Iwc Became The Official Timing Partner Of Carfest South In 2013

From August 23 to 25, Laverstoke in Hampshire, England will host the 2013 CarFest South Festival, and the official official partner of this festival is the famous IWC. The brand is actually very enthusiastic about participating in car-related events. For example, IWC has also been a partner of Formula 1.

 IWC brand will bring you a new limited edition timepiece throughout the festival. Of course, this watch is also specially created for CarFest South.

The close cooperation between IWC and the Mercedes-Benz brand is reflected in this customized new watch, with a special vehicle model engraved on the case back to commemorate the brand and the grand occasion of this event.

According to the House of Watches, CarFest South has a long history. During the event, there were wonderful music performances and various food supplies. In fact, it is more like a large weekend party in China. Many parents will bring their children. Join such a happy weekend.