Tourbillon Sports Watch Knowledge Introduction

And the watches we see, use, hide and love are made of various materials. In the earliest design book in China, ‘Kao Gong Ji’ mentioned that, ‘Sometimes, there is energy in the ground, skill in craftsmanship, and the beauty of materials. Combining these four can then be good,’ explaining good products. Do not open materials and technology.
Material as the basis of the watch’s existence, the carrier of human aesthetics and value, has always been the focus and innovation goal of watch designers, manufacturers, sellers, users, collectors and so on.

Don’t underestimate this tourbillon watch, it is claimed to be worn in golf. The tourbillon hits the express train of sports watches, it is hard not to attract the attention of curious and doubters. Many watch lovers are also followers of golf, but they must take off their beloved watch before the end of the game, the reason is simple: high-end watches are not opponents of golf clubs & mdash; & mdash; The hairspring is entangled, causing the watch to go too fast or even stop.
若 If the impact force is larger, the hairspring may jump out of the hairspring pile, the suspension spring falls off, and the speed of the needle is displaced. These problems have a fatal impact on the speed control system, let alone the delicate tourbillon. But you do n’t have to worry about RM 038. RICHARD MILLE under the name of high technology has made a new move this time. It uses magnesium aluminum alloy (90% magnesium and 8.9% aluminum) to make the watch case. The texture of this material is extremely strong. It is often used in some modern buildings.
In addition to being sturdy, the biggest advantage of magnesium-aluminum alloy is its lightness. Its density is only 1.74 grams per cubic centimeter. It will naturally not become a burden on the user when wearing it. If you have to say a disadvantage, magnesium is one of the metals with the lowest corrosion resistance because of its high chemical reactivity.
For this reason, the technicians made a special ion oxidation treatment (Titalyt II.) On the surface of the magnesium aluminum alloy, which is why the white color on the case comes. This process strengthens the alloy’s hardness, scratch resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.
In addition, the watch’s bottom plate, plywood and balance wheel plywood are all made of grade 5 titanium alloy, which not only allows the watch to have good overall rigidity and surface flatness, but also the basis for the normal operation of gears in sports environments. In simple terms, lightweight, super shock-resistant, and comfortable to wear are the three major characteristics of the RM 038 tourbillon watch.

RICHARD MILLE RM 038 Tourbillon Watch
Twenty years ago, ceramics were classified as a new material in the field of watches. Gradually, this watchmaking material that has been upgraded layer by layer has become more and more mature after the test of time and the market. And to make ceramics famous in the watch industry, radar watches can be said to have contributed. Just like this D-STAR series watch, its significance is not enough to bring radar into an era of ceramic 2.0.
初级 The primary era of introducing ceramics into the field of watchmaking and realizing colorful colors into ceramics. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, the shiny metal feel is not steel, but by a new material called Ceramos. The new material benefits from its compatibility and inclusion: it is made of high-tech ceramics and metal, so it also has the advantages of both high-tech ceramics and metal. It is as hard as ceramic but can be as good as metal. Thermally conductive.
However, this material is not easy to be made into a watch. In a high-temperature and high-pressure production environment, the high-tech materials used to make watch parts are first injected into the mold for firing, and there will be 20% shrinkage during the firing process. This means that the production cost of components increases, and the difficulty factor increases accordingly. Not to mention that there are strict specifications for size, density and hardness.
After the firing process, the hardness of the case and bracelet after special surface hardening technology is not only higher than that of high-tech ceramics, but its color and luster also show a unique platinum light feeling. From the original black and white ceramics, to the later colored ceramics, and now to Ceramos. The ceramic creator, Radar, has fully exploited the possibility of this material, making people look forward to its future.

F.P.Journe CHRONOM & egrave; TRE BLEU watch
功能 In terms of function, this is an entry-level model with an eccentric small three-hand dial; if it is made of materials, it is not a leisurely generation. This is the brand’s first watch made of a tantalum alloy case, and continues the style of F.P.Journe with its iconic pointer shape and K gold movement. Both rare and precious.
As we all know, tantalum alloy has extremely good abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. Due to its melting point of 3000 degrees and density of 16.3, it is a difficult to handle material. It is precisely because of the high technical requirements of tantalum that this material is difficult to be widely used in the field of watches for a long time.
I have occasional braves, and most of his works are not good. In order to echo the tantalum alloy case exuding a unique gray-blue color, making the whole look harmonious, the dial is also designed to be long and deep blue. Although all FPJourne watches are classic collections of watch collectors, and the style is always traditional and exquisite, as a young brand ideal for making the best quality watches, CHRONOM & egrave; TRE BLEU watches are undoubtedly modern Pioneering. But regardless of tradition and modernity, as long as there is a desire for innovation, it is worthy of praise.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona
Is another example of the use of ceramic materials in watch parts and refined, Rolex ceramic ring not only belongs to its own patent, but also inherited the classic design of the 1965 style. This patented ceramic word ring is more effective in preventing scratches and erosion than conventional metal word rings, and it can still maintain the luster of ceramics after long-term wear, and it will not appear old.
The scale on the cross-shaped circle is coated with rose gold after the coating process, which is unified with the case and easy to read the numbers.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Automatic Tourbillon Chronograph
Compared with other top manufacturers of the same level, Audemars Piguet has a more innovative spirit. Various innovative functions and mechanical structures can be found in the brand’s concept table and special series. The creation of materials has been repeatedly practiced in the Royal Oak offshore series.
Although this watch continues the classic rough and bold style of the classic model, the forged carbon case, black ceramic bezel, crown and timing button are brushed (the hardness of ceramic is second only to diamond, and the difficulty of drawing is imaginable Known), titanium button shoulders and connecting links, titanium buckle, and many high-tech materials, the details of the craftsmanship list all illustrate its delicate and extraordinary.
Just like the concept of ‘high-tech soft landing’ mentioned in the special edition of the Geneva Watch Exhibition this year, the high-tech materials are carefully polished, cut into small, beautiful and decorative shapes, fixed on the bezel, Crown, shoulder guard, etc. This not only upgrades the superior performance of high-tech materials, but also matches the form of luxury watches.