Carnival On The Dial Active Dolls Depict A Strange World

Swiss Haute Watch (Athens) recently held a press conference for the launch of the ‘Venice Carnival’ in Urumqi. From San Marcon to the Carnival of Venice, Ulysse Nardin is devoted to the creation of mechanical watches, telling the story with time, and depicting the Athenian watch in the hands ticking between the hands Bizarre world.

雅典 Athens watch launch in Switzerland, three exhibitions of Urumqi station tour exhibition and new Basel 2013 display

Athens watch has been committed to the development of the minute repeater timepiece early, it is the pioneer of the revival of the minute repeater technology. However, the Athens watch does not just satisfy the people’s hearing enjoyment with the minute repeater. On the basis of the questionnaire, a carefully carved activity puppet is added to give people a dual sensory experience of hearing and vision. From the San Marcon launched in the late 1980s to the Carnival of Venice launched by Pre-Basel in 2013, the Athenian watch used superb technology to show the world the magnificence of the top watch gear. world.

Fun Dolls

The active figure (Jaquemart) on the faceplate will synchronize with the start of the questionnaire function, which will become part of the storyline of the watch, adding fun to the watch. To this day, the Athens watch is still one of the few watchmaking brands in the world to use the puppets on the surface to make minute repeaters.

Circus Minute Repeater (Circus Minute Repeater)

Athens watchmaker carefully carved six 18K gold dolls on a 42mm diameter dial. Naughty monkeys, ball jesters, cute bears, graceful ballet dancers, fierce tigers and heroic trainers were given life in the hands of the watch sculptors in Athens and appeared vividly in blue gold dust On the bottom dial. Activate the three-question function, they perform different actions. Time flies, as if seeing the origin of life in the movement of time.

[Timekeeping] The naughty little monkey will stretch out his palm to interfere with the clown playing the ball;

[Newspaper] The Tamer waved his whip at the fierce tiger;

[Report points] With the action of the animal trainer, the tiger also began to move its claws.

Throughout the time, the big bear standing beside the graceful ballet dancer bowed his head, thank you for your love of this wonderful circus performance.

Forgerons Minute Repeater

When the three-question function is activated, the three-dimensional figurine carving, which is as detailed as the human muscle curve, clothing wrinkles, and facial expressions, can be completely and truly presented, and the fine carving process is once again breathtaking.

[Time report] The iron man on the left raised his hammer and began to strike hard;

[Newspaper] The two iron men raised their hammers at the same time and performed an iron artisan show;

[Report points] The iron man on the right lifted his hammer and began to strike.

Sweet bell

较 Compared to ordinary watches, the timekeeping system in the movement of the watch includes a separate barrel, adjuster, ruler, timepiece step wheel, hammer and chord, which has a complicated structure. The real challenge in making a good questionnaire is to control the sound quality of the sound. The vibration generated by striking the strings with the hammer is amplified through the case, and the meter will play music.

完美 Adjusting the perfect questionnaire tone is a difficult and complicated process. Each questionnaire needs to be independently adjusted by the watch master. Each time you adjust the sound, you must first remove some metal from the string and then reinstall the movement, because only the test of the completed watch can get the best sound.

The Great Watch of Alexander the Great at Westminster Dapeng Zhongle Tourbillon Minute Repeater and the Genghis Khan Westminster Dapeng Bell of Tourbillon Minute Repeater are both four-hammer three-question watch. Like the great monarch in the name of the watch, the two watches have shook the world with watchmaker’s superb watchmaking skills and infinite creativity.

Westminster Zhongle question table, you can tap Mi, Do, Re and Sol four different tones, the sound is as good as the bells of the famous British Royal Church Westminster. The sound of the time signal is Sol, the report is divided into Mi, and the time of the report has different sounds according to different moments.

One moment is Mi-Do-Re-Sol

The second moment is Mi-Do-Re-Sol / Sol-Re-Mi-Do

Three moments are Mi-Do-Re-Sol / Sol-Re-Mi-Do / Mi-Do-Re-Sol

Not only did the tone-like sounds in the tone of the watch tell the sound of natural sound, but the Athens watch also showed the watchmaker’s magical watchmaking skills in the dial art. While letting people enjoy the auditory feast, they can also watch the wonderful pictures of soldiers and horses fighting bravely on their faces.

Alexander the Great (Minneapolis Westminster Dapeng Zhongle Tourbillon Minute Repeater)

[Timekeeping]: The soldier on the far left appears to be standing fully armed and ready for the attack. The soldier opposite him will attack with a saber;

[Engrave]: Except for the soldier on the far left, all other puppets will attack and start a dragon and tiger battle. Alexander the Great will attack with different warrior shapes: wield a saber, stab a spear on a horse, and skillfully Pull out the bow and arrow and ride on horseback in red armor;

[Report points]: The knight in red armor on the right will wave his saber.

Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie (Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie)

[Timekeeping]: The two men on the left will wave their sabers;

[Newspaper]: The knight will pierce the spear into the ring hanging above;

[Report points]: The puppets in the pan including the musicians who are sitting on the far left and playing the percussion instrument will all be active, and Genghis Khan will lead the army to show great power.

Colourful wrist play

Combining a pleasing questionnaire with colorful dials and matching fun action figures, the Athens watch uses the watch as the curtain to stage a lively drama of the wrist.

Safari Minute Repeater

Athens Watch is dedicated to reviving the silk enamel painted watch face and incorporating this superb skill into the hunting minute repeater. The watch’s double cloisonne dial and lifelike dolls are hand-crafted with filigree enamel painting techniques.

Each delicate surface needs to be baked several times. Generally, about 4 to 5 layers of enamel are required to be compared with the deep and shiny unique color of Meizhen enamel. In addition, repeated baking also makes the enamel blocks of different colors and thicknesses neat. Reducing the height of the gold wire to the thickness of the enamel surface is a very delicate grinding process. The baked surface must be flattened with raised gold threads. After careful polishing, the gold threads will be more lustrous, and the surface will become smooth, so that the enamel surface will emit a charming flash of luster. When the minute question function is activated, the concept of time passing is presented in a lively way, and the perfect combination of the dual enjoyment of sight and hearing proves the extraordinary watchmaking skills.

The Hunting Minute Repeater is equipped with a double cloisonne dial, which highlights the three-dimensional sense of the watch and is precious. There is a small fish hidden in the middle of the double-layer dish, showing the crocodile opening its mouth to catch the small fish. When the timekeeping function was activated, a thrilling African hunting journey began: the ferocious lion stretched out its claws and darted the little monkey, and the little monkey swung back and forth from the tree to dodge.

Carnival of Venice Minute Repeater

At the time of the 2013 Baselworld exhibition, Athens Watch launched the latest enamel minute repeater watch. The Athenian Watch takes inspiration from Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world, and presents the limited edition watch of the Venice Carnival Minute Repeater, which perfectly combines beautiful artistic drawings and superb watchmaking technology.

The dial is refined with in-filled enamel technology, highlighting its meticulous design. Both men on the dial, wearing masks, stood in front of the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, showing the festive atmosphere of the Venice Carnival. The watch activates the minute repeater function to tell the hour, minute, and hour, and the mask puppet will lift the mask.

Gorgeous colors and gorgeous puppet action make people feel the joy brought by the hustle and bustle of the Apennine Peninsula.