The 69th International Film Festival made the May Riviera coast particularly charming. Actors, directors and producers from all over the world gathered here for a grand event. As the guest of the Cannes Film Festival for nearly two decades, Gong Li, the global spokesperson for Piaget, the top Swiss watch and jewelry master, once again set foot on this azure coast. On this trip to Cannes, Gong Li, accompanied by Piaget’s jewellery, shone elegantly and beautifully in the oriental beauty.

   Piaget’s global brand spokesman Gong Li, as the only Chinese movie star who has won personal honors in three major international film festivals, has an unparalleled position in the movie industry. Behind countless memorable characters, you can see her increasingly sophisticated acting skills, and the brilliance that has become more dazzling after being sharpened. As meticulous and meticulous as she is, she continues to hone her skills like a real craftsman, reaping the radiant charm of Chen Ru Ge today.



   Whether it is on the red carpet of the film festival or attending the interview, Piaget Jewelry will always accompany Gong Li in every bright moment in Cannes. On the red carpet, Gong Li wore a white see-through long skirt with Earl Extremely Piaget’s high jewelry necklace, and Sunny Side of Life series of high jewelry earrings and rings, which perfectly displayed the countless elegance and attractiveness of the Earl’s woman. Piaget Possession series necklaces and rings are paired with black tops. Piaget Limelight Diamonds watches are embellished on the wrists. As a staunch supporter of film art and film workers, Piaget accompanied Gong Li once again to complete a perfect and glorious trip to Cannes, and also helped him to engrave the richness of Chinese filmmakers in the historical scroll of the Cannes Film Festival.
   Count Piaget has always supported the cause of theatre and art. In February 2017, Piaget will, as always, sponsor the American Film Independent Spirit Awards, a collaboration that has lasted for ten years.