Milan’s New ‘la Vendemmia’ Wine Festival Opens

The Breguet Milan Boutique welcomes the seventh ‘La Vendemmia’ wine festival.

   This annual autumn celebration has attracted more and more Milan watch enthusiasts to gather in the Breguet boutiques on Montenapoleone street to explore the latest masterpieces of their favorite luxury watch brands.

   More than 150 VIPs were invited to the Breguet boutique to appreciate the outstanding watch work of the brand.

   Of particular interest are women’s watches, including the famous Crazy Flower watch. This fine jewellery timepiece is embellished with movable diamond petals, exuding smart charm with the swing of the wrist.

Mysterious Dual Identity Tasting Piaget Altiplano Double Jeu Watch

Ultra-thin design concept has always been the core of Piaget culture and history. And a watch equipped with two ultra-thin movements, which can display dual time zones, allows people to accurately grasp the time in different regions, it can be said that it is a man’s favorite.

  Piaget Altiplano Double Jeu watch can be said to have a dual identity watch, with dual movements, dual time zone creativity. The Altiplano Double Jeu watch allows the wearer to choose the dial, which perfectly matches the mood and needs of people who often travel in different time zones. Not only attracts fashionable travellers, it also fascinates high-end watchmakers and design lovers. Today the watch home brings you a Piaget Emperador Altiplano Double Jeu series watch, the official model is: G0A35152.

  At first glance, this watch, 43 mm in diameter, 18K white gold case. The upper case is equipped with a transparent sapphire caseback, and the Piaget 838P ultra-thin hand-wound mechanical movement is equipped with a small second hand. The lower layer is equipped with a 24-hour display, paired with Piaget 832P ultra-thin hand-wound mechanical movement. The overall design continues the simplicity and classicism of Piaget ultra-thin watches.

  The watch is divided into two layers from the side, and the upper dial can be opened by the button at 3 o’clock. The design of the side double crowns is neat and layered at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock, respectively. The platinum-made crown is engraved with Piaget’s classic ‘P’ logo.

  This watch is paired with a black alligator leather strap, which adopts the stitching process, which reflects the pure Swiss watchmaking tradition.

  The hinge on the side without the buckle fastens the two cases together. The overall thickness is 11.7 millimeters. The setting of the dual movement does not affect its thickness and is very light to wear. Brushed metal on the side adds texture.

  The buckle is equipped with a platinum detachable folding buckle, which is safe and firm. The buckle is engraved with Piaget’s English logo, which is easy to wear.

  The design of the lugs is simple and slender, and the straight lines with sharp rhombus corners replace the curved lugs design, but it fits perfectly with the wrist and the strap, and the case is more slim.

  The upper dial uses a round beveled white gold bezel. The dial is silver-plated and the black slender hands. The hours are displayed on the scale, which is elegant and simple. A small second hand is located between the 8 and 11 o’clock positions, continuing the classic and simple style of Piaget’s ultra-thin series.

  A sapphire crystal caseback on the back offers an exquisite ultra-thin movement. The upper dial is equipped with a Piaget 838P movement. The 838P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement is based on the 830P movement. The unique feature is that the power reserve is improved, the power reserve is about 61 hours, and the thickness is only 2.5 mm. The 838P movement is equipped with a screw balance that is unique to fine watchmaking and features an eccentric small seconds hand set at 10 o’clock. The decorative details such as the circular Geneva wave pattern, the round-finished main splint, the chamfered bridge, the blue steel screws, the Piaget family emblem, all show the aesthetic standards that this Swiss watch brand upholds, making this movement even more outstanding.

  The bottom dial also adopts silver-plated color, silver slender hands, 24-hour display in the second time zone and minute scales on the periphery, maintaining the same style as the upper dial.

  The bottom cover uses a dense bottom design and is engraved with Piaget’s English logo and family crest. It is equipped with a 832P caliber, which is the same as the Earl 9P caliber. It has a power reserve of about 61 hours and a thickness of 2.5 mm. Based on the 830P movement, the gear set and dial are adjusted, and a 24-hour display is set.

  Summary: With dual movements and dual time zones, this elegantly designed Altiplano Double Jeu double watch can definitely meet the needs of business people who often travel between different time zones. Equipped with two ultra-thin movements, 838P and 832P, it can be said that this watch is the result of Piaget technology. This watch has been discontinued, and interested friends can consult the local Piaget watch store. The current domestic price of this watch is 323,700 yuan.

