Enamel is a process of attaching glaze to a metal surface. A craft made by attaching a glassy glaze to a metal surface is called an enamel vessel. This glaze is mainly fired from quartz, feldspar, saltpeter and sodium carbonate plus oxides such as lead and tin. The enamel watches we now see are generally made by painting enamel. Most of these enamel watches were produced in the 18th century to the end of the 19th century, and the filigree enamel technology is often used in modern watchmaking.

The enamel creation relies entirely on the nib of a painter, so that the creativity of the craftsman can be exerted on it. It can be said that the talented painter first cast today’s painted enamel watch. Although enamel is beautiful, it is very risky. The drawing of various glazes cannot be mixed. It is necessary to consider the activity of the glaze and the water volatilization during firing. Secondly, whether the outline of the pattern becomes dark after firing in the furnace is a risk of painted enamel, but also its value. For example, uneven heating during firing may not produce the same color even with the same glaze. In addition, it needs to be fired in at least twenty processes at a high temperature of 800 ° C. At each step, there is a danger that the glaze will break or the color will change slightly. Therefore, with little care, the entire production process will be abandoned. Enamel craftsmanship is a combination of technique and creativity, but also a dual display of art and craftsmanship.

The enamel material is time-honored and will not oxidize and fade. Because it is smelted from minerals, it has a lot of minerals that are impermeable to air and water, and has the advantages of hard texture, and has a gem-like unique gloss and transparency. Therefore, good enamel works can be retained for hundreds of years , Even thousands of years.
Painting Exhibition-Appreciation of Enamel Watches
 What gives enamel watches vitality are those decorated with colors and patterns that are always filled with infinite imagination; and those that show us a new and vivid miniature scroll are those enamel watches that are enough to be artists Tradesman and watch maker. They take turns, engraving time on the watch, waiting for the time to come to life.