Various High-end Watches That Enter The Sea

Recently, the ‘walk you pose’ of Chinese carrier-based aircraft F-15 taking off and landing on an aircraft carrier has surpassed the popular ‘Jiang Ning Style’ on the Internet and become the first of various ‘STYLE’. Praised as ‘Aircraft STYLE’. How can the handsome ‘Aircraft Carrier STYLE’ lack a watch for accurate timekeeping? Introduce three high-end watches that have entered the sea, and show off the popular ‘Watch STYLE’. Big Brother STYLE in aviation watch
     When it comes to aviation watches, Breitling, which was born in Switzerland in 1884, is regarded as the pioneer of ‘aviation watches’. The founder of Breitling has always been fascinated by unwilling research and innovation. At the beginning of the twentieth century, just when humans had just put their wings to the sky, the man who dared to be a pilot became the hero most sought after by fashionable women. In 1915, Gaston, the second generation of Breitling watches, produced the first aviation-specific watch at that time. If ordinary people get such a watch, it will take a long time to master all its functions.
     Because Breitling’s aviation watch is designed to “make one of the world’s most practical and reliable aviation watches,” Breitling’s shape design is more in line with the aesthetic needs of pilots who interact with dashboards and numbers all day.
‘Professional Style’ for diving watches
     The Athens watch of 1846 is famous for producing astronomical clocks, and with its superb production strength, it is able to shuttle between the perfect combination of creativity and quality. In 1983, a group of investors led by Rolf Schnyder accepted the Athens watch factory. Schnyder contacted Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, an astronomer and mathematician who loves watchmaking, hoping to create an amazing masterpiece. The ‘Galileo camera type’ set off a whirlwind in the world of timepieces. Since then, the Athens watch is unique in the watch industry with a professional attitude.
     In 2012 Athens again launched a new generation of diving watches, the ‘Black Sea’, with a large watch diameter of 45.8 stunning watch industry. The watch’s 12 o’clock position is the power reserve display, and the 6 o’clock position is the small seconds dial and the date display window. All elements on the dial are designed in large size to facilitate the wearer to read the time underwater. The 200-meter water-resistant, one-way reversing diving chronograph bezel gives it better security in use.
     The ‘Black Sea’ watch exudes the typical charm of a marine diving watch, regardless of the choice of materials and color design. The watch’s case is made of specially treated stainless steel, and its surface is covered with a matte black rubber coating after a complex vulcanization process. The entire dial and bezel are decorated with Athens’s signature ocean wave shading, while the hour markers and hands are boldly red and yellow. These two colors are in sharp contrast with black watches, and it seems that this is also for easier time reading. The small dial at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock is threaded to distinguish it from the whole. The back of the case is designed to be transparent so that the UN-26 self-winding movement is clearly visible, and the crown is a screw-in crown, which provides better protection for waterproof performance.
‘Fashion Style’ of Sea and Air Watches
     The Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS family has been an important watch brand in the history of watchmaking since the eighteenth century. As a pioneer of the top watchmaking industry, MATZO PARIS of Paris not only combines precision timing technology and superb artistic talents, but also makes outstanding contributions to the development of art design in the entire watchmaking industry. MGZO Paris Paris has countless innovations, whether it is a highly creative art series watch or a sea-air watch series with top technology, all of which are well-known products.
     As an expert in technological performance watches, the Paris Mercure MATZO PARIS has developed many innovative chronograph functions with scientists of various fields at the time since the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. One.
     The Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS air traveller watch inherits the styling and essence of the old generation of air traveller watches and is implanted with more innovative technologies. It has newly launched the Paris Mercury unique convex time scale aperture plus precise seconds scale and Proprietary luminous flight watch with royal lighthouse design hands. At this point, the legend of flight is completely new.
     As a model developed by the flight series, the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS watch has many details in the entire watch, reflecting the concept of flight everywhere. The scale of the watch uses the time characters in large fonts, and the large dial The layout design, such as convex time scale aperture and accurate second seconds scale, has excellent visibility, which is convenient for reading time, and can allow pilots to read information in a timely and accurate manner in a tense flight state.
     In addition, the pointers are the luminous display design of the exclusive Royal Lighthouse of MGZO PARIS, which not only guarantees the visibility during the day, but also can be clearly read in the afterglow of the sunset when night comes. The black panel design can eliminate light reflections and improve visibility in bright daylight conditions. The white digital index and the black dial form a strong contrast, making it easier to read. The long red warning second hand design has become the entire art form The visual center of gravity makes the slightly dimmed Roman numerals on the hollowed-out dial also become alive; the precision inlaid date display window makes the date appear suddenly, and the beauty of time glides smoothly on the dial with the hands; hand-stitched The three-dimensional crocodile leather strap is very particular. The tensioned gold coin case design makes the overall dial design more harmonious; the high-grade mineral glass back MATZO automatic movement guarantees the MATZO PARIS pedigree of this watch. The design of the crown and the ergonomic lugs are well matched with the original corner buttons, giving the watch a retro feel, reflecting the perfect combination of tradition and development.

