Jin Dong’s Choice Bucherer Plavich Three Places Chronograph

Gentle and gentle, rigorous and modest is synonymous with Jin Dong. In the role he plays, there is no lack of hard-bodied tough guys. In the hit new drama, Jin Dong chose to wear three Plavi time chronographs to interpret the elite partners in the workplace.

In the popular urban emotional drama ‘The First Half of My Life’, Jin Dong plays the role of an uncle in the workplace, an eager partner who is eager to break through and challenge. Raise your hand for the calmness and domineering of your feet, and you can’t stop wearing the Bucherer Plavi three-time rose gold chronograph on your wrist. The three-time time function allows him to control the whole world even in different time zones. The tough appearance of the watch represents his determination and the material of rose gold is a symbol of his elite status.

The Bucherer-Beravi three-place chronograph displays the time in the three-zone time zone on the same dial with a subtle structure. For the elite person played by Jin Dong in the play, having more than one time display watch is indispensable. Whether traveling abroad or transnational conferences, you can set the time in the third time zone with the patented single-button system. The watch is equipped with the CFB 1901.1 self-winding movement, which is exclusively developed by the brand. The three chronographs of the Plavich draw on the unremitting and original exploration spirit of Bucherer, and start a unique life in a world of light and shadow.

Detail of Plavi’s three places chronograph

Technical specifications of the three chronographs

Model: 00.10620.03.33.01
Movement: CFB 1901.1 self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss official observatory, diameter 28.6 mm, thickness 7.3 mm, 39 stones, 42 hours power reserve
Functions: chronograph, hour, minute and second dial; three time zones, date, hour, minute, second
Case: 18K rose gold, screw-in crown, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 50 meters, diameter 46.6 mm, thickness 15.5 mm
Strap: Black calfskin strap, 18K rose gold pin buckle

Introduction Of Panerai China ‘fu’ Watches

Panerai has created a new special edition ‘mdash;’ mdash; Luminor Marina watch (PAM00366) for watchmakers in mainland China. Its case diameter is 44 mm and it is polished and pressed from a single piece of steel. Black leather strap, equipped with Panerai’s specially developed OPII manual winding mechanical movement, certified by the Swiss official observatory (C.O.S.C.). ‘Fu’ is located at 6 o’clock. In keeping with Panerai’s consistent design, it replaces the original digital sign and is uniquely interesting.

 2010 is the fifth year Panerai has entered China, and it is also an important year to accelerate the pace of new market development. In addition to paying close attention to the vigorous development of the Chinese market today, Panerai is increasingly attracted by the charm of traditional Chinese culture. By launching this new watch, Panerai interprets the importance and understanding of traditional Chinese culture and conveys its respect to customers in mainland China. Therefore, the watch is given a unique commemorative meaning and value.

  ‘The word’ Fu ‘has a long history, and the analysis of ancient Chinese books’ Fu ‘includes five aspects, namely longevity, wealth, Corning, good virtue and hospice. Dating back to the Southern Song Dynasty, folks have a tradition of posting blessings in front of the door. & ldquo; Blessing & rdquo; convey the best wishes to people. & ldquo; Blessing & rdquo; To yourself, expressed the idea of ​​the pursuit of happiness. The ‘idiom’ idioms composed of ‘fu’ are numerous, and they all reveal the people’s longing for the good environment in the words. With the passage of time, the meaning of blessing has been gradually extended and expanded, and the tradition of affixing the word blessing has been continued to this day. After all, blessing and good luck are the constant meaning of the word ‘blessing’. Panerai has incorporated the word “福” into the watch’s dial design, aiming to perfectly integrate traditional Chinese elements with Italian classic design in this form, and hope to bring this most precious thanksgiving and blessing to each Wearer of a wrist watch.
  After launching in Panerai stores in Shanghai and Beijing in mid-August, this special edition will be available at the sales points of other selected distribution networks in mainland China. Other Panerai stores in Greater China will be available later.