout the year. Since ancient times, people’s curiosity about the moon has not stopped. Chang’e ran to the moon and Wu Gang Fagui was an expression of the ancients’ longing for the moon, but the dream of landing on the moon can only remain in the legend. Up to fifty years ago, the American Apollo moon landing program finally achieved a small step out of humankind. At 2:56 on July 21, 1969 (UTC), when I stepped on the moon, when I looked at the earth from the moon for the first time, I looked at this blue planet with great emotion: the dream of running for many years has finally come true. The Omega supplied by the Lunar Plan Watch also became a big star, and the Lunar Watch came from this. However, the familiar Super Speed ​​Moon Landing Watch is actually a chronograph racing watch launched by Omega at that time, and its original intention was not for the moon landing. After Omega learned of the moon landing plan, it also specially designed the Mark Ⅱ style for the moon, but NASA did not adopt this paragraph in the end. The reason was that the moon landing table had been selected so as to avoid unnecessary tests and process results and rejected Mark Ⅱ. Destiny caused the style that should have been on the moon to not land on the moon. Omega spent huge investment in research and development of the lunar landing style, although it was not selected, but in the spirit of not wasting to launch this professional moon landing table to the private market. In 1969, the Omega Mark Ⅱ was officially released. Whether you look at this watch now or before, the appearance is very unique. The biggest thing about Mark is that it does not have a retaining ring. It uses a flat abalone shell, a smooth case and a flat mirror to avoid hooking small objects during wearing. To ensure operator and program safety. The dial Ⅱ is similar to the moon watch, with the same dial layout and the same movement. Looking back at the history, the Mark series generally refers to Omega Mark Ⅱ, Mark Ⅲ, Mark Ⅳ, and Mark Ⅴ; while Mark Ⅰ is vacant, and some people say that Mark Ⅰ is a moon watch, but because the appearance is not of the same kind, the name of Mark Ⅰ was deleted. . Mark Ⅲ, Mark Ⅳ, and Mark Ⅴ have their own style systems, and today’s article will not talk about them. Let’s talk about the new Omega Mark Ⅱ in the poisoner’s hand. It is not difficult to see from the appearance that the new mark2 continues the style released 50 years ago, with orange and white contrasting eye-catching design, and a speed measuring ring is fitted under the sapphire glass, which will be described later. The dial uses a positive three-eye timing layout, and the calendar display is vacant at six o’clock. The biggest difference compared to the old models is here. Just looking at the dial is similar to the moon watch, linear scale, recessed dial, symmetrical chronograph digital dial, and small stick-shaped hands. The three-eye chronograph lap is in the same configuration as before. The 9 o’clock position is the daily seconds hand, the 30-minute chronograph face at 3 o’clock, and the 12-hour time display at 6 o’clock. There is no particularly complicated pattern on the entire surface. The most direct lines are used as instructions, eliminating dazzling confusion and giving people a clear visual impact. Thick, really thick armor. It is not exaggerated to describe the abalone shell. The edge has been polished for excessive use. The clear brushing is visible to the naked eye. The head is neatly distributed on the right side. . You can see a small pinhole on the left to adjust the calendar, instead of quickly adjusting the calendar by turning the head, which has a greater relationship with the 3330 movement design. The buckle has a quick fine-tuning telescopic function, and the strap uses a three-bead drawing design, reminiscent of the classic Day-Date presidential band. Its seductive luster combined with comfortable feel and sexy lines are all satisfying poisonists. The bottom cover uses a dense bottom design, and the hippocampus is definitely indispensable. SPEEDMASTER is also the logo of Supermaster, and it is waterproof for 100 meters for daily use. There are two important parameters in the logo, Si14 and Column Wheel, which represent that the movement uses a silicon balance spring and a column wheel. The Cal.3330 movement is improved from ETA7753. It has been replaced with the cardless coaxial technology, silicon hairspring, and column wheel design. The 7750 movement itself is very high quality. With the overall optimized configuration, it can be said to be impeccable. From the test on the machine and the actual wearing status is very good. If you want to compare with Cal.3313 (fp timing), the personal stability of the time will recommend the 3330 movement. Of course, the 7750 movement will be a little thicker, with a single-winding structure, which can go about 52 hours in terms of power. Having said so much, now the biggest highlight of this disk is the inside of the speed ring. You can see an aluminum ring. The aluminum ring and the speed ring are covered with luminous powder. At the same time, the orange reflection is also beautiful with the orange surface. After this strong light illuminates the Mark Ⅱ luminous effect, you can see the blue luminous light covering the entire surface of the disk. A circle of blue and blue digital circles can really poison everyone. This picture is an effect shot taken under strong light. You can see that although the orange fill does not have a luminous effect, it has a first-rate reflective effect, which is especially suitable for the night reminder function. As the title says, such a separate and unique moon landing standby table. Fortune caused the style that was supposed to be on the moon did not land on the moon, but it did not affect his classics, bright luminous rays, and will always exist in historical glory. Omega MARK II watch, model: 327., diameter: 42.4 * 46.2, movement: Cal.3330, public price: 42000.