Swiss Mido Watches Prove Eternity With Architectural Inspiration

In 1918, the experienced and talented master watchmaker George Sharon founded the Swiss Mido in Zurich, Switzerland. Its name comes from the Spanish ‘Yo mido’, which means ‘I measure’. Mido aims to make a watch that perfectly combines practical functions with unlimited value. MIDO entered China for the first time in 1938, when it was called ‘meter’. In 2000, MIDO entered China again under the name of ‘Meitu’ under the SWATCH Group.

 Real design is more resistant to the flow of time than the trend of the moment. Swiss Mido draws inspiration from classic architecture, and interprets the philosophy of time and space art together with architecture, and wears eternal architecture that contains inspiration and creativity on people’s wrists.

 While emphasizing timeless design, Mido is also one of the brands of choice for Swiss official observatory-certified watches. For nearly a century since its birth, Mido has always insisted on manufacturing 100% Swiss-made watches with high-quality materials, precise movements, excellent waterproof performance, and long-term ownership.

 The Swiss Mido watch is no longer a mechanical product that simply records time, but a symbol of taste and a timeless interpretation.

Surprisingly Tasting Bulgari Bb Lady Series Watch

As everyone knows, Bulgari has always loved the serpentine beauty. In the 1960s, Bulgari first introduced a realistic-style serpentine watch. While maintaining its graceful style, it also incorporated BVLGARI Bulgari. The unique geometrical framework of the ‘Tubogas’ series (wrapping the wrist with a gold net) shows a unique and timeless transcendent aesthetic style. The snake has a charming and enchanting figure, which is often associated with the beauty of women. In the West, there is a legend of a ‘snake’ that seduces Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. In China, it also has a legend of white snake gratitude. What comes out is the beauty of an unruly temptation. Today, the Watch House brings you a Bulgari BBLADY series watch, the reference model is: BBLP262TSG.

VLBVLGARIBVLGARI series was created in 1977. This series continues one of the few signs of the 20th century to this day. For several years, Bulgari has presented a series of masterpieces that show femininity.

The 26mm case is made of shiny stainless steel, and the ring logo of ‘BVLGARI-BVLGARI’ is engraved on the bezel of rose gold, showing the extraordinary brand charm.

The warm and beautiful beige mother-of-pearl dial shines with enamel luster. The dial uses 12 delicate diamonds as the dial scale. It is dazzling, and two willow-shaped rose gold hands are delicate and elegant.

The rose gold crown is inlaid with a bright red ruby, just like the intoxicating red lips of a beautiful lady, adding a bright color to the watch.

This watch is thin and exquisite. The alternate appearance of rose gold and stainless steel material weakens the charming and charming temperament of the watch, which adds a bit of gentleness and beauty to the lady.

The strap adopts Bulgari’s classic ‘Tubogas’ design. The rose gold strap is wrapped around the wrist like a belly, revealing a touch of charming charm, but also exudes a cool temperament. The elastic strap can automatically fit the wrist, while being simple and convenient, it also reduces the sense of restraint that the watch easily brings.

腕表 This watch is equipped with a quartz movement, and the time is accurate without proofing.

Summary: This watch perfectly integrates the unique luxury design style of the Bvlgari brand, yet it is natural and elegant, exuding an aesthetic and noble fashion. It is not only a beautifully crafted watch, but also an outstanding piece of jewelry. Compared with the classic Serpenti series of Bulgari watches, this watch adds a few serpentine elements to the design while adding a few The gentle temperament makes it easier to manage. The current domestic price of this watch is 76,000 yuan. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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