Three Lazy Wind Watches Recommended For Holidays And Leisure

On the National Day, many small partners went out to see the great country of the motherland. However, when I think of the crowds of people in the scenic area, I think: In fact, staying at home is also a good choice. Lazily lie on the comfortable sofa and watch wonderful TV programs; or go to board games with friends and so on, and enjoy a leisurely and comfortable life. At this time, a casual lazy wind watch is no more appropriate. The three watches recommended by the watch editor today are full of laziness and will accompany you to spend a wonderful leisure time!

Montblanc TimeWalker 114880

Watch Series: Timewalker
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: Microblasted steel
Strap material: nato fashion leather
Case diameter: 42 mm
Watch public price: ¥ 28800
Watch details: METRO 1101 watch

Watch Series: METRO
Movement type: manual machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: horse leather
Case diameter: 37 mm
Watch public price: 25400
Watch details: 643 7654 7185-Set MB watch

Watch Series: Dive Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: titanium
Strap Material: Titanium
Case diameter: 43 mm
Watch price: ¥ 20800
Watch details: oris / 11195 /
Watch comment: Since it is a diving series, the waterproof performance must not be said. Water-resistant to 300 meters, no problem even if you wear it to swim in the pool. The orange hands and time scales are paired with the blue dial for a sporty look. The avant-garde willow-shaped hour and minute hands are more beautiful. The hands and time scale have fluorescent coatings, which will give off a beautiful orange-yellow light in a darker environment, which is beautiful and guarantees accurate viewing. The new case and bracelet of the watch are made of new titanium, which makes the watch more durable. Wear it for small-scale events to add points to your unique temperament.
To sum up: lazy wind does not mean doing nothing, it just omits redundant leisure steps and makes leisure life more quality and vitality. Just like these three watches, both the technology and the watch itself exude a thick lazy wind. So, wear one of the three recommended by the editor of Watch House and enjoy your happy leisure holiday!

Fearless Challenge, Easy “Easy” Traveling Tissot Tengzhi Series Second Generation Solar Watch

Having spent a long time in the urban forest, we always like to escape, even if it is only a mountain climbing or camping in the suburbs, and for those who are keen on the outdoors, challenge the unknown environment and face the Setting foot in the territory is a journey worth looking forward to. We always say, ‘There is always a body and mind on the road.’ When you let go of your daily life and walk into a wasteland, a forest, a grass, a desert, a glacier, or whatever you want to go to, you will have your body and mind on the way. Traveling outdoors, facing yourself, challenging the unknown, Tissot designed exclusive watches for outdoor enthusiasts to calmly cope with difficult environments. In 2017, Tissot launched the second generation of Tengzhi series solar watches, with two choices: Bring you brave posture. Taking the T110.420.47.051.00 watch as an example, let us experience the special features of the Tissot Tengzhi series together.

   In 1999, Tissot launched the first touch-screen watch for the first time. At that time, it led the new trend of high-tech watches. Let us see that watches can also have this kind of play, which is very fresh and very technological. It can be said that It was a smart watch at the time. In 2015, Tissot merged this mature touch screen technology with solar energy to solve the problem of electricity. Since then, this watch can be completely free from worrying about electricity. This is the first generation of Tissot Tengzhi series. Solar watch. In 2017, Tissot brought the second generation of Tengzhi series solar watches. In addition to all the features of the previous work, it added two unique color schemes for the army and navy, unprecedented, and strengthened in details again.
Designed for the outdoors

Tissot Solar Series
   The new generation Tissot Tengzhi series solar watch has a 45 mm diameter. Compared to many men, this size is not small, but as an outdoor touch meter, it must have a slightly larger size, because it not only Only the indicators should be clearly displayed, and it must be able to accommodate finger touch. At the same time, the watch has a distinctive degree of recognition, and the outer bezel is concisely marked with the large font ‘N.E.S.W’ four directions. This watch is an army model with a dark color that makes it easy to hide in the wild.

T-TOUCH mark
   To make the watch easy to wear outdoors, the case is made of top-grade titanium, and the surface is treated with black PVD coating, which is very cool. Titanium metal is not only light in texture, but also anti-allergic, high hardness and wear-resistant, it is a very good outdoor professional instrument making material. The name of the series is laser-etched on the side of the middle case. T-TOUCH refers to the Tissot touch screen feature, which is also the core feature of the series.

Ceramic outer ring
   At the same time, the bezel of the watch is made of black ceramic, which is light and sturdy. It can avoid wear and tear in complex environments such as mountains, grass, jungle, etc. When the adventure or journey is completed, the watch is still new.
20 functionsEasy operation

Functional Analysis Diagram

Function operation buttons
   At the three o’clock position of the watch, there are three buttons, of which the middle button is the adjustment start button. Before using the touch screen professional functions, you need to press this button first to turn on the touch screen and then touch the corresponding position on the dial. , The watch can indicate the corresponding data. The up and down buttons are used to coordinate various functions, such as timing start and stop, time adjustment, and so on.

