Hublot Collaborates With Global Brand Ambassador Kobe Bryant To Launch A New Chronograph Watch

Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT cooperates with global brand ambassador Kobe Bryant to launch a new limited edition watch-Big Bang Unico Kobe Bryant VINO retrograde limited chronograph wrist And celebrate the glorious opening of Hublot’s first store in San Francisco. This is the second model launched in collaboration with the basketball legend after first announcing Kobe Bryant as the global brand ambassador for Hublot in 2013 and successfully tailoring it to the King’s Supreme Black Mamba Chronograph. Chronograph.

   On April 29, 2015, Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe kindly invited many guests to a wine party at the Napa Valley Winery, located north of San Francisco, California, and A press conference was held on the same day to celebrate the launch of Hublot’s new limited edition watch.

   This new limited edition watch is called ‘Big Bang Unico VINO’, in tribute to Kobe Bryant’s new code name ‘Vino’, which is also the world’s first mechanical chronograph watch for the basketball field. On the same day, after the press conference, Mr. Philip Norfleet, the executive director of the winery, personally led the guests to tour the winery and admire the amazing natural caves under the winery;

  At the same time, the luncheon with the theme ‘Art of Modulation’ was held in the private restaurant of the winery. The luncheon accompanied by food and wine was the perfect end to the launch of the new limited edition chronograph watch. The restaurant’s layout complements the gorgeous appearance of Hublot’s new limited edition burgundy red, and also highlights the childhood experience of basketball superstar Kobe in Italy and Hublot, an adjacent winery located on the outskirts of Vaud.

  Kobe Bryant, Hublot’s global brand ambassador, said: ‘It is a great honor for Hublot to launch the second limited edition watch related to me-Big Bang Unico VINO. When first joining the Hublot family, Black Mamba It came into being. Since then, I have discussed with Hublot the connection between basketball, watches and red wine, especially the winemaker’s full investment in the creation of wines, the efforts and hardships of the brewing process and the The attention to detail, these are the same as the watchmaking process. ‘

   Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe shared with the guests: ‘We are very excited to be celebrating two important moments of the brand together: the first is to unveil the new Hublot San Francisco with golf star Justin Rose. Brand store; the other is the latest watch released in collaboration with NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

   Hublot is committed to being number one, unique, and different. Our partners are also among the best in their industry. San Francisco’s rich and charming culture attracts eclectic and diverse consumers, making Northern California the best stage for Hublot. Napa Valley, next to San Francisco, is the perfect choice to celebrate the release of Kobe Bryant’s new watch.

  Just like Kobe’s new code name ‘Vino’, this NBA basketball superstar is indeed like a fine wine. The longer the precipitation, the more mellow and more legendary. With the release of the new watch and the opening of the new store, Hublot continues to promote the ‘art of fusion’ by integrating luxury with the world, innovation and sports, and now we will welcome the art of red wine into us Big family of Hublot watches.

  The Big Bang Unico Kobe Bryant VINO retrograde limited chronograph watch is available in ceramic and king gold versions for consumers to choose. The watch has a stylish and unique design that reflects the personal style of Kobe’s life. The strap, stitching, and dial are decorated in burgundy. This retrograde limited chronograph watch is specially created by Hublot for the basketball field. It can time the second half of the basketball game. The basketball pattern on the burgundy dial reflects the eye movement. The case back is made of green crystal, contains rare minerals and has an anti-reflective coating, and is signed by Kobe Bryant. This watch is equipped with two interchangeable straps-black rubber with burgundy stitching and burgundy snakeskin with burgundy stitching.
Big Bang Unico Kobe Bryant VINO Retrograde Limited Chronograph

Serial No. 413.CX.4723.PR.KOB15 (Ceramic)-limited edition 200 pieces
            413.OX.4738.PR.KOB15 (Wang Jin)-Limited collection of 100 pieces

Case diameter 45.5mm, ceramic or king gold (both polished satin)
Thickness 16.95 mm
H-screw Polished Black PVD Coated Titanium
Bezel Satin-finished and polished ceramic, black synthetic resin
Table mirror Sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating inside / outside
Crown Satin-finished black PVD-coated titanium or 18K king gold, black natural rubber
Button Black PVD-coated wine red and black natural rubber titanium or king gold
Case back: Satin-finished ceramic or satin-finished King Gold; printed with 200 or 100 limited logos; rare mineral green crystal with anti-reflective coating; signed by Bryant
Dial Burgundy matte multi-layer dial
Hands Satin-finished black or gold-plated minute hand, hour hand and small seconds with red fluorescent coating or white or gold retrograde minute hand, red retrograde seconds hand
Caliber Hublot HUB1261 UNICO self-winding dual retrograde movement; central chronograph and column wheel function
Number of parts 385 (44 gems)
4 Hz (28’800 vibrations / hour)
Power reserve about 72 hours
Water-resistant to 10 standard atmospheres, equivalent to 100 meters underwater
Strap Black natural rubber with wine red snake skin, wine red stitching

Buckle Titanium-coated black PVD-coated buckle with black ceramic or king gold insert folding buckle

Breaking The Noble Limit Rolex New Daytona Series

Feng Chi enjoys speed, eagerly pursues skills, and pays attention to the noble materials. The Rolex Daytona watch named after the most famous track in the United States has always been known for its precision and durability. At Baselworld 2011 Baselworld, two new members have been added to the collection.

