Celebrity Huamei Red Gold Celebrates The Spring Festival

Chinese New Year, the most difficult complex in every Chinese heart. At this precious moment, Baume & Mercier, a Swiss watchmaking brand, unites the celebration and joy of the Chinese New Year, and welcomes the new year together. Watches made of red gold not only satisfy watch enthusiasts’ pursuit of luxury, but also make up the rich and gorgeous joy at the time of the holiday season. Whether as a gift or a new holiday dress; whether it is a calm men’s watch, or an elegant and beautiful women’s watch, Baume & Mercier watch is always the first choice for low-key luxury.
Classic reappearance, Clayton series men’s watch 10058
& 10059

  Simple and round watches are always favored by Chinese watch enthusiasts. Round watches traditionally introduced by Baume & Mercier are highly regarded for their smooth lines and classic designs. The Crichton collection is inspired by a golden 1950s antique watch from the last century, inheriting its unique circular dial and uniquely shaped lugs. Equipped with an automatic movement, it has a junior hand, a calendar, and a 42-hour power reserve function. The sun-satin-finished silver dial complements the red gold case, revealing a simple and elegant charm. The choice of the charcoal black dial also highlights its unique personal taste. Under the refraction of light, the combination of warm colors makes the red gold shine more bright . The 39-mm-diameter round dial with 18K red gold case and crocodile leather strap is comfortable and elegant to wear. The Crichton series is specially created for urban elites who know how to enjoy life. Whether it is dressing or casual casual, when this festival reunites, such a classic and timeless design is full of elegance and gentlemanliness.
Bright and sparkling, Ling Ni series women’s watch 10090
& 10091

  The Baume & Mercier series showcases the feminine beauty and wisdom in a delicate and slender size, and the delicate red diamonds set off the noble red gold, giving the watch a luxurious charm. The brown sun-satin-finished and snail-shaped brown dial is enchanted with 12 diamonds, while the other uses a white mother-of-pearl dial that complements the red gold bezel set with 22 diamonds. Eye-catching. Both models use satin straps, paired with a lightweight size of only 26 mm in diameter, which fully reflects the feminine and elegant temperament. The Lingni series of watches has soft and beautiful curves, exquisite design and rich changes. The sparkling diamonds and glittering red gold make it the ultimate luxury beauty. It writes gorgeous movements for festivals and is a boutique choice for festive gifts. , Is also an excellent accessory to attend major occasions during the festival.
Refined and timeless, Humberton pair watch 10033
& 10093

  The Humberton series has always been praised for its elegant and timeless aesthetic style. The unique and classic rectangular arc-shaped case combines the beauty of architectural lines and leisure life, with red gold materials to highlight the noble and exquisite. The Humberton men’s watch is full of masculine, calm and mature charm. It is equipped with a special manual movement (La Joux-Perret 736-3). The dial is large and easy to read. Echoing each other, full of elegant elegance. The matching Humberton women’s watch is set with 20 diamonds, which shines in a charming luster and sets off the gentle temperament of women. Two amber watches add warmth and joy to the festival. The brown satin / crocodile leather strap with red gold case is full of harmonious and luxurious beauty. It goes without saying that we are celebrating the warmth and romance of the festival together.
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