Month: November 2016

Oris 4e Rhfs Limited Table

Oris 4e RHFS limited watch is specially designed for the Corps. The gunmetal case has become an indispensable and important element when it is invisible.
    The 4th Special Forces Helicopter Regiment (4ème Régiment d’ Hélicoptères des Forces Spéciales), which belongs to the French Air Force Elite Force, has not only become the source of inspiration for the latest Oris limited edition watch, but its members also wear this watch for professional testing.
    The Oris 4e RHFS Limited Watch is built on the base of the BC4 series case, which is favored by the International Design Awards. It is a professional flight watch with a timing function. Special Forces members use a series of precision test models to maximize performance.
    The case is made of gunmetal-plated PVD-coated multi-piece stainless steel, reminiscent of the classic Oris BC4 series. And this special material ensures its anti-refractive properties, which can maintain low-key concealment even when worn during a mission.
    Oris quick-locking crown system prevents the watch settings from being turned accidentally, providing the highest quality safety. The strap is also equipped with an innovative folding safety buckle, which allows the watch to be adjusted quickly and easily at any time Meet your wrist needs anywhere.
   The design details of the special forces are presented, just like the players in the mission, but they are introverted and sophisticated but they are important. The legion’s official logo is displayed on the small seconds dial and mounted on a black dial in dark gray. Case back with limited number. The top of the second hand is decorated with the blue, white and red colors of the French flag-a concept to pay tribute to the special forces.
The Fourth Special Forces Helicopter Regiment was able to complete deployment operations without detection while performing domestic and international missions.
   Oris worked with the French 4e to work together.
Watch Features:
Oris 4e RHFS Limited Table
Case diameter: 42.70 mm Model: 674 7616 4284 Set

• Automatic mechanical movement with chronograph function. The date is displayed at 6 o’clock and the small second hand is at 9 o’clock.
• Multi-piece gunmetal PVD-coated stainless steel case. Gunmetal PVD-coated stainless steel quick-lock crown and buttons. Water-resistant to 10 times atmospheric pressure / 100 meters.
• Sapphire crystal glass with double anti-reflective coating.
• Black two-piece dial with fluorescent numbers and graduations. The small second hand shows the 4e Special Forces logo on the faceplate.
• Nickel-plated inlaid fluorescent hands, the top of the second hand is decorated with French flag colors.
• Black leather strap with white stitching and gunmetal PVD-coated safety folding buckle.
• Case back engraved with 4e Special Forces logo and limited number.
• Special watch box with limited certificate and 4e Special Forces logo key ring.


How To Set The Time, Date, Day Of The Week, Month And Moon Phase Of Longines L600 Moon Phase Automatic Winding Watch

Longines L600 moon phase automatic winding watch has hour, minute, second hand, date, day of the week, month and moon phase display functions, the following describes the basic method of adjusting it.
Caution: In order to avoid mechanical damage, never perform any adjustment between 9 pm and 3 am, and press the moon phase adjustment button between 3 pm and 5 pm to adjust the moon phase.
The crown can be in three different positions and it has the following functions:

 1. Adjusting the time and stop-second position
When the second hand passes the 60-second position, pull out the crown to the outermost position 3. The second hand will stop running. You can adjust the time by turning the crown forward or backward. With the time signal (telephone, radio, and television), after adjusting the time, push the crown back to the position. 1. Every hour at midnight, the date will automatically update.

2. Adjust the 31-day date hand button B
按下 Press the date hand adjustment button B with the soft pointed tool provided by Longines until the date hand is on the correct date. You need to manually adjust the date for each month with less than 31 days.

3. Adjust month button A
按下 Press the month adjustment button A with a soft pointed tool until the correct month is displayed.

4. Adjust the day of the week button D
按下 Press the month adjustment button D with a soft pointed tool until the correct day of the week is displayed.

5. Adjust moon phase button C
按下 Press the moon phase adjustment button with the soft pointed tool provided by Longines until the full moon pattern appears in the center of the moon phase display window. According to the calendar with moon phase indication, determine the date of the last full moon and calculate the number of days related to the last full moon to that day. Press the moon phase adjustment moon phase button C the same number of times as the number of days.