The New Bmw Watch Series Officially Released By The Refinement Of Machinery And Time

[The aesthetic effect of the new BMW BMW watch series is significantly affected by BMW cars, and its style presents the most minimalistic form, which is a fusion of identification, logos, ergonomics, comfort and ideal proportions]

The mechanical beauty of watches has been known for a long time. After hundreds of years of development, the charm of this mechanical precision operation has also been brought to the extreme by watchmakers. Automobile-themed watches are the hottest topic of the moment. At the end of September 2012, the Swiss watch company Boer Watch launched the Boer BMW watch series in Beijing, allowing Chinese watch lovers to see the passionate collision between two incompatible cutting-edge mechanical technologies.
The aesthetic effect of the new BMW BMW watch series is significantly influenced by BMW cars, reminiscent of the details of the BMW engine and body: the slender outer edge of the middle of the case depicts the aerodynamic lines of the case, which is elongated Curved. Here, the style presents its simplest form, a fusion of identification, logos, ergonomics, comfort and ideal proportions, reminiscent of the dynamic contours of a BMW. In the words of the well-known designer Magali Métrailler in charge of the project, it is ‘humanly elegant lines’.
‘Our inspiration comes from bridge architecture (such as bridges in San Francisco), such as those designed by engineers to withstand the shock waves caused by vehicles passing through the bridge.’ Philip Antilles, CTO, Bolt Table (Philippe Antille) explained.
In order to guarantee the highest performance, all Ball BMW watch movements are certified by the Observatory: such as solo tempo (hour and date display), Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) function (both places), or More sophisticated models with energy storage display. It is said that Bolt plans to release a special edition watch in the near future, which contains its famous mechanical thermometer (TMT) component, and will also release a chronograph model with outstanding appearance.
运动 In terms of sportiness and cutting-edge technology, Ball Watch is equipped with a patent-registered Amortise shockproof system for its new Ball BMW watch series. A self-luminous miniature gas lamp is inlaid on the surface metal scale formed by drilling. BMW logo colors (such as Inka orange) are added to the second hand, and some details of the energy storage display and the two-time (GMT) display. The innovative H3 self-luminous miniature gas lamp does not require an external light source or energy source, and its brightness is one hundred times that of the traditional traditional luminous paint, ensuring that the dial can maintain clear reading even in the dark environment.
‘The new Boer BMW watch series allows us to share our passion for the highest level of craftsmanship with our wider customers and our pursuit of perfection and state-of-the-art mechanical performance.’ Boer Watch COO Daniel Daniel Alioth concluded.
What are the advantages of Bol compared to other similarly priced brands in the market?
BALL COO: In fact, there are many similar watches in the market for this launch. Our pricing is conservative and below the average market price, but because of cooperation with BMW, customers who may buy BMW cars will also Hope to have such a watch. Our cooperation model is specially designed for BMW owners, especially night drivers, so this new model has two Boer exclusive technologies: one is Amortiser anti-vibration technology, and the other is the night light on the dial. Gas Light), these two new technologies make us very different.
The performance of Swiss watch brands in the Chinese market was generally unsatisfactory in the middle of the following year. Has Poll been affected? Have you made any market strategy adjustments?
BALL COO: Indeed, the growth rate of Swiss watches in the Chinese market this year is indeed not as large as in the previous two years, but in fact the growth of watches in the Chinese market in the previous two years is an abnormal performance. Unexpectedly, I think that the decline in growth this year is not a bad thing, because the market has finally matured and stabilized. We are paying close attention to this market, which has no impact on Bol.
Radon lamp night light technology is a patent of Boer. What are the advantages of Boer’s compared with Panerai’s ‘sandwich sandwich’ night light? What improvements and improvements has Boer made to this patented technology over the years?
BALL COO: Boer’s steam lamp is a chemical change that can last for 24 years, while other brands of night light need external light sources to emit light. As far as our current technology is concerned, it has developed very maturely. Afterwards, the focus of our improvement may be on color changes. The new orange color is a very special color of BMW, and we will try other things later. Our technology can achieve all colors, but be very cautious in the use of dark colors, because the visibility of dark colors is not high. The luminous color of most Bohr watches two years ago is ice blue, which is light blue. The color is clearly visible.
表 What are the models that are selling well in the Chinese market? In what ways does Boer table most impress consumers?
BALL COO: The Engineer series is very popular in China, especially the Engineer Hydrocarbon series launched this year. This series is designed for those with an adventurous spirit, so more technology was invested in research and development. In fact, Bol’s advantage is not just reliable performance and technology. We also attach great importance to design. In the Engineer Hydrocarbon series, there are different styles of watches to choose from.

Three-dimensional Triangle Shape Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80 Mechanical Watch List

The annual Basel International Jewellery and Watches has been opened, and the special report team in front of the Watch House has begun to work. They will bring you the latest, fastest and most comprehensive watch exhibition reports. Now let’s take a look at the big picture of the latest watch launched by Hamilton at the Baselworld.
   This watch celebrates the 80th anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley on February 8 this year. Hamilton has specially introduced the Ventura Elvis 80 to pay tribute to the king of rock.

   The ultra-modern shield-shaped case of the Ventura adventure series is particularly eye-catching. The watch is designed with ‘steep slope’ glass and curved dial. The case is made of new field materials and processed by drawing and polishing. Eye-catching. This model is mainly black with a smooth PVD coating and a dynamic rubber strap or silk-stitched leather strap. It is equipped with Hamilton’s self-developed H-10 movement and is equipped with a power reserve of up to 80 hours.
Watch details:

   The above is the cutting-edge information of the Hamilton Pavilion of the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair 2015 prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, so stay tuned.

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