The new Daytona series was exclusively developed by Rolex. It adopts the top ceramic CERACHROM black word circle, and the convex sapphire glass mirror with Rolex features makes the watch more excellent in scratch resistance. This precision timepiece is approved by the Swiss Precision Chronometer Center and is equipped with a 4130 movement with a blue hairspring developed by Rolex. The material and decoration of the watch are distinguished. The oyster case is made of Rolex’s 18ct eternal rose gold; the surface is decorated with chocolate or ivory and set with gold hour hands.

The new Daytona is available in coffee-colored dial and white dial. Among them, the white dial adopts the traditional rod-shaped time scale, while the brown dial adopts the digital time scale. Both watch cases are made of 18K rose gold and the straps are black alligator leather.

The new watch has no change in size, it is still 40mm. The movement also continues the old 4130 chronograph movement. Equipped with a Rolex blue Parachrom hairspring with a 72-hour power reserve. This classic observatory movement, which has about 60% fewer parts than the average chronograph movement, is composed of 290 parts, and has a reputation for durability and accuracy.

World Time Fine Watchmaking Popular Words

In 2011, ‘World Time, Chinese Style’ became a popular keyword in the field of fine watchmaking. Almost every watch brand participating in the SIHH Geneva Fine Watch Salon launched a design suitable for Chinese customers. Well-known watch brands once again show the exquisite time that combines technology, materials and emotions.
Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time Watch
   The 21st Geneva Haute Horlogerie Exhibition SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Geneva) was grandly opened in Geneva, the ‘World Watch City’ on January 17, 2011. Thousands of media journalists from all over the world and more than 10,000 guests witnessed A luxury feast for 19 watch brands in more than 3,000 square meters of exhibition halls. Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, Earl, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Montblanc, Van Cleef & Arpels, Panerai, Audemars Piguet, Lange and other well-known clocks and jewellery brands once again show exquisite time that blends skills, materials and emotions.
Piaget ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch
   According to Chang Wei, a researcher on the history and culture of watches and clocks, ‘World Time, Chinese Style’ is a popular keyword in the field of fine watchmaking. Almost every watch brand participating in this SIHH has launched a design suitable for Chinese customers. For example, Piaget’s dragon and phoenix pattern watch reflects the elements of Chinese style. ‘The extension of Chinese style today is actually a simple and classic comeback. Because this is the most popular style in the Chinese market. ‘At the same time, World Time watches launched by brands including Cartier and Vacheron Constantin have chosen’ Beijing ‘as the representative city of the East Eighth District, before’ Hong Kong ‘ That is the standard answer.
Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic Complication
   The function is still the most interesting for men. Chronograph and World Time are favored by more men who like to control because of its practical functions and participatory operation; and an upgraded version of various tourbillons: floating Celestial tourbillon, eccentric tourbillon, and jewellery-deformed tourbillon are valuable because of their wonderful viewing value and high development and production costs; sports watches with the theme of diving and racing are still full of charm, even if they never exercise , You can also imagine the ultimate sports experience in meeting rooms and offices; simple, classic retro styles are even more popular. As the Asian market’s growing ability to consume watches, such ultra-thin retro styles suitable for Asian wrists glow Out of vitality.

Extremely Exciting And Exciting Alternative Shapes Let You Play To Cool

What type of clock design do you like: a classic Breguet figure with a round case, a Vacheron Constantin’s Maltese watch, or a Cartier’s tank, Girard Perregaux’s cat’s eye watch? The conventional mid-range design style inherits the history and continues the classic, but if these styles are too regular and conservative in your eyes, then the following strange shapes can definitely hold your eye. Individual design style, distinctive timekeeping method, cool color scheme, from each angle is an innovation, which continuously extends the vitality of the watch and displays the style and personality of fashion.

  deGRISOGONO detailed carved skull gemstone watch

  Whether in a haunted house in Happy Valley or a blockbuster on the screen, the skull always gives a thrilling mystery. It is difficult to imagine that the skull will be matched with jewelry, such a gorgeous and elegant decoration, and it is also a watch. modeling. So how deGRISOGONO will bring us a shocking picture?

  deGRISOGONO’s meticulously carved skull gemstone watch is a bold creation of the brand, showing the brand’s watchmaking and jewellery’s sophisticated and creative ideas. The founder and chief designer of the brand, FawazGruosi, once again surpassed the frame of clocks and jewellery making, and displayed the creative thinking of the extraordinary beyond the traditional horizon. The CrazySkull Crazy Skull Watch launched by deGrisogono this time brings the skull to life with its unique shape and design, just like the soul of life, full of mystery and temptation. deGrisogono’s diamond jewellery is famous all over the world. It took almost 250 hours to set the jewellery diamond on the skull watch alone. This diamond must be perfectly set into the precious metal with curved lines. Not easy.

