Stable And Low-profile Iwc Portofino Iw353312 Men’s Watch

Wanguo was founded in 1868. It has a history of nearly one and a half years. The brand of Wonguo has always been focusing on the concept of ‘designed for men’. Therefore, it has a high reputation in the field of men’s watches. Its founder is of American origin, and its design style is more bold than other Swiss brands. Today we come to appreciate this IWC Portofino series IW353312 watch.
 IWC Portofino displays its attitude towards life in the name of a romantic tourist destination. The IW353312 watch is one of its representatives. IW353312 has a simple and simple appearance without any gorgeous decoration. It takes the purest white as the main color of the dial, respects the pure colors of naturalism, and reflects the pursuit of pure and beautiful life mood, reflecting its positioning. The round case is made of stainless steel and is polished to give a mirror effect, which makes the metal luster shine. However, because the steel material is not resistant to wear, such a case still needs more protection. Needless to say, the watch mirrors are all made of sapphire crystal glass. The only difference is whether they have been treated with anti-reflective treatment. Sapphire is artificial corundum, which is extremely hard, second only to diamond, and has Good light transmission. The layout of the dial is extremely simple. All the scales are replaced by short lines. The beauty of simplicity is self-evident, especially the three hands and the three hands are rod-shaped hands, giving people a precise and chic feel. The entire dial surface is beautiful with lines. Strikingly, the small window-style calendar adds a little dynamic elements to the simple dial.

The overall appearance is concise and elegant, quiet and natural, revealing a gentleman’s temperament in a low-key manner, deserving of being a modest gentleman in the IWC series.
The IWC Portofino IW353312 watch still meets the needs of daily life in terms of functionality. It is simple and practical and has a calendar function. This is an indispensable function for users who want to keep track of the time. Time represents a person’s life, wasting time at any unnecessary point, and in the long run it will become an inefficient person. Portofino watches are positioned as gentlemen who enjoy a comfortable life. They must be able to grasp every moment of relaxation and relax the mind.
As a basic function of contemporary timepieces, water resistance is essential. Water in the watch can cause inaccurate travel and even damage the movement. This is a fatal injury to the watch. Therefore, a watch without water resistance, no matter how good it is There may be embroidered pillows. The IW353312 watch has a water resistance of 30 meters, which can adapt to the needs of daily water.
 The IWC353312 watch uses the Swiss ETA movement 2892 in the movement part. The 2892 movement is the king of the ETA movement. Its high quality, even many self-produced movements, is incomparable. This movement is mostly used in mid-range watches. It was launched in 1976. The ETA 2892 movement is an upgraded version of the 2890 movement. Compared with the 2890 movement, the vibration frequency of the 2892 movement has been increased to 4hz. The size of the base core has been reduced from 28mm to 25.6mm, and the thickness remains the same, but this brings about a reduction in the size of the balance wheel and the weight of the rotor, which will also affect the winding efficiency. ETA’s movement has many characteristics. Among them, ETA gear teeth are used on both gear teeth and shaft teeth to reduce friction to a minimum, thereby improving the efficiency of the transmission system. IWC movements also have these advantages, thus improving their stability.

 The IWC Portofino series IW353312 watch is very low-key and stable on the whole. It has no outstanding functions and no outstanding appearance. The overall is so simple but practical. The only thing that can be praised is the stable performance of the ETA 2892 movement, which is the fundamental of mechanical watches. All of this is based on its positioning, explaining this pursuit through the purest colors, practical functions and stable performance. Just like its series name, Portofino, IW353312 watch wants to express an attitude to the simple and pure life, and the simple and elegant appearance is more elegant.
 The IWC 353312 watch offers less than 2w. There are few watches of this price in the IWC brand, and its cost performance is indeed considerable.
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Crystal Clear Tasting Grand Lange 1 ‘lumen’ The First Luminous Calendar Watch

LANGE 1 is undoubtedly a landmark masterpiece for LANGE, and it can also be said to be a miracle that brings the brand back to life. When Lange first introduced the big calendar display, it not only prepared The praise has set off a wave of brands vying to follow suit. This also completes the complex installation of this famous large calendar display, but usually the internal mechanism design is hidden under the solid silver dial, and the latest GRAND LANGE 1 ‘Lumen’ will show you this mysterious world generously. The official model is: 117.035

   This platinum case watch is limited to 100 pieces and fully reflects the characteristics shown in the name: some dials are made of translucent sapphire crystal, only the outer ring, hour display, minute display and small seconds dial are made of black silver. The sapphire crystal part reveals the first large calendar display dial device that shines in the dark. In addition, time and power reserve are also legible in the dark.