Unlocking The Secret Jaeger-lecoultre Jaeger-lecoultre Cal.770

Nowadays Jaeger-Lecoultre’s strongness does not need to be publicized anymore. It may be the main task of the next stage to go back and strengthen their real mid-price market. In the past few years, if the research is applied to intermediate products, it can definitely establish a lineup of products with superior quality and sales potential. Cal.770 is a movement with this strategic thinking.


JAEGER-LECOULTRE in 2015 did not surprisingly not launch a new work with complex functions; some people had a fluke originally after SIHH. I wonder if they will keep the highlights in the second half of the WW, and the result is in Hong Kong. What we have waited for is this second-jump calibre 770. As for whether this new movement is considered the ‘big deal’, this is the topic we want to talk about this time. In fact, at S.I.H.H., the official Jaeger-LeCoultre official stated that ‘15 will not have a big watch, the reason is that they focus on the 85th anniversary of Reverso in 2016, and topics such as complex functions will only come out once. Having said that, of course, we can’t rule out the impact of ’15 years of market fluctuations. In summary, ’15 years of attention to Jaeger-LeCoultre seems to be determined to end with this new basic movement. At present it seems that Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 15-year absence of complex functions should only be an empty window. After all, they have predicted that there will be a masterpiece in the coming year, but the author believes that they should take this opportunity to break the convention of launching complex functions every year. To a more reasonable and normal new product ratio.
During the presidency of former President Jérôme Lambert, Jaeger-LeCoultre had to do so, because at that time they were eager to break away from the impression of ‘Cartier’s movement factory’ and establish an independent brand charm. Therefore, Lambert must use exaggerated complexity This high-profile way to highlight the brand’s strengths; nowadays Jaeger-LeCoultre’s strengths do not need to be publicized anymore. It may be the main task of the next stage to go back and strengthen their real main mid-price market. After all, high-level research and development The cost is high, and the report is low. On the contrary, if the brand’s research over the past ten years can be applied to intermediate products, it can definitely build a lineup of products of superior quality and sales potential. Cal.770 is a movement with this strategic thinking.

Cal. 770 / self-winding / hour, minute, jump seconds, date / thickness 6.57mm / 36 stone / vibration frequency 28,800vph / Gyrolab non-circular balance wheel, independent adjustment of hour hand

Jumping seconds is a feature that has suddenly become popular in the past two years. However, most of them were high-priced models launched by non-mainstream brands. By contrast, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s competitiveness is much stronger. Maybe there is a chance to push this wave of fashion. To another scale. However, jumping seconds is not a necessary function anyway, and it should not become the mainstream in the future. Compared with Cal.770, the technical focus worth mentioning is the non-ring-shaped balance wheel Gyrolab. This special-shaped balance wheel Jaeger-LeCoultre was developed in 2007, but at that time it was only a short-lived on ExtremeLab1. Now they are switching it to the basic movement 770. It is curious that Jaeger-LeCoultre’s calculations on it will start from: It seems that the two products of Gyrolab have been put into mass production this time, which means that its practicability has passed the evaluation of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Will the brand’s new movements be equipped with Gyrolab? Is it even possible to retrofit this balance with an existing model? If Jaeger-LeCoultre really plans to popularize such an alternative governor, this is probably the most ambitious core technical improvement in the watch industry after the coaxial escapement and silicon material.
Gyrolab basically cancels the outer ring of the balance wheel, and only sets a weight at the end of the two-spoke swing arm to achieve balanced swing. In fact, non-circular balance wheels are not unique to Jaeger-LeCoultre. DEBETHUNE has developed a variety of special balance wheels without outer rings for many years. Even in the speed regulating device of the 19th century clock, a rod-shaped balance swing mechanism was used. Gyrolab says it’s all in the same vein. The biggest advantage of canceling the outer ring is to reduce the air resistance, so that the movement of the balance wheel is less external interference and closer to natural swing. In theory, this can make the speed control system perform better in isochronism and the accuracy of the movement is higher.

Since the teeth of the hairspring wheel and the shaft teeth are connected by an elastic hairspring, its power transmission can tolerate small and continuous jumps.

