Month: January 2017

Tissot Makes The ‘core’ Of Motion Extremely Precise

Since the first ‘marathon race’ in human history in 490 BC, the ancient Greek soldier Fedipidiz has rushed to Athens from the battlefield near the ancient Greek city marathon. All athletes and sports-loving People became obsessed with knowing everything about race results, distance, winners and speed. The charm of sports is fierce confrontation and competition, and accurate timing is the key link to ensure the orderly progress of the game. Tissot has been manufacturing professional timers for sports events since 1883, and has provided timekeeping services for ski competitions held in Villas, Switzerland since 1938. It has officially entered the field of sports timing; today, Tissot has become a number of important sports and events. In addition to establishing official partnerships with the World Motorcycle Championship MotoGP, the Chinese Basketball Professional League CBA and the Australian Rugby League AFL, as the official designated timing partner, it is also the FIBA, the World Bicycle Federation (UCI) ), Official partners of the World Fencing Federation (FIE) and the World Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), to time their international or intercontinental championships. Tissot owns the exquisite Swiss watchmaking technology, and has been committed to exploring more precise timing technology. Each year, for different sports categories, Tissot also launches sports watches with corresponding functions and designs, making the charm of timepieces passionate. In motion.

计时 Time for fencing competition
Two swords confronted each other. Fencing is one of the oldest sports in the world. It is a sport that requires precision and timing. It combines sensitivity and speed. Fencing players need to continuously improve their skills to give their opponents an unexpected blow. . Fencing is a sport that is difficult to score accurately, because timing and scoring must be performed simultaneously, and the scoring process is difficult to observe and record.
As a partner of the International Fencing Federation (FIE), the scoring and timing system provided by Tissot uses high-speed cameras to record fencing matches, and once it is sensed to be stabbed by the end of the sword, the system will automatically start three seconds before the stab action and After the two-second record, the referee can view the record and make a decision. If necessary, you can record the entire fencing game and review it. The most troublesome part of scoring and timing in fencing competition is how to judge who strikes first. At this time, technology has demonstrated its own power-these actions are often too fast, the referees cannot judge with the naked eye, they must rely on the scoring system and high-speed video playback to judge. In the fencing competition, Tissot provides a complete set of timing and scoring systems, using flashing lights to detect whether it has been stabbed, and playback the content recorded in the camera for the live audience. In addition, Tissot also provides all statistical data and TV screenshots. Of course, Tissot Logo will appear along with these data. Fencing partner – Tissot Pro Series
The sword-fighting duel existed in the ancient Egypt, but modern fencing originated from the 16th century sword fight, so now the shadow of the sword fight can still be seen in the fencing competition. Therefore, fencing has always been regarded as a traditional sport. It is no exaggeration to say that when fencing, both opponents are on the edge of life and death. Precision and timing are especially important. And every time you touch the effective part of the opponent’s body with a sword, it means a score.
And Tissot Professional Series can also provide the wearer with accurate and vital information through ‘touch’-weather forecast, altimeter, climbing speed, countdown, countdown, compass, fixed target tracking, automatic demagnetization, dual alarm , Thermometer, time between the two places. In addition, the watch also has backlight and perpetual calendar functions. The magic watch with high-tech original touch screen technology, even in all kinds of extreme weather, is not afraid of height, temperature or distance, to help you achieve various touch functions, to obtain accurate and practical information anytime, anywhere. It makes every ‘touch’ efficient and powerful, just like every sword in fencing.
计时 Time your bike race
Tissot has been supporting the timing of cycling for nearly 30 years. In the process, Tissot has become the Tour de France, Tour de Switzerland, Tour de Espana, UCI World Championships, Track World Championships, Road World Championships Official designated time for the Mountain Bike World Championships and the UCI Mountain and Track Bike World Cup.
The work previously done by hand-held stopwatches has been completely driven by emerging technologies. Sensors are installed on all race tracks, and all bicycles are equipped with transceivers, and the entire system is controlled by a computer. In addition, these computers are equipped with a backup power system, and even if there is a power outage, it will not affect the timing results at all. In addition, Tissot also installed a high-speed camera at the finish line to provide photos and sprint data when it is impossible to determine the ranking of the game with naked eyes and timing data. These cameras can take 100 frames per second, fully showing the athletes when they sprint, and ensuring that the position and time are completely correct. However, Tissot’s work is not limited to calculating time and rankings. It is also responsible for collecting and disseminating competition data. The statistics you see at the start, halfway, and end of the game are the work of Tissot, and the Tissot logo always appears with this information.
Bicycle Assistant – Tissot Smart Series
Tissot is a watch specially designed for professional athletes or sports enthusiasts. It is suitable for use in many sports, especially some games with a fixed number of laps that require timing. The watch has a powerful timing function, and the lap time (LAP) function at the two o’clock position can measure the time spent by a player on each lap. These data will be recorded. At the end of the competition or training, you can view the total time, average lap time, fastest and slowest lap time of the game, and provide athletes with data analysis, which is their good helper. The SPLIT function at the four o’clock position can be used to measure the playing time of multiple players (up to 99) in the same game, and you can check the results of each player after the game. These two features are particularly useful during track cycling competitions and are good helpers for athletes.
In addition, the watch is also equipped with a tide calculator and compass function, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of sports whether surfing or diving in the sea. It’s in the wrist, and you can control time with just one touch.