   How to ensure the best effect of the luminous function after daily switching operations is the technical problem faced when developing the GRAND LANGE 1 ‘Lumen’. Lange’s product R & D engineer came up with the idea to directly engrav the white luminous coating and black numbers on the ten-digit cross disc. The single digit disc was composed of transparent glass with black numbers and rotated on the luminous background. The sapphire crystal part of the dial is treated with a newly developed coating that blocks most of the visible spectrum. As for the invisible UV spectrum, it is not blocked by the coating. Therefore, the numbers on the dial can penetrate enough photon energy to make them clear and easy to read in the dark: the disc device is still easy to read.

Appearance articles:

   The watch uses a 40.9mm platinum case. The superb polishing technique will make it show perfect arc and gloss, and it will be more luxurious and elegant under the setting of precious metal.

   Intuitively, the biggest highlight of this watch is that the main dial is made of solid silver (black), and the sapphire crystal with a translucent coating on the groove part. The large calendar display turntable device shines.

指针 The hands of the watch are made of gold-plated rhodium. At the same time, you can clearly see that the hours, minutes, power reserve display, and large calendar display window are covered with a luminous layer design, which is convenient for reading in dim light.

The bottom of the watch is made of sapphire crystal. The movement splint and double gooseneck trimmer are perfectly displayed in front of the eyes. It is well known that the movement of German watches is still very eye-catching in appearance.

The watch is paired with a hand-stitched black alligator leather strap and a Lange platinum pin buckle, which is comfortable and beautiful to wear.

The design of the Lange Grand Calendar is inspired by the five-minute digital clock made by Ferdinand A. Lange for the Dresden Semper Opera in 1841. The iconic large calendar display window has become one of the unique genes of LANGE 1. It can be quickly adjusted by the button that controls the ten o’clock position. At the same time, it is more flexible and elegant under the transparent dial.

The fan-shaped power reserve display clearly reminds the wearer of the movement’s power reserve. This is a manually wound movement. It is very practical for such watches to have a power reserve display.

The classic eccentric dial separates the small second hand, the main dial is displayed with Roman numerals, and the small second dial is displayed with scales and Arabic numerals. The dial is attached to a rhodium-plated solid silver plywood, which is deeper and three-dimensional under the background of the movement.
Movement articles

The watch is equipped with Lange watch factory’s homemade L095.2 manual winding movement, which meets Lange’s strictest quality standards, carefully modified and assembled by hand; five-way precision adjustment; the machine plate and bridge plate are made of untreated Germany Made of silver; hand-carved balance wheel plywood, made by human hands with small rolling sand nails, which are generally hidden under the dial. The double-assembled watch factory’s self-made L095.2 movement combines superb craftsmanship and high-level aesthetics.

Only one year ago, the manual winding movement L095.2 canceled the second main barrel and the delicate parts arrangement, which allowed the movement to reduce the overall thickness without damaging any power reserve, and at the same time, LANGE 1 was elegant. The dial structure is transplanted to large models. The dial of the GRAND LANGE 1 ‘Lumen’ shows the hours, minutes, seconds, large calendar and power reserve indicator, and the configuration is clear and non-overlapping. The vibration frequency is 21,600 times per hour. It is equipped with a lateral fine adjustment screw and a gooseneck-type precision fine adjustment system. It can be fully wound for 72 hours.

Summary: It is reported that the unit price of this limited edition of 200 watches is about 500,000 yuan. Of course, we have to admit that there is an expensive truth. It can be said that all platinum watches can be listed as luxury in the watch. Products, coupled with the newly developed and improved movement, the visual shock brought by the super transparent dial and the superb luminous display ability, these are enough to bring countless halo to this watch, and also show Lange’s unique position and strength as the leading German watch brand.

Grand Lange 1 ‘Lumen’ watch details:
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