Iwc “Silver Wing Spitfire”: Repair Is Complete, Waiting To Set Sail

July 8, 2019, Schaffhausen / Goodwood—Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen and IWC Fort Lauder College proudly announce the ‘Silver Wing Spitfire’ The restoration project has ended perfectly. The chrome alloy fuselage has undergone a unique polishing process to give this British fighter an unobtrusive appearance. The silver-wing Spitfire with a new label ‘G-IRTY’ has begun flight testing this month and will be officially launched in August. Start your first flight around the world.

   The ‘Silver Wing Spitfire-The Longest Flight’ project hopes to complete the vision of piloting a Spitfire to travel around the world. IWC supports the expedition of the pilots Steve BoultbeeBrooks and MattJones as official timepieces and key partners. Trip. In aviation history, the Spitfire has never attempted such a long and difficult journey. The pilots are two British pilots and the founders of the Bottby Flight Academy. They will fly this propeller plane around the world, spanning more than 43,000 kilometers and passing through about 30 countries.

   The prototype Supermarine Spitfire MX.IX marked ‘MJ271’ was built in CastleBromwich in 1943. The vast restoration project lasted more than two years, and the efforts of 15 professional engineers of the famous Duxford Aircraft Repair Company were finally completed.

   Christoph Grainger-Herr, CEO of IWC, said: ‘The results of the restoration are breathtaking. Thanks to the shiny luster of the polished chrome alloy, the unique oval wing unreservedly highlights the beauty of this iconic aircraft Outline. I look forward to the beginning of this test flight and expedition. ‘

Giving from love

   The vast restoration project is a daunting task for each participant, and the Spitfire consists of tens of thousands of independent parts. For example, each of the more than 20,000 rivets must be individually inspected, cleaned, and replaced if necessary. Every repairer must keep the Spitfire Mark IX in its original state as much as possible, and the procurement of various accessories is also a major problem.

   First, the aircraft lacked an instrument panel and flight instruments. Second, most hydraulic systems, landing gear supports, and propellers are obsolete, and these components must be repurchased and assembled at high cost.

   The aircraft’s fuselage and wings need to be polished with various compounds and pads during the multi-stage repair process. Importantly, these complex processes are designed to preserve its unique patina, which is the mark left by the Spitfire Spitfire fighter during its many years of service infecting the fuselage.

Technical updates using original components

   Under its smooth appearance, the ‘Silverwing Spitfire’ has also completed several internal system upgrades to prepare for the next brave mission. Engineers also installed additional fail-safe radio systems, fuel pumps and vacuum pumps. If any component fails during flight, these backup systems will ensure the safety of pilots, fighter jets, and missions.

   In addition, the ‘Silver Wing Spitfire’ has a total of eight fuel tanks instead of two, so new pipes, valves and pumps must be installed to suit the model, and at the same time, the Rolls-Royce Merlin70 engine with a power of more than 1700 horsepower After comprehensive maintenance, the Spitfire after the maintenance can fly for another 500 hours.

   ‘Fortunately, we were able to reuse the existing original parts as much as possible to keep the aircraft’s beautiful and unique appearance. The Silver Wing Spitfire is undoubtedly all the original jets. The most airworthy of fire fighters. ‘

   Flight tests have been launched recently. In the next few weeks, the crew will become familiar with the aircraft and its flight behavior, and resolve all possible engineering problems. The expedition will officially sail at Goodwood Airport on August 5.

Boulderby Flying Academy

   The Boultbee Flight Academy is the world’s first Spitfire professional training organization and a licensed Spitfire flight supplier. Its owners are British pilots MattJones and SteveBoultbee-Brooks. The Burntby Flying Academy offers Spitfire experience flights, provides non-professional pilots with an innovative Spitfire flight simulator driving experience, and provides Spitfire fighter driving training to licensed professional pilots. The Bottby Flight Academy offers flight and flight driving experiences in more and more parts of the UK. The college’s headquarters are located at Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex, England, next to the white cliffs of BeachyHead and theNeedles-which means Spitfire flight The experience can be built around one of the most iconic sights on the UK’s South Coast. In cooperation with IWC Schaffhausen, MattJones and SteveBoultbee-Brooks turned their dream of flying around the world with the original Spitfire into the reality of the ‘Silver Wing Spitfire-the longest plane’ expedition .