计时 Time the Basketball Match
Basketball, a sport loved by people all over the world, is always so passionate and full of suspense. Often in an instant, the victory and defeat of both sides have been settled. Because this is a high-speed and high-profile sport, a reliable and accurate timing service provider is required to ensure that all results are correct and fair. Based on the above reasons and more considerations, FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation) and CBA (China Basketball Association) have delegated this responsibility to Tissot. It is expected that Tissot can become an excellent official basketball timekeeper with its unique and extensive field timing experience. Tissot will provide timing and score statistics in related games to ensure the best game quality.
Before the game starts, Tissot staff will enter general data such as team name, player and coach information into the computer database in advance. From the first second of the game, professional statisticians will use a special interactive input system to capture the relevant actions of each team member. Important game statistics, such as scores, blocks, assists, rebounds, dunks, turnovers, etc. will be recorded and transferred to the database in a timely manner. In the blink of an eye, television viewers, commentators, Internet users and live audiences can get real-time statistics on individual fouls or offensive rebounds. And with the click of a button, you can know the ranking information and real-time updates of each game, each team or the entire tournament. In addition to the timing and scoring system that is essential for the game, Tissot also provides basic observation and statistics services for media and game commentators, TV screenshots for international media, and updates online game results, statistical data interfaces and Live results and TV analysis tools for TV commentators and observers.
Basketball Pioneer-Tissot 200 Series Precision Movement
The Tissot Junchi 200 series precision movement watch has a distinctive basketball style in design, which can be said to be tailor-made for basketball lovers. The dial design of this watch fully demonstrates Tissot’s basketball concept! The two perfect arcs on the dial resemble the arcs on a basketball, and a basketball watch jumps between the wrists. They divide the dial into three areas. The date window is located in the leftmost area. Tissot designers creatively expose a part of the date display plate, which forms a ground arc that echoes the ground arc on the dial. There are three eye-catching Arabic numerals in the far right area, which bring sporty vitality to the entire watch and balance the calendar window on the left. The middle area uses a bar scale, and the dial is also decorated with vertical stripes, giving the watch a stable and classic feel. Although it has a dynamic dial design, the design of the case and strap of the Junchi 200 series precision movement still inherits the classic. It uses a simplified bezel with a width of only 3 mm, which is similar to classic watches, which undoubtedly highlights the dial design. In addition, the Junchi 200 precision movement watch is also very outstanding in performance. It has a screw-in crown and a back cover, ensuring a water resistance of 200 meters, which can be worn when swimming or diving. The Junchi 200 series precision movement model is a stable but dynamic classic basketball watch, allowing you to enjoy the exciting experience of basketball games between your wrists.


Tian Suo And Qingdao Love Film Festival ‘why Sheng Xiaomo’ Hold Qingdao Film Festival

‘If there has ever been that person in the world, others will become will. And I don’t want to be.’ Time is the biggest test of love and the best testimony of love. Who is your sun and who is your only? Just as ‘You are my sunshine, My only sunshine-You are my sun, my only sun’ sung in the theme song of ‘He Yi Sheng Xiao Mu’
   Recently, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot and the annual love giant ‘He Yi Sheng Xiao Mu’ are holding a movie screening in Qingdao. Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, Huang Xiaoming, the director of the movie actor He Yichen, director Yang Wenjun and Huang Bin visited At the press conference, Tissot shared the passionate collision of ‘Why Sheng Xiaomo’. In fact, whether it is the persistence of a few years, or the obsession with love ‘will not be done’, that dedicated persistence will last forever with the passage of time. Tissot, a Swiss watch brand with a history of more than 160 years, adheres to the tradition of professional watchmaking and watchmaking. It takes time and remembers its most sincere promises. It binds the true feelings tightly to the wrist, witnesses love with time, and counts seconds. Assurance is eternal. At the same time, the Tissot brand presented the token of eternal love, the Tissot Tengzhi series solar watch to Huang Xiaoming, director Yang Wenjun and Huang Bin, wishing Xiaoming’s love a lasting happiness, and wishing director Yang Wenjun and Huang Bin to sell at the box office. On May 1st, the movie ‘Why Sheng Xiao Mu’ has set off romantically and officially entered major theaters across the country. Tissot will work with you to witness the perfect love of staying in the city, staying in time and love.