  It is worth mentioning that deGRISOGONO is full of wonderful creative ideas. The new CrazySkull skull gemstone not only combines superb craftsmanship, but also black humor to contrast the wonderful life. One of the skull watches launched this time is a black diamond watch, and the other two are set with ruby ​​and white diamonds. Each watch is set with more than 890 diamonds and or precious stones, weighing about 23 carats, and decorated with a heart-shaped white diamond weighing about 1.5 carats as a nose decoration. This large heart diamond is made from a plain 3 Cut from a carat diamond. Through the exquisite craftsmanship design, the skull’s mouth is movable. The teeth are made of 7.7 carat large square cut diamonds. If you lightly touch the lower jaw, the mouth will open, exposing the tongue made of 66 pink diamonds. Amazing. Not only that, even the buckle of the watch is also made of exquisite diamonds and gems, which shows that the designer’s mind is delicate.

  Cartier Crash skeleton watch

  Cartier’s Crash is inconceivably twisted every time. The huge distortion of the appearance causes the internal movement to change, which is amazing. The structure of the entire movement after the ‘impact’ merges with the distorted case. As a master of modeling and sculpture, Cartier strictly adheres to his watchmaking philosophy: limitations are both restrictions and guidelines, and everything is a source of inspiration. The completely skeletonized dial is occupied by exaggerated twisted Roman numerals, and the transparent design makes the movement clear at a glance. It is these digital time stamps that support the movement.

  The back of the Cartier Crash skeleton watch is also very exciting. Those who have a desire to explore the movement can fully satisfy their curiosity and thirst for knowledge with this watch. Intimate contact with Cartier’s superb watchmaking technology. Through the transparent case back, you can admire the exquisite operation of the manual winding movement type 9618MC. The 9618MC movement does not simply modify the traditional movement to fit the case. It has been designed as a skeleton movement from the beginning. After the watchmaker’s precise and meticulous conception, whether it is the overall layout or the aesthetic design, the impeccable best effect has been achieved, thus creating a beautiful and exquisite works.

  The classic of this work is that it not only achieves the desired deformation, but also exposes all the originals to the field of vision for people to examine. With its unique design and hollow plywood, most of this movement is exposed. In this Crash skeleton watch, all surface details meet the requirements of fine watchmaking: frosted sanding of steel parts, chamfering of Roman numerals and side polishing.

  Hublot MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’

  Hublot is like a melting pot of watches. It can always create different classic models with different materials, turning all creativity into practical actions. It is not only BigBang that attracts the attention of the world, but also a variety of heterosexuality. Watches set off a wave of horology. MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ represents an unparalleled masterpiece of Hublot: completely independently designed, developed and produced by the watchmakers and engineers of the Hublot factory. MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ has set an unprecedented 50-day power reserve history. It perfectly matches the extraordinary features of this latest Ferrari sports car.

  The MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ has an extremely sophisticated styling design: a sapphire transparent mirror with complex lines and a black PVD-coated titanium back case are all reminiscent of the streamlined shape of the Ferrari ‘LaFerrari’ sports car. The center of the top of the case is made of titanium with carbon fiber inserts, which highlights the position of the winding crown. The time-setting crown is located under the case, subtly integrated with the design, and has the mysterious sense of ‘invisible sight’. The watch box is made of carbon fiber and Ferrari’s exclusive Schedoni leather, inspired by the world of cars, and the watch box can also automatically wind the watch. This watch is limited to 50 pieces.

  At the same time, the 637 parts used by the watch are also produced by Hublot. This is a tribute to Ferrari’s special limited series sports car ‘LaFerrari’. From a technical and design perspective, the Hublot MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ watch has the same outstanding quality as the Ferrari sports car of the same name. The collaboration between the watchmaker and the Ferrari team brings the watch and the car in common.

  RomainJerome’s new ‘Batman’ watch

  Witness, bravery, super power, and mystery are the reasons why many men like Batman. Whether it is film and television works or comic books, the image of Batman has long been popular. Moving the elements of Batman into the watch can better meet the dual preferences of men, which can not only grasp the time in one hand, but also have cool styling equipment. Inspired by the heroic character of Batman, the Batman–DNA watch is made of 46 mm black PVD stainless steel. The black bezel is mechanically cut to create a bold avant-garde edge contour, reminiscent of Batman’s use of high technology The ‘Batmobile’.