Touch screen
   Compared with the first generation, this second-generation Tissot Solar Series solar watch has some significant changes. First, the scales have become the traditional timepieces. Second, the hands have a red triangle arrow. Third, the luminous light is improved and the luminous efficiency is improved. In addition, the basic elements of the dial remain the same, and each position refers to its corresponding function. Although the dial shows a small number of functions in total, you need to know that this watch can achieve a total of 20 functions, from the compass, altimeter, weather forecast (predictive barometric pressure), timing, countdown, sailing timer, dual alarm To dual time zone, night vision, perpetual calendar, azimuth, log, etc., the functions are very powerful, and these functions are all indicated only by the two hands and the display at 6 o’clock.


There is a compass icon in the center

   Interestingly, the center of the dial of the Army model has a faintly visible compass icon, solemn and sacred. In the army, the compass can help indicate the position. When performing tasks, it is related to life safety.
Other details

Silicone strap
   Unlike the first-generation Tengzhi series solar watch, the second-generation watch’s strap uses a more comfortable and soft silicone material, wears clothing, does not absorb sweat and water, and is flexible, so it can be calmly faced Outdoor environment.

Sealed bottom cover
   When flipping over the watch, the bottom cover of the dense bottom is the necessary label of some watches, including watch material, sapphire crystal glass, waterproof 100 meters, etc. In the queue of the Tissot brand, T-TOUCH is undoubtedly a smart watch, although It does not have an intelligent system and does not need to be connected to a mobile phone, but it has a large number of professional functions and can be easily controlled. To a certain extent, it can implement these functions and is very intelligent.

Summary: There is no doubt that this is one of the few professional outdoor smart watches currently. It does not record your daily steps and heart rate every moment, but it has all the data you really need when you are outdoors. The sturdy and durable materials, as well as the professional instrument functions, make the Tissot Tengzhi series solar watches as tough as tough soldiers. It should be said that it is a good outdoor companion. This Army watch is priced at RMB 8100 domestically.

Parmigiani Officially Names The Three Chinese Watch Series

Mr. Michel Parmigiani, watchmaker and restorer, 1996 in Fleurier, Val-de-Travers, the holy land of watchmaking in Switzerland ) Founded the Parmigiani brand. Over the past 23 years, Parmigiani has created a number of stunning timepieces with extreme aesthetic design and perfect watchmaking. Among them, the three major series of Tonda, Toric and Kalpa represent the essence of Parmigioni’s watchmaking Each watch series showcases the brand’s outstanding fusion of precision time and aesthetic craftsmanship from different directions. In 2019, Parmigiani officially named Chinese names for the three most representative watch series, with the new ‘Tonda Collection’, ‘Toric Collection’, and ‘Kalpa Collection’ ) New interpretation of top watchmaking craftsmanship from Fleurier, conveying the brand’s cultural spirit to the world.
Tonda Collection
  Of all Parmigiani’s product lines, the Tonda Collection has become a highly regarded collection for its simplicity and elegance. The simplicity of the watch is a testament to watchmaking, which is not easy for an experienced fine watch brand. From design to the production of each part, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the watch movement and the reliable operation of the mechanical structure, as well as the movement of the movement to achieve the best winding effect in a limited structural space. The true meaning of the watch. Like the brand-new Chinese name ‘Tongda’, the seemingly simple transliteration is consistent with the brand concept of simple but top-notch watchmaking craftsmanship, leading more people into the world of Parmigiani watches.

The ultimate craftsmanship of Parma Johnny Tonda Collection
Universal Beauty (Toric Collection)
  From the beginning of the brand’s creation, the Toric Collection is synonymous with the most sophisticated precision construction and technology in one. It is also the original intention of the brand to show the world the purest Swiss watchmaking heritage. ‘Universal’ means a vast area in Chinese, which symbolizes Parmigiani’s pioneering ground with unique brand culture, drawing inspiration from the restoration of antique clocks, incorporating traditional craftsmanship into modern watchmaking, and creating his own Times. In 2017, Parmigiani returned to the roots to release the new Universal series watches, which are no longer limited to orphan watches with large complex functions, but have created more masterpieces that record time-lapse functions in a conventional way. The opening of the mountain echoes perfectly. The iconic knurled decoration on the bezel subtly blends nature, mathematics and architectural geometry, giving each one of the Universe watches a unique DNA. Coupled with the extreme use of golden ratio in watch design details, Parma Gianni’s vast universe shows people the ubiquitous golden ratio aesthetics.

Parma Gianni’s Toric Collection golden ratio interprets retro beauty
Kalpa Collection is in shape
  The founder of the brand, Mr. Michelle Parmigiani, relentlessly pursues the independence of watch design and production, aiming to create a watch that is comfortable and ergonomic for all wrists. It is precisely the persistence of his cherished desire that Mr. Parmigiani designed the ‘Kingpa Collection’ watch, which realizes the complete harmony of all the elements of the watch itself-the special-shaped movement and the special-shaped The consistency of the case; the harmony of hidden elements and external elements. The iconic tonneau-shaped case is equipped with the tonneau-shaped movement independently developed by the brand, which achieves the ultimate fusion of design and craftsmanship. It showcases the brand’s top watchmaking craftsmanship while providing the wearer with unparalleled comfort. ‘Kalpa’ is derived from Sanskrit, meaning infinite time, echoing the shape of Fang Heng series and the pursuit of long-term accurate timing.

The Kalpa Collection on the front and back of the Kalpa Collection has the same definition in the form