‘Why Sheng Xiao Mu’ Huang Xiaoming Tissot customized poster

Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, a well-known Swiss watchmaking brand, joins Huang Yiming, director Yang Wenjun and Huang Bin as the actors of the annual love giant ‘He Yi Sheng Xiao Mu’ film actor He Yichen
Witnessing Love with Time Tissot Hosts Qingdao Film Fan Meeting
   The much-anticipated love movie of the year, ‘He Yi Sheng Xiao Mu’, has been released on May 1st. The famous Swiss watch brand Tissot takes the time to witness the love, and cooperates with Tissot’s global spokesperson and the film’s actor He Yichen. Huang Xiaoming visited the hometown of Qingdao, and watched the movie ‘Why Sheng Xiao Mu’ with the fans and media friends who were present, and witnessed the legendary love under the time perfectly.

Huang Xiaoming interacts with fans
   At the meeting, the gentleman Huang Xiaoming made a wonderful appearance and interacted closely with the fans. I can’t help but be mentioned as the topic of the sun in the heart of He Yichen, and expressed the hope that the perfect love ending in the film will also shine into reality, protect the eternity of love, instantly increase the heat of the scene, and attract blessings and applauses from numerous fans. During the interaction, I also deeply shared with the fans, myself and the Tissot brand, as well as the inextricable bond between the Tissot Tengzhi solar watch. At the same time, Tissot’s exclusive “Why Xiao Shengmo” promotional video promoted the event to affectionate with affectionate styles. Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China also perfectly interpreted Tissot and the movie version before coming to power. ‘Why Sheng Xiao Mu’ cooperation, and wish Xiaoming box office sales, looking for the sun in my heart. Xiao Ming also generously responded to his view of love: ‘He Yichen can wait for the beloved for a full 7 years. Such dedication and unification, I am the same for Huang Xiaoming.’ In the subsequent interaction, Xiao as a global spokesperson for Tissot Ming praised the Tissot brand and even jokingly said, ‘It’s been seven years since I cooperated with Tissot. It turns out that Tissot is my Zhao Mosheng!’ Later, Ms. Wang Ying personally presented the Tissot brand for Huang Xiaoming and director Huang Bin. Sincere gift-Tissot Tengzhi series solar watch, for the ‘Why Xiao Shengmo’ movie box office screenings across the box for the wonderful expectations. He also said, ‘Tissot’s world’s first solar-powered touch-screen watch can be fully charged for a day in just 7 minutes, plus a watch with up to 20 functions such as weather forecast and compass.’ Xiao Ming Xiaoyan said that this watch has become my favorite, I believe it will also become the darling of outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, presented Tissot Tengzhi series solar watches to Huang Xiaoming and directors Yang Wenjun and Huang Bin
   At the event, Huang Xiaoming sang the theme song ‘You are my sunshine’ for the fans, which brought the atmosphere to a climax. When the love was strong, Huang Xiaoming even took selfie photos with the guests and fans at the scene, which caused the fans to scream again and again.

Huang Xiaoming interacted with fans and took selfies
   As the watch’s exclusive watch brand, Tissot and the annual love giant movie version of ‘Why Sheng Xiao Mu’ watch the film with fans, confirming the eternal perfect love with time. On this occasion, Tissot has also proven its long history with the Tengzhi series of solar-powered watches. With time, remembering the most sincere promises, and attaching the true feelings to our wrists, I hope that all of us can stand the time Test, let time to witness love, hug your sun tightly!

Tissot Solar Series-Front View
Technical Parameters:
-Made in Switzerland
-Solar quartz movement with battery charge indicator
-Touch-resistant scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
-Antimagnetic titanium case with black PVD coating
-Water resistance up to 10 bar (100 meters / 330 feet)
-Rubber or titanium strap with folding clasp and buttons, or leather strap or leather and fabric strap with button butterfly clasp
Suggested retail price: RMB 7700-8550