  The watch incorporates cool design into every detail. The watch’s dial made of black luminous material emits a slight blue light in the dark after absorbing enough light. It is equipped with the Batman classic logo in the center of the dial. It will emerge clearly, perfectly recreating the legendary Bat-Signal, which will be projected into the night sky of Gotham City when a crime occurs. Except for the bat logo, the other parts of the faceplate are treated by the special ‘roughening’ of RJ-RomainJerome, showing a treacherous atmosphere in the avant-garde.

  Both the blue style and the black style exude a mysterious and treacherous atmosphere. The famous logo of Batman, through its rugged yet exquisite design, fully reflects the unique character of this Gotham superhero. Makes men eager to take control. In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Batman, the Batman Batman-DNA watch is released in a limited edition of 75. Men who own this type of watch will win eye-catching eyes on any occasion, letting the hero incarnate with you together. In addition, the bas-relief of the Batman logo can be found on the back cover of the Batman Batman-DNA watch. The ‘roughened’ polished base reinforces the treacherous atmosphere of this watch’s avant-garde. This watch is equipped with an RJ001-A self-winding movement with a vibration frequency of 28,800A / h and a power reserve of 42 hours. The black Hornback crocodile leather strap used with the watch has a texture similar to the leather figure worn by Batman, and it is more prominent on the wrist.

  Boshiron three-dimensional owl jewelry watch
  This owl watch must be confusing no matter where it appears. How can such a complex shape be achieved?
The two crickets had god’s eyes, like the pearl of the night. Boucheron’s unparalleled artisans conceived the JwlryMachine version of MB & F’s HM3 watch as a three-dimensional owl inlaid with luxury jewellery. The brilliant eyes of the owl are large round convex gems mounted on double cones; dazzling The wings are protectively wrapped with the precious engine of HM3. The wings are pavé-set with polygon-cut gemstones. The feathered chest is carved from a single piece of amethyst. .

  Boucheron artisans designed the body of the owl inlaid with jewellery, designed into a pure gold structure, and cast from five parts. It closely fits the watch body with micron precision and is equipped with a purple belt. The peculiar shape and the preciousness of the diamond show this.
  Roger Dubuis Excalibur King Series Round Table Knight Watch

  When you are familiar with the familiar watch structure, simple scales, and elegant hands, the unusual shape of the watch will be dazzling. You may even wonder in wonder, ‘Is this a watch?’ Will this knight watch satisfy those warriors who are eager to battle the battlefield? Founded in 1995, Roger Dubuis is highly sought after by its sublimation of ancient art, its perfect interpretation of complex functions, and its ingenious craftsmanship. Excalibur King series rare masterpiece-TableRonde round table knight watch, design inspired by the ancient British legend King Arthur and his 12 round table knights.

  The watch dial design is inspired by the cave paintings created in 1552, imitating the ‘WinchesterRoundTable’. At the center of the enamel dial is the Arthur’s round table decorated with Tudor rose motifs. The stripe pattern extends from the center to the surroundings. The hour markers are replaced by the three-dimensional knights of the round gold table. The knights on the disc are the most attractive. It is remarkable that the statue of each knight is first passed through a three-dimensional three-dimensional mold, and then cast in liquid pure gold, and hand-carved for each minute detail. Amazingly, each statue is only 6.5 The millimeter height, a masterpiece of perfect art, is breathtaking to the watchmaker’s craftsmanship.

  The most admired in the world of warriors is the value of bravery. Bold and rigorous are the qualities of samurai who defend their dignity. Their talented military strategy and high sentiment are as bright as the sun and the moon. Of these virtues, of course, there is no lack of discipline. The swords carried by the twelve knights all point to the central Arthur’s round table, which represents ‘loyalty’ and ‘trust.’ From the Middle Ages to the present, the wizard Merlin Legends are still one of the most widely circulated folklore. The watch is matched with a 45mm diameter 18K rose gold case with a unique grooved bezel, which perfectly presents the noble and atmospheric style of the King Roger Dubuis series. Equipped with the latest generation of RD821 self-winding mechanical movement, it has the Geneva quality mark, and has both internal and external quality features.

Summary: There are actually a lot of ‘strange coffee watches’ in the bezel. Clock designers are continually conceiving new design styles in their minds. There is no end to innovation and the field of clocks is never endless. As long as people Constantly new inspiration in wisdom, watch innovation will not stop. There are many milestones in the bezel. The ultra-thin, complicated tourbillon, and elegant moon phases. Now even the shape of the case has changed, making the process of time passing more vivid. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)