Cal.770’s escapement wheel is divided into two path systems, one is the general middle seconds wheel train, all the way to the second hand wheel, and the other is the star wheel below the escape wheel, all the way through the dial , Intermediate wheel, jumping seconds wheel are connected to the hairspring wheel, and finally the hairspring wheel is connected to the second hand wheel to form a closed system. Since the teeth of the hairspring wheel and the shaft teeth are connected by an elastic hairspring, its power transmission can tolerate small and continuous instantaneous jump actions without affecting the transmission of the normal second hand wheel train, and This so-called minute continuous instant jump refers to the action of jumping the second wheel.
The star wheel below the escapement wheel has five teeth, and the gear ratio to the escapement wheel is 1: 4, which means one tooth per second (because the frequency is 4 Hz); the dial hand is transmitted all the way from the second hand wheel, hairspring wheel, etc. The forward power of the vehicle will be blocked by the star gear, and it will be released every one second. After each release, the dial will drive the jumping seconds through the intermediary wheel to jump by one space to complete the jumping operation. As mentioned above, because of the elasticity of the hairspring between the inner and outer teeth of the hairspring wheel, although its external teeth are regulated by the skip seconds wheel for one second, the shaft teeth can continue to move. There are actually different ways of jumping seconds. 770 is just one of them.

Jaeger-LeCoultre also launched 770 and 772 with the world time zone module, indicating that the movement also has the physical strength to carry complex functions

Gyrolab is a card-free system. The speed adjustment is performed by two speed adjusting screws on each side of the weight at both ends. Due to the small planar area of ​​the balance wheel of this shape in production, the adjustment of the counterweight may be simpler than that of a general ring balance. It is worth mentioning that the stop seconds of the movement also stop the balance wheel, but the general brake uses a baffle against the outer ring of the balance wheel, but the outer part of Gyrolab only has two unclosed weights. The baffle has It may just not reach the heavy hammer. From the appearance, Cal.770 relies on a longer, slightly tougher metal sheet to arc against the balance wheel in a lateral direction, so that the heavy hammer will surely slide into the friction range.

Geophysic True Second

The 770 has the function of independent adjustment of the hour hand for use across time zones. It is quite in place for modern basic movements, and can be adjusted in both directions. The date linkage is also smooth and smooth, but the date is relatively fast. Adjustment, manual day change also needs to be adjusted independently through the hour hand. This time, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched 770 and 772 with the world time zone module, indicating that the movement also has the power to carry complex functions, but the 40-hour power reserve is only similar to that of ETA2892, which is a little bit of modern basic movement. Sufficient, in the long run, it may still be necessary to pull more than 50 hours.


Technical Parameters
18K Rose Gold
770 automatic movement
Hours, minutes, skip seconds, date
Sapphire crystal, transparent case back
Water resistant to 50 meters
Table diameter 39.6mm


Technical Parameters
Stainless steel
770 automatic movement
Hour, minute, skip seconds, date display
Sapphire crystal, transparent case back
Water resistant to 50 meters
Table diameter 39.6mm

Technical Parameters
18K Rose Gold
772 automatic winding movement
Hour, minute, and skip seconds display
World time zone display
Sapphire crystal, transparent case back
Water resistant to 50 meters
Table diameter 41.6mm

Jessica Kodak Is The Brand Ambassador For Tag Heuer

From July 9th to 12th, the 2015 US Women’s Golf Open will be held at Lacaster Country Club in Pennsylvania. Tag Heuer specially chose to welcome Jessica Korda into the family of brand ambassadors at the start of the match.
   Jessica Koda, American, 22 years old, lives in Bradenton, Florida. She is young, funny, fresh, outgoing, sincere and beautiful; she has a sense of humor, and more importantly, dares to laugh at herself. She spontaneously communicates with thousands of fans on social networks, and she even plays selfies on the golf course. In any case, she can easily and freely. She is modest and cautious and will not put herself high above her, but she will go all out to win for the game.
   On the Global Professional Golf Tour, Jessica Koda is a phenomenon and one of the most promising stars in women’s golf. However, she is not the first sports person in the family to appear on the world stage. In 2012, Jessica Koda won the Australian Women’s Golf Open. She made a ‘scissor kick’ to thank her father Petr Korda (1998 Australian Open Men’s Singles Championship). The success of elite sports families continues from generation to generation.
   Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and head of the watch division of LVMH Group, said: ‘It is great to see that Jessica Kodak has chosen to become the TAG Heuer brand ambassador. Her chasing champions and outgoing personality make her Stand out in women’s golf. Pure talent, free spirit and disruptive new ways of behavior are all things that Tag Heuer has been pursuing. Jessica Kodak is passionate about communication and this will be the brand. Injecting new vitality, connecting Tag Heuer to the younger generation is closer. ‘
   Jessica Koda said: ‘I am honored to join the TAG Heuer family as an image ambassador. I agree with TAG Heuer’s values ​​and am very happy to pursue my career goals with their support.’ –