Heavy! The Rolex Insurance Card Is Revealed

The card is guaranteed on the watch, just like an identity card on an individual. The authenticity of the card is very important. There are two main anti-counterfeiting details of the current Rolex card. The first is the upper left corner of the card, the computer pattern under the banknote detection lamp; the second is the three dividing lines at the table number and model, and the word ROLEX GARANTIE INTERNATIONALE under the magnifying glass. Having said that, when buying a second-hand Rolex, the insurance card is just optimistic about these two items and is it safe? Too young, too naive … The insurance card has been altered from rumors in the rivers and lakes to the forum for advice until it is reported … This fraudulent method finally surfaced. The altered security card is true, and it has both of the above-mentioned security details. Why is it altered? For example, the date of the correction is blackwater ghosts with a guarantee card in 2015, which will be out of insurance next year; however, the insurance card with a guarantee card in 2018 has ample guarantee period. On the secondary market, of course, the latter is expensive. In this way, bad merchants only need to maintain (or professionally refurbish) the former to a good appearance and condition, and then alter the guarantee card date to increase profits. The following pictures are all altered date warranty cards. One of them can find the problem at a glance, and the other can notice the clue. The warranty card date is suspected to be changed from 2017 to 2019. There are traces of potion treatment under the warranty card date. The original date is not smeared. When covering the tablemates with a thick pen, you should do more homework in addition to being meticulous. Understand the corresponding writing habits of the insurance card. For example, in Hong Kong, the month is abbreviated in English, the French write the numbers with a sense of flow, and the sequence of the year, month, and day should be the same as that shown in the lower right corner of the insurance card … and so on. Compared with the former of the altered model & table number, it is almost pediatric. Imagine that if you change the entry-level steel card to a gold watch with a good condition, wouldn’t it be more effective? The picture below is a case where the 116300 warranty card was changed to 118138. If you do not zoom in and explain it this way, I believe you will be hard to detect. In the case shown in the figure below, the insurance card of 118238 was changed to a green water ghost … The changer’s technique is superb, only ‘unfortunately’, he lacked the common sense of Rolex, and mistakenly filled in the configuration of the golden and blue ghosts. However, according to our investigation, we can see that the technology of perfect card modification has appeared on the market. After the watch film is strictly speaking, the Rolex tearing off the watch strap is already a second watch. Those brand-new full-fledged full-fledged films, after the Rolex New Deal, have made enough gimmicks and added some premium rights. However, is the so-called new full film really reliable? Need to know, a high level of very slight refurbishment can make the second watch look like new, non-professional and technical personnel can not see. And Rolex’s original film (especially the two-dimensional code on the side of the middle case and the buckle film) seems to have been a peace of mind, making people believe that it is brand new and unquestionable. But in a recent survey, we were shocked (or scared). Saying good ‘hymen’ can also solve the sorrow of two hundred. In view of this, instead of buying the so-called full film at a premium, you may wish to pay more attention to the two watches that are already in the ‘story’, at least they are real (like those women who have stories). In summary, wrist poisons should give the following advice to friends who buy second-hand Rolex: 1. Look carefully at the insurance card (with the help of loupes), rule out all the possibility of alteration, obtain the purchase certificate as much as possible, or query the form number through special channels Check whether the information of the watch is consistent (in general, labor service does not provide query services); 2. Treat the full-membrane watch carefully, and combine the comprehensive judgment of the watch status, warranty card date, and purchase voucher, etc. It is recommended to submit to a professional appraisal agency Appraisal; 3. Choose a watch manufacturer you trust. Not only do you deal with each other, but you should also become conscientious table friends, know yourself and trust each other. * Some of the above pictures are from the Internet, please contact us if there is any infringement. -End –