Montblanc’s New ‘explore Mysterious Moon Phases’ Application Interface

This year, the world-renowned luxury brand Montblanc not only launched a number of new watches, but also the most popular new media platform in China-WeChat (about 400 million users). The luxury industry has brought unprecedented changes in the digital realm. Montblanc Asia Pacific President Julien Renard said: ‘Digitalization has always been Montblanc’s brand strategy in China and will continue to advance in the future. This newly launched moon phase event sets us apart from our competitors and is both groundbreaking and heritage brand DNA A perfect example of that. ‘

   Montblanc’s successively introduced perpetual calendar models and Ms. Baoxi series perpetual calendar models, including the moon phase function, make the moon’s gloomy and sunny circle abruptly appear on the dial. It is generally believed that the first and second quarter moons will have an impact on our environment and life. Especially in China, astrology is often used as a reference for daily life. Pablo Mauron, general manager of Digital Luxury Group (DLG) China, puts it: ‘The starting point for how to use the moon phase function to promote watches is very important to us. Many luxury brand watches are focusing on promoting the moon phase function. However, taking advantage of Chinese users’strong interest in astrology, combined with moon phase transformation, Montblanc is the first luxury brand to make this innovative attempt. On this basis, in order to attract users’ eyes, Montblanc also broke the traditional static QR code Integrate the moon phase transformation into a dynamic QR code.

   Montblanc’s new ‘Explore Mysterious Moon Phases’ application interface, released on November 10, is the first time that a high-end watch brand has combined the watch function of the ‘Moon Phases’ with the true universe moon phases. The application provides both web and mobile versions and fully integrates WeChat functions to present users with a multi-faceted experience. Just enter the date of birth on the application page to query the impact of the month of birth on personal personality, work hobbies, love and marriage. Montblanc also invited Wang Xiaoya, a well-known astrologer, to participate in the analysis of moon phases, and promoted the event from an interactive game between brands and netizens in a general sense to an authoritative moon phase study.

Montblanc Bohème Perpetual Calendar Jewellery Watch

Montblanc WeChat Development Features Review

   In April, Montblanc hosted a week-long classic heritage exhibition “Long Harvest, Long Lasting” at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Users can register online via Montblanc WeChat and get a personal customized invitation to the dynamic exhibition. At the exhibition site, a special two-dimensional code can also be used to correspond the number of the exhibits with the content number of the two-dimensional code, so that users can conveniently and timely obtain more information about the exhibits. At the same time, Montblanc launched the “Finding the Big Class Characters” game on WeChat, which for the first time extended the well-known series of the brand to interactive games, and at the same time became the transmission of Montblanc’s “Big Class Spirit”. From August to August, Montblanc staged a grand Baoxi feast in Shanghai’s South Bund. In this event, Montblanc WeChat live broadcasted the event process online through the development function, so that users could enjoy the grand occasion as if they were on the scene. Interact with brands for exclusive information.

Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Moon Phase Watch

   As one of the luxury brands that implemented the strategy in the new media field earlier, Montblanc has been intensively working on WeChat platforms in recent years, and has continuously developed projects that have extremely high interaction effects and are consistent with the brand’s temperament. I believe that it will continue to bring Brand new work.

Berace Aviation Series Watch Real Shot

[Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland. Bring the report of the exhibition to everyone at the front.

Bell & Ross BR03 series AVIATION BR03-90 Bell & Ross has been working tirelessly to develop the perfect watch, with the professional experience in aerospace, military and watch design and other fields to create An innovative professional watch.

 At the Basel Watch Fair, Bell & Ross not only brought us a display of new watches, but also displayed many classic watches in the window.

 At the Baselworld 2009, Bell & Ross will launch the new BR HERITAGE of the Instrument series, including 46 mm BR 01, 42 mm BR 03, etc., all equipped with ETA automatic winding movement 2892, stainless steel case after carbon Powder-coated and glass-blasted, with excellent scratch and corrosion resistance. Black faceplate, fluorescent hour markers, waterproof to 100 meters.

 The function of luminous reading is also very powerful.

Summary: In fact, Bell & Ross’s military watches have a great influence in its models. The retro design always reminds people of the beautiful memories of that distant era. In recent years, in addition to working on appearance, the brand has also made extraordinary progress in terms of function and watchmaking technology.

The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.

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