Month: November 2011

Ready For The New Aikon Automatic 35 Mm

The AIKON self-winding watch series is the first to introduce a 35mm diameter model, carefully decorated for women’s wrists. Created for sophisticated modern women, this new masterpiece showcases momentum in elegance and meets demanding aesthetic requirements. Urban style streamline design, born for the modern women’s thousands of faces. The watch is no longer just for showing time, but also a symbol of personality. Because of this, Le Méridien has introduced four new and striking pieces for the self-winding watch series.

   The AIKON 35mm ladies watch is not just a reinterpretation of the men’s model, but a new style designed for women.

   Le Méridien intends to combine the personality traits that make AIKON into the needs of women. To this end, the brand watchmaker devotes his life-long professional skills and craftsmanship to achieve a balance between personality and elegance. Women’s watches are uncompromising in the choice of movement, which is on par with men’s. The middle layer of the case is a clever idea to find the right balance between the diameter and thickness of the watch.

   The resulting individual case has delicate and ingenious design details.


Germany Watches The Rigorous Casting Of Mechanical Watch Circles

Made in Germany, whether it is industrial products or small crafts, the quality is very convincing. Many people wonder curiously, do they have secret weapons? And the German watch, this rigorous cast of the mechanical watch industry has proved to the world that as long as you are strict with yourself, you can surpass everything and become a true hero.

German watch The rigorous casting of mechanical watches
近期 I recently visited a German watch factory again to explore its amazing skills. In fact, the answer is very simple. Remember the secret dragon of Kung Fu Panda? Abo opened her long-awaited secret secret to see herself, but it did not need any so-called secret secret at that time. Therefore, if you are strict with yourself, you can surpass everything and become a true hero.
When he first came into contact with German mechanical watches, he found that they were very different from the watch works of other European countries, especially Switzerland, a watchmaking power. Whether it’s a pocket watch or a wristwatch, the strong German style that fills every corner makes them look different: 3/4 German silver plywood that spans more than half of the movement, and exposed large steel wheels. Generally), the splendid carvings full of soul and passion, as well as the noble gold and gem sleeves that reveal the entire movement … In short, the German watch is a wonderful work of the mechanical watch industry.

The most representative of German watchmaking style is full of mystery and noble carving crafts.
I was different from Dresden 5 years ago, and now I set foot on this land again. The town of Glashütte, on the outskirts of Dresden, is the birthplace of very traditional German watchmaking. It has not changed much for centuries, even the address of the factory.

Watching the movement of a Lange watch is like seeing a perfect building
Of course, the introduction of CNC machine tools in the modern watchmaking industry has significantly increased the output of watch factories. The watchmaker’s days of producing parts from beginning to end with his hands alone, relying on plenty of daylight, are long gone. At the bottom of the Lange watch factory, we saw the steps of milling the splint and the substrate using a large machine tool, and also observed the process of etching the pendulum splint on the substrate using tungsten wire. The master of the watch factory said that although these were done by the machine tool However, the factory still set up a final manual quality inspection. For each off-line component, the quality inspection department uses multiple data to standardize the specifications of the component, one of which is considered scrapped if it exceeds the standard. The director of the quality inspection department introduced: ‘Our standard is that the test results fully meet the exact values, not the tolerance of the parts within a range. Only in this way can we ensure that each part meets the demanding requirements of Lange. Entering the manual stage, that is the realm that best reflects Lange’s charm. ‘

Tourbillon frame modified to the highest Lange standards
What best embodies the German watchmaking style is full of mystery and noble carving crafts, because each piece is so unique and irreplaceable.
In the hand-crafted part, I was invited to join the ‘watchmaker training course’ to explore the story behind its gorgeousness: even the smallest part sharpener must continue to make ‘8’ circular motions on the appliance until The metal surface is as smooth as a mirror. Of course, these steps are less complicated than the complicated structure of the tourbillon frame. It is said that it takes two days to polish a tourbillon frame alone. The technician who taught me my polishing skills has been a polishing engineer in the factory for 7 years. I admire the patience of the Germans. From their mouths: ‘To complete a masterpiece such as a Lange watch, technology and tools alone are not enough, the most important thing is persistence and patience.’ This spirit runs through the Lange watch factory, at any time Every corner is meticulous. Especially in the plywood carving workshop, plywood carving is the most direct reflection of German traditional parts. The photos of the five masters here are even printed in the brand’s brochures like postcards. Carving is a very subjective process. It is impossible for each master of carving to make two identical works, let alone different people to operate them! The five masters of the engraving department are the best choices in the watch factory. Although the works born in their hands cannot be exactly the same, each piece will definitely show the essence of Lange’s craftsmanship.
Just like Lange’s values ​​of insistence and commitment, every Lange watch is a masterpiece that can be passed on to the world. It is beyond doubt that any watch enthusiast treats it like a bead and treasures, and it is usually locked in a safe. Even more careful to put on gloves to take it out, especially for ultra-complex styles. Well, you can imagine a masterpiece that subtly combines the two complex functions of flyback timing and perpetual calendar. It is one of the most complicated watches produced by Lange watch since it returned to the table 18 years ago. Does anyone take this watch off the ground in the garden or on the wooden floor in the living room? too crazy! However, their job is to find out how much wear and tear this watch can withstand, how robust and stable its parts are, and whether it can still be accurate when you do something you shouldn’t. In terms of company structure, the laboratory is affiliated with the product development department, and among them are the best watchmakers in the industry. They like to ‘trouble trouble’ and are good at logical thinking and physical understanding. They know every watch at Lange.
They tried every means to make each Lange watch “damaged”. Only those who could successfully pass the level could reach Lange’s practical evaluation of the product. For example, let the DATOGRAPH perpetual calendar watch fall from a height of one meter. Although this distance is not high, for the body of the watch, the parts must withstand a sudden impact of 5,000 times its own weight. In other words, a part that weighs only 1 gram suddenly becomes ‘loaded’ 5 kg and must support this weight. In terms of accuracy, the laboratory uses lasers to measure the frequency and amplitude of the balance’s vibrations. With this method, the balance wheel and hairspring can be adjusted to perfection during the construction phase, and its accuracy is unmatched by modern fine watches. There are many more, including temperature experiments, impact experiments and so on.
‘It took us 3 months or even 6 months to get a Lange watch, and then we completely disassembled it and reassembled it …’ In order to carefully observe and test each part and the coordination of each part, Lange Every piece of the watch factory goes through this process.
No matter how many introductions or books you have read about Lange, it is not as strong as actually owning a Lange watch. Lange, a pure art that can’t be copied!