Stained With Cherry Pink Gold: Citizen’s New Light Kinetic Energy Metropolis Watch

The 100th anniversary of the CITIZEN brand was established. This milestone is hard to come by. This achievement belongs to everyone who loves CITIZEN and likes our brand conviction. In the 100th anniversary of a series of activities, we learned that your friends care and trust in CITIZEN, and hold 1.2 million points of gratitude and gratitude. These attentions also urge CITIZEN to work harder. As the brand says, “Every moment is a brand new start”, CITIZEN will always focus on creating more favorite product styles, implement brand ideas, and become a brand closer to everyone. presence.

xC is a fusion of self-confidence and gentleness, a symbol of new fashion

   Since the launch of the xC series for more than 20 years, it has been continuously committed to making women’s light more radiant, not only in the beauty of its appearance, but also in creating the tenacity and perseverance of new women in the 21st century, and adding women to it. Feminine personality. These ideas have become the supreme rule of our series, creating a confident style of xC different from ordinary watches. The best spokesperson for CITIZEN’s female watch this time, Hebe Tian Yanzhen, continues to interpret the enviable new female image of the city, showing self-confidence, firmness and new charm, extending both confident and gentle hands, and continuously pursuing the dream of everyone Female applause.

EC1167-55W Sakura Pink Gold PVD Titanium Case, 28mm Diameter, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, World Time Zone, Daylight Saving Time, Driven by Photokinetic Energy, Multiple Radio Waves Received, Timing Automatically Received, Fully Powered for Continuous Operation 3 years (power saving mode), sapphire crystal glass, titanium bracelet.

The new female courageous first choice

   The latest recommended advertising model EC1167-55W worn by Hebe is a simple and neat classic female style. The watch adopts the thinnest titanium case strap. The lightweight design allows female friends not to worry about weight even if worn for a long time. The surface is sapphire glass, which is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The diameter is about 28mm. With its exquisite and neat size, coupled with a slim and luxurious case design, CITIZEN light kinetic energy technology can be continuously operated for 3 years after being fully charged, which is more convenient to use.

   The biggest highlight is the color matching. Pink has always been regarded as a representative color of women and also a symbol of feminine beauty. The ‘Sakurapink Cherry Pink Gold’ introduced by CITIZEN is more elegant and less high-profile than ordinary pink gold. Designed for the light mature women in the workplace, it is an elegant color that can express professionalism without losing femininity. The outstanding appearance is equipped with the radio function, and the 24-hour city time zone is set so that you can accurately time without missing any moment. The hidden text BLOOM is distributed on the 24 city time zone panel, so that the self-confidence and charm of the female letter bloom at any time, and the top of the Tokyo time zone happens to be the love of cherry blossom petals, which is a small idea in the design.

FD2062-03A pink gold PVD stainless steel case with a diameter of 36.5 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date, day, driven by light kinetic energy, can be continuously operated for 6 months when fully charged, sapphire crystal glass surface, calfskin strap, limited to Asia paragraph.

   If you like the leather strap style, you can choose the light kinetic energy multi-pin model FD2062-03A, with a stainless steel case with a burgundy calf leather strap, a 36.5mm pink gold case, the larger diameter is suitable for love casual style Women, the classic styles of the week and date display, increase the convenience of use, it is the first choice list for women who like simple watches, no matter the workplace, daily life can show unique charm.

PC1007-65D pink gold PVD stainless steel case with a diameter of 34 mm, hours, minutes and seconds, hollow-out cherry blossom dial, self-winding movement, power reserve 40 hours, sapphire crystal glass, waterproof 10 bar, stainless steel bracelet.

Sakura and River, the beauty of petals falling-Sakuragawa Limited Edition

   CITIZEN Mechanical Women’s Watch once again introduced the Sakura limited edition PC1007-65D, continuing the sakura boom of the previous season. This time, the theme is directly based on the beauty of Sakuragawa, with a stainless steel case strap and a sapphire glass mirror. The case is about 34mm in size. It is more suitable for wearing on various occasions. The panel uses white butterfly shell, which shows a high-quality atmosphere.

   The biggest feature of this time is the hollow design of the mechanical watch. At 7 o’clock on the surface, the hollow of the petal shape is designed, and the clearly visible mechanical watch gear is one of the reasons why the mechanical watch is loved by the public. The combination of pink gold case and cherry blossom cutout, like Meguro River with romantic petals, is beautiful and elegant. It also comes with an exclusive watch box and calfskin strap. Wear different straps according to your mood and occasion to create a more romantic style.