In addition to the inherent timepiece function, watches are now more endowed with craftsmanship and art. Watches are a symbol of taste, financial resources, and status for men. People of different classes wear different watches. In addition to reflecting taste, it is actually more about whether financial resources are enough to afford it. When buying a watch, ask whether this watch can represent you.

Junior white collar domestic watches below 50,000 yuan

 If you are new to the workplace or have n’t been in the workplace for a long time, and you do n’t have the financial resources to dress up your watch for the time being, then domestic watches under 50,000 yuan can not only satisfy your desire to buy watches, but also take care of you Purse. And today, domestic watch brands also have the technology and capabilities to manufacture advanced and complex watches. They have a certain competitiveness in the high-end watch market with many internationally renowned brands. Compared with big-name watches that cost tens of thousands or even millions of yuan, Watches are more cost-effective.

      Beijing Watch Hollow Tourbillon Mechanical Watch

 If you want to buy a complex tourbillon watch for more than 30,000 yuan, I am afraid it will never be found in international big-name watches, and domestic brands give officials a good choice without losing taste while keeping a low profile. This tourbillon watch from Beijing Watch Factory has a high-end appearance with a high-end appearance. The silver stainless steel case is simple and clean. The blue hands are more eye-catching on the white dial. The hollow tourbillon at the six o’clock position of the dial adds a lot to the entire dial. . The back is completely hollowed out to admire the internal structure of the movement. The alligator strap meets the wearer’s identity.

 If the tourbillon is a breathtaking work of art, the instant stopwatch is definitely a tool for people to play with time. The entire dial design is simple and fresh, the layout is coordinated, the calendar on the dial, the 30-minute time display, the moon phase at six o’clock adds a little more literary spirit, and the penetrating design shows the movement of the movement intuitively. The entire watch looks exquisite in design, whether in formal or casual wear, it can be coordinated and matched to meet the needs of officials in and out of different occasions.

 Shanghai brand automatic mechanical men’s watch

 Moderate style, coupled with a very low price of 4,000 yuan risk factor, I believe that with this watch, no one will talk about it. This old Shanghai brand mechanical watch, the whole body of stainless steel material looks simple and low-key, three o’clock position and calendar display, silver hands and large open face dial perfectly echo. Equipped with Swiss ETA movement, which guarantees stability when traveling.

Middle class 50,000 to 100,000 classic models

 Increasingly, the middle class is willing to pay a month or even a few months to buy a premium watch. The culture of Asians’ good looks is naturally the biggest driving force for luxury consumption. For the middle class, first of all, a classic watch with excellent reputation should be necessary. The watches in the price range of 50,000 to 100,000 are the top of the middle class. The watches in this range focus more on the watchmaking process and the function of timepieces. The addition of precious materials such as precious metals and gems has really enhanced the value of watches.

 Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA Co-Axial Calendar Watch

 This classic and tough timepiece celebrates Omega’s brilliant ocean legend. The dial design of the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m watch is striking and distinctive, reminiscent of the teak deck on a luxury yacht. This model features a silver dial with vertical texture ‘Teak Concept’. There is a month and calendar window at 3 o’clock. Wear-resistant sapphire crystals provide comprehensive protection for this unique dial. 43 mm stainless steel case with brown leather strap. This certified astronomical watch is equipped with an Omega 8601 coaxial movement. The movement of the movement is clearly visible through the transparent case back.

Rich celebrities

 Watches are now the best spokespersons for praise, such as precision, luxury, luxury, art, and more. Watches are one of the luxury items favored by the rich, especially when the rich men buy high-end watches in order to collect or show their taste and identity. A watch with scarce production, complicated technology or extraordinary, price range from several hundred thousand to several million is more collectible.

 Patek Philippe Ref.6002 astronomical tourbillon watch

 Patek Philippe-Switzerland’s only independent watchmaker claims: ‘No one can own a Patek Philippe watch, it’s just for the next generation.’ In its client list, there are 100 kings, 54 queens, and more. Such as Einstein, Madame Curie, Charlotte Blunt, Tchaikovsky and other prominent people, Patek Philippe is undoubtedly synonymous with identity and taste.

 The movement of the new Ref. 6002 is basically the same as its predecessor, the Ref. 5002. It has a dual-reed church bell minute repeater and tourbillon; the front dial shows the standard time, equipped with a perpetual calendar and automatic return date display, and a moon phase display. The back dial is used to display the astronomical function: it can display the northern hemisphere night sky, star time, moon track and moon phases. Unlike Ref. 5002, it can display the phases of the moon instead of the age of the month, and uses a window-type week, month and leap year display instead of an indicator.

 Blancpain Chinese Calendar

 This Chinese calendar reflects the mysterious beauty of traditional Chinese timekeeping, using the timekeeping principles that have been ingrained in China for thousands of years. The layout of the chronograph dial is exquisite, and the hour, minute and standard calendars are on the dial, which integrates important elements of Chinese traditional calendar.

 The watch uses a 45 mm diameter platinum case, the crown is decorated with a convex round cut ruby, and under the lugs are 5 hidden adjustment buttons that are patented by Blancpain, which at the same time ensure the simple and smooth lines on the side Beauty. This watch combines all the classic logos of the Blancpain Villeret series, such as the double-layer bezel, the large fire enamel dial, the gold-plated dial with lace trim, the traces before firing, the hollow leaf-shaped hands, the serpentine blue steel hands of the standard calendar Wait. The watch is equipped with a white gold pendulum set with Madagascar rubies. The dragon pattern is engraved on the top of the pendulum to celebrate the 2012 Chinese Year of the Dragon. This Chinese almanac is limited to 20 pieces, and a non-limited edition rose gold version is also available.