G-shock Radio 6 Limited Edition

Casio G-SHOCK-Frogman, as the most professional and powerful diving watch in the Casio series, has always enjoyed the title of ‘Super Frogman’ and is also deeply loved by diving lovers and hipsters. This time, the new Frogman GWF-1000 incorporates 6 rounds of radio time, tidal moon phase, diving timing function, and ISO 200 meters waterproof specifications under the huge shock-proof case of traditional Frogman watches. And equipped with Touch Solar solar power, once again refresh the functional limits of G-Shock watches, allowing you to enjoy a new life and technology quality. And this time GWF-1000 will be released in limited form, it is a strong single product that G fans must not miss.

Receive 6 stations worldwide
The new frogman product has both high-tech and fashion pioneer elements. With the world’s most advanced 6 radio wave receiving and automatic time adjustment function. This is the true essence of the new generation of ‘frogman’: it can receive standard time from many regions of the world, can receive different frequency radio signals of all 6 base stations around the world with high sensitivity, and automatically correct time and date information. Even when moving in different countries and regions, it can automatically receive radio waves, keeping the watch highly consistent with the local standard time, accurate timing, and no error. This kind of precision is a life attitude and a life responsibility for elite men and diving enthusiasts.
ISO200 meters waterproof
As a new generation of ‘frogman’ who can dive into the deep sea, like the underwater world, it also brings you unlimited surprises and charm. Its 200 meters ISO internationally certified depth waterproof function can fully meet your diving needs. Over the years, the waterproof tightness and the corrosion resistance of the watch models have worked hard to truly meet the performance requirements that diving watches should have.
Equipped with moon data, tide chart
Equipped with moon data, tide chart and other functions, you can know the tide level at any time, and you can understand what the tide, middle tide and small tide are through the moon phase. Accurate analysis function can provide sufficient data display for your sea trip.
Back cover DLC treatment, back carved turtle pattern
‘Super Frog King’ GWF-1000 has always made great efforts in abrasion resistance and impact resistance. First of all, the pure black design shows a strong military coolness and sharp military armed style, and its tough and low-key characteristics are fully revealed. Secondly, the back cover is forged with titanium with strong corrosion resistance, and the detailed waterproof structure design is impeccable. The overall momentum shows absolute kingliness. In addition, as a classic Frogman, the back of the case is naturally indispensable for Frogman’s signature etching marks.

Other aspects, including the use of its resin strap, double buckle fixing, extremely large metal buttons, and power indicator, make the ‘frogman’ position more stable.

Shiguang Ruruo Sees Who Is Your Sun For The First Time Tissot Tengzhi Solar Series Stays In Romantic Time Together With ‘why Is Sheng Xiaomo’

Huang Xiaoming and Yang Mi will lead a romantic love film ‘Why Sheng Xiaomo’ will be released nationwide on May 1. The film’s theme song ‘He Yi Sheng Xiao Mu’ is sung by Huang Yiming, the global spokesperson of Tissot, played by He Yichen, and is adapted from the classic English love song ‘You Are My Sunshine’.

   Huang Xiaoming used a gentle and mellow voice to express the affection of “love will not be done”. The lyrics in the theme song whispered to Zhao Mosheng’s love and deep love, telling the seven-year departure, time. If you see me for the first time, who is your sun. The courage to hold on to love is because the warmth of love drives out a person’s loneliness.

   Just as the Swiss watch brand Tissot Tengzhi series solar models with a history of more than 160 years continue to be committed to the continuous exploration of innovative technology, touch the temperature of the sun with your fingertips, and convey the most sincere love to lovers.

Bulgari Glory Launches New Lvcea Series Ladies Watch

BVLGARI gloriously released the new ladies watch LVCEA series at the Baselworld 2014. The new BVLGARI LVCEA series is inspired by the power of light, giving history a new look.

 The launch of the new LVCEA series was hosted by Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of BVLGARI. The appearance of brand ambassador Hollywood actress (Naomi Watts) Naomi Watts and Hollywood actor Eric Bana made the launch party sparkle.

 The guests spent a wonderful evening in the singing of the French black soul singer Imany and the performance of the famous DJ Nathalie Duchene.